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Pesticides Are Pesticides, Even if They’re “Organic”

Sep 26, 2012 — Center for Consumer Freedom

After the recent Stanford analysis finding that organic foods are not more nutritious than “conventional” foods, the refrain from the organic crowd was cliché. The real benefits of organic, they said, was reducing pesticide exposure. It might come as a surprise to some readers, then, to learn that organic farmers also use pesticides. These pesticides just happen to be “certified organic.”

Shock: Organic Farmers Use Chemicals Too

Mar 4, 2012 — Center for Consumer Freedom

Despite considerable evidence that the “health halo” surrounding organic foods is just hype, many activists still claim that organic produce is healthier than conventionally grown produce. One of the reasons that organic evangelists propose to justify the cost of eating expensive “heirloom” tomatoes is that conventional products may contain chemical residue. The Environmental Working (Worrying) Group (EWG) even puts out a “Dirty Dozen” report that encourages people to substitute organic food for supposedly pesticide-laden conventional produce.

A Comeback for Cupcake Cops?

Nov 22, 2011 — Center for Consumer Freedom

It’s been a few years since overzealous regulators first stepped in to halt the tradition of sharing cupcakes and other sweets at school, but a new study might give these blowhards new ammo. Researchers found that schoolchildren celebrating birthdays by eating sweets ate up to 450 calories during the party, or about one-third of their daily energy need.

Time to Boycott Mark Bittman?

Sep 23, 2011 — Center for Consumer Freedom

In his latest New York Times column, professional food alarmist Mark Bittman asks whether it’s time to boycott tuna, depending on the success or failure of a new Greenpeace campaign asking companies to reduce by-catch from their operations. Greenpeace is a fringe group described by its own cofounder as “anti-science” and “basically anti-civilization,” and Bittman’s piece seems to do little but parrot talking points from these environmental radicals. Now, the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation is hitting back.

A Vegan Manifesto Wearing a Weight-Loss Halo

Aug 19, 2011 — Center for Consumer Freedom

Neal Barnard, president of the deceptively named “Physicians Committee” for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), is hitting the road this month on a book tour to promote his 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart program. The casual observer might think this is yet another hardcover to fill up the self-help section. But if you know a thing or two about PCRM (or weight loss, for that matter), you’ll quickly realize that—much like Barnard’s group—this book is not what it seems.

News Roundup: A Phony “Watchdog” and Fishy Food Fears

Aug 16, 2011 — Center for Consumer Freedom

August may be a traditionally slow news cycle, but we’re lighting up the media. In Roll Call, a popular publication among the Capitol Hill crowd and DC policy wonks, we expose an inside-the-beltway organization called Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) that masquerades as a nonpartisan watchdog. In reality, CREW is a partisan lapdog, taking money from the left-wing fringe and disproportionately attacking right-leaning groups and politicians. Could CREW get a smack on the snout from the authorities? It’s possible:

First Lady Makes Much Ado About Produce

Jul 22, 2011 — Center for Consumer Freedom

First Lady Michelle Obama made a splashy announcement yesterday with Wal-Mart and other supermarket executives regarding a planned expansion of fresh produce and healthy food offerings in 1,500 stores over the next five years. She lauded the idea, telling White House reporters, “Make no mistake about it. This is a big deal.” But is it?

BMI Report Cards Get Another “A” in Humiliation

Apr 3, 2011 — Center for Consumer Freedom

One emerging feel-good policy for fighting childhood obesity involves schools sending Body Mass Index (BMI) “reports” to parents in hopes of educating them about their kids’ weight. But like many heavy-handed instruments used by nanny-state bureaucrats to suggest lifestyle modifications, this one has unintended consequences.