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Resist all you want, liberals: We’re focused on results, results, results

Jul 24, 2017 — Herman Cain

The first six months of accomplishments by the Trump administration are impressive, but you would not know it listening to the liberal media and the Democrats.

As the liberal media are obsessing over the resignation of Sean Spicer, they are missing the big point. As he said in his interview on Sean Hannity’s show on Friday, his resignation opens the way for a fresh start with the media. As Dan pointed out, his departure is not going to impact one iota of what the president is trying to do, which is a lot.

Good mood food: A fresh start

Jul 24, 2017 — Herman Cain

On Sunday at the British Open golf tournament, Jordan Spieth had one of the worst front nine of golf ever by someone leading the tournament. He eventually lost his two-stroke lead to Matt Kuchar, and many golf observers had to concede that Jordan didn’t have it that day, and would probably lose the tournament.

Hole number 13 was an even bigger disaster for Spieth, and even he expected to shoot a double bogey or worse. He managed to shoot an unlikely bogey.

Health care: Get back in there and fix this mess

Jul 23, 2017 — Herman Cain

President Trump had a plan all along in case Republicans failed to repeal and replace ObamaCare. And boy did they fail.

I suspected we might be going in this direction as soon as the Senate announced its intention to push aside the House-passed American Health Care Act and rewrite the bill. That spelled disaster all along, because you’ve got too many RINOs in the Senate who don’t really want free-market health care.

Susan Collins appears to be the biggest problem of all the RINOs. She insists that ObamaCare is “so interwoven” into the fabric of America that you can’t repeal it without a replacement, but she refuses to support any of the replacements.

Trump dividends: Job gains, rising household incomes, risking stock values

Jul 16, 2017 — Herman Cain

You wouldn’t know it from listening to the news these days, but President Trump’s job is not to “comment on Russia,” whatever that means. It’s to repair the health of our economy, our federal budget, our national security and a variety of other things that fall under the category of . . . actual policy.

Things that matter to you and me, and affect our lives.

We’ve gotten some indications in recent weeks of how he’s doing, and the early returns are good.

Join me in fighting the liberals through Pay Attention Citizens PAC

Jul 12, 2017 — Herman Cain

The liberals are trying to steal America!

The liberals, the political establishment and the liberal media are trying to steal and reshape our culture and our nation. They have abandoned our founding principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and are trying to replace them with self-serving pursuits of power, control and money.

Even worse, they are abandoning the truth to achieve their goals.

The Democrats and the Hollywood liberals spent more than $23 million on a smooth talking, and disingenuous Democrat candidate to try to steal the traditionally conservative sixth congressional seat in a special election in Georgia. They failed! The people of Georgia are not stupid and can’t be bought with a bunch of deceptive TV ads.

Public’s support of Trump’s travel ban shows power of leadership

Jul 9, 2017 — Herman Cain

To listen to the media coverage, you’d think the general public was strongly opposed to President Trump’s temporary, limited ban on travel from six Muslim countries – which finally went into mostly full effect after last month’s Supreme Court ruling in its favor.

You’d think that, but you’d be wrong.

A new poll last week from Morning Consult shows that 60 percent of Americans support the policy – which is astounding on first glance considering how thoroughly the policy has been slammed by almost every media outlet, by activists and by liberal judges.

How is it possible that the public has seen through the noise and gotten behind this policy?

The Democrats: Feeding fear to the USA

Jun 29, 2017 — Herman Cain

If there was any doubt that the Democrats in Congress are the leading fear mongers in our nation’s capital, then look for no better example than their vicious and false attacks on the Republican proposals to repeal and replace ObamaCare. The Democrats also believe their supporters and voters are amazingly gullible and easily confused.

They are!

And the Democrats know that most people do not have the time to sort through the smoke and BS they spew, such that eventually they and their supporters believe it must be true, which adds up to a sense that the nation is falling apart, and that the Trump Administration is the worst in history.

Sorry, Hollywood: Georgia voters are not stupid and can’t be bought

Jun 25, 2017 — Herman Cain

Democrats still don’t have a clue. They still think “resist” is a winning strategy. And the reason they’ve got this so wrong is that they don’t understand positive media coverage is not the same thing as appealing to the people.

All you have to do to understand this is look at what happened in last week’s special election here in the Atlanta area. Democrats thought they could steal this red-district seat by pumping money into GA-6 from bastions of east-coast elitism and from Hollywood. And pump in money they did! Democrat Jon Ossoff had nearly $30 million to spend in his race against Republican Karen Handel.

Do I have a problem with that? Not at all. I’ll never object to Democrats wasting $30 million and getting absolutely nothing in return for it. And if Hollywood and the east-coast elites want to send more of their money to the Atlanta area, we’ll gladly take it.

Check yourself: Is your whole life about how much you hate the other political side?

Jun 19, 2017 — Herman Cain

I wouldn’t want to go out of this world the way James T. Hodgkinson did, but it appears to have suited him perfectly. Before he showed up at that baseball field in Alexandria and opened fire on Republican congressmen, he seems to have identified with few things more than his hatred of Republicans.

Dan went over some of this last week, so you’re up to speed on Hodgkinson’s desire to terminate Republicans, and on his belief that the road to Hell is paved with Republicans. If Mr. Hodgkinson was about anything, it was about hating Republicans. And he ultimately brought his own life to an end by taking this hatred to its logical extreme and trying to kill some of them.

So far he’s the only one in the current political environment to take his hatred to that extreme (although we’ll give a dishonorable mention to Kathy Griffin here), and we certainly pray there will be no others. But given the way things are in the country right now, you know perfectly well that Hodgkinson was not the only person out there seething with political rage.

Luther Cain Jr. and the American dream

Jun 19, 2017 — Herman Cain

Big Daddy is what his three grandchildren lovingly called him. It was his choice as they were growing up. His birth name was Luther Cain, Jr..

My dad.

He was raised on a small dirt farm in Tennessee with his eight siblings by his mom and dad. They had just enough “dirt farm” to be able to live off the land.

I can still remember visiting my grandparent’s three-room farm house as a young kid, and wondering how they all lived in that small house. Dad told us some of them slept in the barn. That’s how they lived and survived.

Dad literally walked off that small farm at the age of 18 with just the clothes on his back. His dreams were bigger than that small farm.

He eventually ended up working in Atlanta as a waiter in the executive dinning room of the Coca Cola Company, and later became the chauffeur and personal valet for the chairman and CEO of the company, Robert W. Woodruff. Dad excelled because of his work ethic, and his infectious and positive personality.

Meet the mother who is still taking care of us on Fathers Day

Jun 18, 2017 — Herman Cain

Momma Susie was my wife’s mother. Her full birth name was Susie Lula Gertrude.

She was the oldest of 13 children, born to Preston C. Thompson and Ludie Idella (Lane) Thompson. Momma Susie was born in 1907 and lived to be 93 years of age.

Her parents were farmers in Monroe, Georgia, so Momma Susie only finished the seventh grade, because she was needed to help care for the other 12 children. Birth control was unheard of then, and besides, a lot of kids was how a family produced workers to help maintain the farm. Just saying!

Needless to say, Momma Susie did not attend college. Let me be clear, I’m not suggesting college was and is for everyone. But as I got to know her, I recognized she certainly had the attitude and aptitude to have succeeded in college and in a professional career.

Report: 760,000 tuned out mainstream TV news in the first quarter alone

Jun 16, 2017 — Herman Cain

“Conventional sources of television programming lost 760,000 in the first quarter.” - Leichtman Research Group

Although this statistic is not overwhelming, it shows the trend that people are sick and tired of all the negative coverage of President Trump.

The big picture is completely different from what you keep hearing every day

Jun 14, 2017 — Herman Cain

President Trump’s first full cabinet meeting highlights the enormity of our federal government, and the enormous challenges of turning the bureaucratic Titanic into a direction of prosperity for the people.

Government is broken. With hundreds of federal agencies and over 2 million federal employees, the brokenness, the inefficiencies, the leaks, and the disloyalties are not a surprise. The intensity is a big surprise


America is not broken

Jun 12, 2017 — Herman Cain

The media obsess over predictions, polls, statements, mis-statements, nuances, opinions, speculation and narratives. Their profession has evolved into trying to develop the grabber or gotcha headline, rather than reporting the news, the truth and the facts.

As a result, people who listen or watch any news at all are constantly frustrated about what to believe and what not to believe. It’s easy to be frustrated when over 80 percent (according to the Media Research Center and Harvard) of the so-called news is negative about President Trump and his administration.

To ease your frustration, be reminded that results matter more than headlines or sound-bites, which are usually forgotten once the results are known.

So liberals humiliated by Comey’s testimony will stop this nonsense now, right?

Jun 11, 2017 — Herman Cain

These are challenging times for liberals. They had such high hopes for the Comey hearings. Some Democrats in the House of Representatives were so excited that they were even drafting articles of impeachment against President Trump for obstruction of justice.

All they had to do was wait for the bombshells that James Comey would surely deliver, and it would be just a matter of time before the president would be removed from office and maybe even sent to prison.

Then came Thursday. What a heartbreaking day.