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Most Recent Articles by Dan Calabrese:

Message ‘important’ people on Facebook? That’ll be 100 bucks

Jan 12, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

They say the idea here is to cut down on spam. If everyone on Facebook can message Mark Zuckerberg all they want, his inbox will be flooded and he’ll never even go near it. So what would be the point?

Jim DeMint: You know, conservatives need better messaging

Jan 12, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

Is that really it? Our ideas are great but we’re just not selling them very well? Fresh out of the Senate and now seated as the leader of the Heritage Foundation, that’s what Jim DeMint says in the Washington Post:

Michael Kinsley: Hillary looks like crap because she’s always traveling for show

Jan 11, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

I like Kinsley. He is probably my favorite liberal columnist, and definitely the one who makes you work the hardest to defend your conservative point of view. One of the reasons I like him is that he’s willing to pull no punches about liberal icons. It’s not that he doesn’t like Hillary or think she did a good job as Secretary of State. He just thinks she does a lot of preening for show, and that especially includes the all-night travel and the 16-hour days for which the press and her supporters are lionizing her:

Here’s an idea: Republicans should emulate Richard Nixon

Jan 10, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

Hey, what’s not to love? The guy won two terms as president. He came back from what appeared to be a career-ending humiliation when his defeat for the California governorship seemed to mean we wouldn’t “have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore.”

Union thugs set up ‘walk of shame’ at Michigan Capitol

Jan 9, 2013 — Dan Calabrese

You know how it is in politics, right? You win some, you lose some. If a vote doesn’t go your way, you’re disappointed, but you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move on. You don’t cling to your anger like grim death because that’s pointless and only prolongs your bitterness.