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The lies of illegal immigration and infanticide

Aug 23, 2015 — Doug Hagmann

From abortion to illegal immigration is but a short step, although at first glance, they are seemingly unrelated. In reality, the two issues are intertwined.

It is imperative that we understand the end-game objectives of those pushing both agendas, for they are the same conspirators who are shredding the United States Constitution and destroying our country from within. They are using many of the same tactics and pushing many of the same lies that are left unchecked by politicians and political pundits on both sides of the political spectrum.

Planned Parenthood, unequal justice and dark forces

Aug 4, 2015 — Doug Hagmann

As an investigator and in particular, when I was working as an operational asset for the FBI in the 1990s, I was particularly good at securing covert video like that captured by the Center for Medical Progress of Planned Parenthood. In fact, I was used because I could convincingly present myself to the subjects of investigation as someone I was not, and secure the needed evidence that served as the basis for immediate raids, arrests and sometimes later, as courtroom exhibits for a jury to see.

It was common for the audio and video to be remotely monitored in real time by a team of law enforcement officers, including the FBI, in a vehicle usually parked around the corner from where I stood. In those cases, once the necessary evidence was memorialized, I had to mentally brace myself, for I knew what was about to happen.

Planned Parenthood: Serving mankind from dust to dessert

Jul 31, 2015 — Doug Hagmann

Many baby boomers will recall the classic 1962 Twilight Zone episode To Serve Man, about a seemingly benevolent alien race of giants coming to earth to solve the ills of mankind. Although some people were initially suspicious of the aliens’ intentions, their skepticism was assuaged when the aliens shared their advanced technology and made the earth a better place to live, stopping wars and increasing the food harvests of the planet. Soon, regular flights to the aliens’ home planet were arranged for the masses. Scenes showed countless people excitedly boarding space ships for the vacation of a lifetime. (Spoiler alert). A book left by the aliens, titled To Serve Man, was ultimately deciphered by government cryptographers and it was determined to be… a cook book.

The Marxist agenda behind the rainbow

Jun 30, 2015 — Doug Hagmann

If you think Friday’s Supreme Court decision was about equality or equal rights for the three percent of the American population (at the expense of the 97 percent), you couldn’t be more wrong. If you think that Friday’s decision has no impact on you because you don’t care what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you think the homosexual agenda is about tolerance, diversity or other slick marketing buzzwords, you are not only wrong, but sorely misinformed, misguided or you are purposely facilitating a lie.

America has a huge problem right now. Multiple problems, in fact, but like the victims of a train wreck, we must do triage so we can apply treatment in order of importance. The blunt force trauma inflicted upon America by five rogue members of our judiciary, redefining marriage as a result of a highly potent cabal of activists intent on America’s destruction, certainly moves this problem up the list of importance.

The Rising of the Beast: TPP is the planned Communist Utopian dream

Jun 10, 2015 — Doug Hagmann

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its agent of tyrannical empowerment, the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) exists today as the most overt and sinister example of the Communist utopian dream of a one world government.

The “conspiracy theory” detailing the establishment of a “New World Order” where national sovereignty, the destruction of the middle class and ultimate enslavement of all people except the global elite remains a conspiracy, but is no longer a theory to be ridiculed. Its final stages are being put into place for all to see, or at least those who have eliminated the corporate media from their daily diet of disinformation, deception and distortion.

Setting the Stage for the Second American Revolution

Jun 2, 2015 — Doug Hagmann

Most Americans obviously don’t know their history for if we did, we would be much more outraged and disturbed about the Jade Helm 15 military operation. Why? Because we’ve seen eerily similar situations play out in our nation before. In fact, this situation was a precursor to the first American Revolution.

Concurrent with the captive corporate media’s feeding frenzy vilifying patriots and other citizens concerned about Jade Helm 15 by calling them conspiracy fanatics, government officials in various cities, counties and municipalities are welcoming American troops to their towns with open arms, apparently having no clue of the event that precipitated the American Revolution. These local officials are intellectually hobbled and history-deficient, for if they cracked open a history book, they would understand that throwing down a welcome mat for troops in their towns is an invitation to eventual bloodshed.

Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation: To Demonize Conservatives, Constitutionalists & Christians

Apr 22, 2015 — Doug Hagmann

Sunday, April 19, 2015 marked the 20th anniversary of the bombing that killed 171 Americans (168 men, women and children, and three unborn), and injured over 500 others in the heartland of the United States: the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. As of that date, it was the worst domestic terrorist attack in U.S. history.

Who benefits from the Ferguson shooting?

Mar 13, 2015 — Doug Hagmann

Minutes after midnight this morning local time, shots rang out amid the presence of protestors and police gathered outside of the police station in Ferguson, Missouri. Two police officers on duty from neighboring departments were seriously wounded. One 32 year-old officer from Webster Groves was shot in the face, and a 41 year-old officer from St. Louis County was shot in the shoulder. Whether by pure luck or poor or perhaps incredible marksmanship, thankfully, both officers are expected to survive.

Helter Skelter amid a perfect storm

Dec 22, 2014 — Doug Hagmann

Helter Skelter amid a perfect storm

“Look out… Helter Skelter… She’s coming down fast… Yes she is.”

Two police officers were executed in New York City by a lone gunman on Saturday who was reportedly exacting revenge for the deaths of two black men by police, one from Ferguson and the other from Staten Island. The bold execution of two uniformed officers sitting in a police car in broad daylight, in a city that has one of the most oppressive gun control laws in the nation, is destined to quickly become one of a series of seminal events in our nation’s history.

DHS insider: Sydney to be the game changer

Dec 15, 2014 — Doug Hagmann

In the event the reader is just now hearing about the hostage crisis unfolding at the popular Lindt Café in Sydney, Australia, it was about 9:45 a.m. (AEDT) Sunday when a reported Muslim terrorist walked into the café, wielding at least one shotgun or similarly described long gun, and a package reported to be a bomb and took an estimated 30 people hostage. Reports state that five hostages managed to escape, leaving an estimated two-dozen unarmed people inside the building. Police are not confirming the exact number of hostages,  nor are they revealing the name of the perpetrator.

Setting the stage for something much bigger

Nov 24, 2014 — Doug Hagmann

Setting the stage for something much bigger

In nearly three decades of investigative experience that has included my direct or peripheral involvement in numerous jury decisions and grand jury presentments, I’ve never seen anything like what’s presently playing out in Ferguson, Missouri. Never. To describe the situation as “bizarre” would be a tremendous understatement. We are clearly being managed.  The nation is being managed, or perhaps “gamed” is a more appropriate description of the events playing out before us.

The perils of Obama we refuse to face

Nov 13, 2014 — Doug Hagmann

The perils of Obama we refuse to face

An article written by Coach Dave Daubenmire, titled ‘Is the Man in the White House Mentally Ill?’ appeared on the News with Views website last week. Coach Daubenmire said it best, plainly and directly just within the title alone. With all due respect to the coach, however, I’d bet most “average” Americans looked at the title of the column and proceeded elsewhere, believing the article to be the ravings of just some hyper-lunatic Christian conservative with latent hatred toward the man occupying the Oval Office.

Evidence of the Islamic terror threat within our borders

Oct 1, 2014 — Doug Hagmann

Evidence of the Islamic terror threat within our borders,

Following the attacks of 2001, I set out to “make a difference,” which was to assist our government by offering my services in my capacity as a multi-state licensed investigator. Okay, hold the chuckles, snickers and laughs at bay for a moment while I briefly explain my thinking at that time. In 2001, I had 16 years of investigative experience under my belt and several years of experience with the inner workings of certain government “operations” that the majority of people don’t even know exist.

The passing of an icon

Sep 22, 2014 — Doug Hagmann

King: The passing of an icon

King, whose real-life image exists as the readily recognizable icon for our pursuit of the unbiased and unfiltered truth in radio and print, fought valiantly against his cancer and nearly debilitating arthritis like no other canine and few humans I have ever known. Last Saturday afternoon during early autumn like conditions, King lost his courageous battle with this hideous disease. But as strong-willed as he was in life, so too was he in death, for he seemed to die on his own terms, at the time and place of his choosing, with my wife and me at his side.