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The Beautiful Creative Mind

Oct 14, 2007 — Guest Column

The 2001 movie starring Russell Crowe, A Beautiful Mind, portrayed the life of renowned scientist John Nash. The movie focused primarily on his battle with schizophrenia, and how it affected his life. Without a doubt, the movie once again brought to the fore the struggles facing sufferers of this mental impairment.

Why Al Gore Should Run for President

Oct 14, 2007 — Guest Column

About a month ago, I was on my way to the Old South Meeting House to see former Nixon White House counsel John Dean speak.  As I approached the entrance, a man standing outside the door asked me if I wanted to sign a petition to draft Al Gore to run for the White House in 2008.  I ignored the man, walked inside and laughed to myself.

President Bush Defends Rapist-Murderer To Appease Mexico

Oct 14, 2007 — Guest Column

It seems President George W. Bush will stop at no lengths to appease Mexico and place the United States under international authority. His latest fiasco, however, twists logic, mocks justice, and defies decency.

Iraqi civilian death toll plunges

Oct 14, 2007 — Guest Column

The civilian death toll in Iraq fell to its lowest level in recent memory on Saturday.

The Congressional Black Caucus is shortchanging poor and minority energy consumers

Oct 14, 2007 — Guest Column

The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation recently hosted its annual legislative conference in Washington. A keynote session—billed as an “energy braintrust”—promised a lively three-hour discussion by top executives from oil companies, associations, government agencies and universities. It would “transform dialogue into action” and “bolster the relationships between the energy industry and African-American community.”

German Parliament backs Afghan mission

Oct 13, 2007 — Guest Column

Parliament voted decisively Friday to extend the deployment of German troops in Afghanistan for another year despite growing domestic opposition and a surge of violence from the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Sudan on the Brink of Another Disaster

Oct 13, 2007 — Guest Column

The Washington-DC based human rights group, International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that, in a dramatic development, the Sudanese Peoples Liberation Movement (SPLM), the party that represents the interest of Southern Sudan, made an announcement to withdraw from the National Unity Government of Sudan. This decision, which was made yesterday, could lead to another war between the Southern Sudanese and the Government of Sudan.

Greenpeace Capture Power Plant… what, are we at war

Oct 13, 2007 — Guest Column

Just after 5 a.m., on Monday the 8th of October, a group of Greenpeace environmentalists laid siege to Kingsnorth coal fired power station in Kent. Their plan was simple, and effective. Get in, and shut it down.

African Mega-Drought Rewrites Out of Africa

Oct 13, 2007 — Guest Column

The words ‘tropical’ and ‘lush’ are not necessarily the descriptive words you would normally associate with Africa, especially when presented with the choice of ‘barren’ and ‘arid’. But the continent of Africa is not all desert and dust; at least, not any more.

New Horizons Jovian Visit

Oct 13, 2007 — Guest Column

Just like when you go on holiday somewhere, there are always great sights along the way. Rarely do we just keep our heads down in the car. The same can be said for the New Horizons mission, currently en route for the newly christened dwarf planet Pluto and its three moons, Charon, Nix and Hydra

Google Street View Adds Six More Cities

Oct 12, 2007 — Guest Column

One of the hits of the Web 2.0 revolution has without a doubt been Google Earth. The ability to zoom in on almost any city or landmark in the world, up to—for the most part—a pretty decent resolution, has helped stem the boredom for many a tired employee on a Friday afternoon. And with the addition of Google’s Street View, the fun only continued to grow

iPods and Laptops Owe their Allegiance to Nobel Prize Winners

Oct 12, 2007 — Guest Column

Many in the world take the fact that their little iPod or laptop is capable of holding “just so much” music or information. They don’t really take all that much notice of the fact that, inside such a small device, is the technological know-how and ingenuity of a decade’s worth of technological progress.

Evil Purpose of the US Government Exposed

Oct 12, 2007 — Guest Column

The Purpose of the US Government Has Been Transformed From Protecting Your Rights to Building a Totalitarian Police State for the New World Order.

The purpose of the US government today has strayed far from its original intent when it was formed over 200 years ago.

Eurocrats Target Poland

Oct 11, 2007 — Guest Column

Last Thursday, Viscount Etienne Davignon, a Belgian who is the chairman of the secretive Bilderberg Group, celebrated his 75th birthday. Mr. Davignon is a former vice president of the European Commission and the author of the 1970 “Davignon Report” that laid the foundations for a common European foreign policy.

White farmers in court for growing crops

Oct 10, 2007 — Guest Column

By Peta Thornycroft, in Johannesburg, The Telegraph

Ten white farmers appeared in court in Zimbabwe yesterday accused of growing crops on their land—in a country where millions of people will need food aid within the next few months.

German Jews: Drop Iranian-born soccer player who won’t play in Israel

Oct 10, 2007 — Guest Column

By Assaf Uni (Berlin) and Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz Correspondents and Reuters
Germany’s leading Jewish organization has called for an Iranian-born player to be dropped from Germany’s under-21 national soccer team for withdrawing from an upcoming match against Israel.

Miracles Of Modern Technology

Oct 10, 2007 — Guest Column

On Sunday, I watched Comrade Commissar Queen Pelosi (Progressive-Peoples Republic of Kalifornia) in an FNC interview.

Can A Christian Pray To Allah

Oct 10, 2007 — Guest Column

George W. Bush was twice elected President of the United States with great assistance from evangelical Christians, who, almost universally, believed he was a born-again believer. Many still hold onto that belief. In fact, evangelical Christians compose the bulk of the ever-shrinking base of support Bush has left. This is due almost exclusively to this belief that Bush is a born-again Christian.

Savaging Signing Statements

Oct 10, 2007 — Guest Column

Charlie Savage came to national prominence this year for the series of articles he wrote on presidential signing statements.  These articles would earn Savage, the Washington correspondent for The Boston Globe, a Pulitzer Prize.

Leak Severed a Link to Al-Qaeda’s Secrets

Oct 9, 2007 — Guest Column

By Joby Warrick, Washington Post Staff Writer
A small private intelligence company that monitors Islamic terrorist groups obtained a new Osama bin Laden video ahead of its official release last month, and around 10 a.m. on Sept. 7, it notified the Bush administration of its secret acquisition. It gave two senior officials access on the condition that the officials not reveal they had it until the al-Qaeda release.