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[i]Gerry Nicholls is a Toronto writer and a senior fellow with the Democracy Institute. His web site is [url=]Making sense with Nicholls[/url]Gerry can be reached at: [[email protected][email protected]][email protected][/email][/i]

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Protecting Public Safety One Smashed Door at a Time

Jun 30, 2013 — Gerry Nicholls

In this increasingly dangerous world, it’s nice to know Canadians can rest secure in the knowledge that RCMP officers are out there,  patrolling our streets, ready on a moment’s notice to break into our homes and steal our property.

Is the Media a Bully?

Apr 29, 2013 — Gerry Nicholls

There’s a bible verse that asks, “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”’

Busting the Seven Trudeau Myths

Mar 16, 2013 — Gerry Nicholls

I have come to a frightening conclusion about Liberal-leader-in-waiting Justin Trudeau.

He must emit some sort of mind-control vibe that causes otherwise serious and level-headed individuals to go completely and uncontrollably gaga over him.

By-election winners and losers

Nov 27, 2012 — Gerry Nicholls

In the late hours of Monday evening, when the results from yesterday’s by-elections were trickling in, the immediate judgment from certain pundits and journalists on Twitter was that “nobody won” or that it was a “wake up call” for the major parties.

NCC President Owes the CTF an Apology

Oct 22, 2012 — Gerry Nicholls

After Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced he was going to (finally) reform the gold-plated MP pension plan, National Citizens Coalition president Peter Coleman quickly claimed it as a victory for his group.

Just in Case You Don’t Have Enough Trudeau News

Oct 5, 2012 — Gerry Nicholls

Hey, somebody in the Liberal Party accidentally emailed me a copy of Justin Trudeau’s itinerary for the next few months.

Thought I’d share it:

Justin Trudeau campaign itinerary:

Swimming in the Shallow Communications Pool

Sep 26, 2012 — Gerry Nicholls

It’s always ironic when Canadian media-types criticize politicians for the shallowness of their messaging since let’s face it, the media actually helps to drain the communication pool.

Anatomy of a Bad Fundraising Letter

Jan 3, 2012 — Gerry Nicholls

Recently somebody passed along to me a year-end fundraising appeal from the federal New Democratic Party. I found it offensive, not for ideological reasons, but because it was a poorly written, poorly constructed letter. In fact, to my mind it utterly failed as direct mail fundraising material. Why do I say that? Well see below. I have reproduced the letter, with my commentary in bold font: