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Born June 4, 1951 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Served in the U.S. Navy from 1970-1974 in both UDT-21 (Underwater Demolition Team) and SEAL Team Two. Worked as a commercial diver in the waters off of Scotland, India, and the United States. Worked overseas in the Merchant Marines. While attending the University of South Florida as a journalism student in 1998 was presented with the “Carol Burnett/University of Hawaii AEJMC Research in Journalism Ethics Award,” 1st place undergraduate division. (The annual contest was set up by Carol Burnett with money she won from successfully suing a national newspaper for libel). Awarded US Army, US Navy, South African, and Russian jump wings. Graduate of NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School, 1970). Member of Mensa, China Post #1, and lifetime member of the NRA and UDT/SEAL Association.

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Welcome to the Trump Bump

Sep 27, 2016 — Jim ONeill

I am listening to talking heads on TV discussing the first debate between Trump and Clinton, and I have to shake my head in wonder.  Do these morons never learn?  Are they that dim-witted, or does living in their media bubble leave them so out of touch with reality that they are really as clueless as they appear?

As my civic duty I feel obligated to clue them in – Trump won the debate.  They really need to get over their shock and awe whenever Trump surges ahead after a debate performance. 

I’ll go out on a limb here and predict that by this time next week Trump’s poll numbers will have increased substantially.  It always takes a few days for the results to kick in, but the results are always the same.

Those of us who watched the Republican Primary debates know the drill.  Now the rest of the country will get to experience it.  Welcome to the club Democrats.

Now your policy wonks and think tank experts get to scratch their heads and say “WTF?”  “But…but we won!”

No, no you did not.  Give it a few days—the “Trump Bump” will appear.

Liberal Ladies Better Get Sneakers While They Last

Sep 13, 2016 — Jim ONeill

The past year, more than one million immigrants from the third world, almost exclusively younger men, came to Germany, and the country is currently experiencing a historic rape wave without equal, which many expected would happen.

This has led Germany’s Federal Criminal Police, BKA, to advise German women on how to best protect themselves against rape.

[Among the] tips for women from the BKA: Wear sneakers instead of high heels so that you can run away faster. —Speisa “German Woman Are Encouraged to Wear Sneakers to Run Away from Rapists

I recently spotted an article by Jim Hoft on “Gateway Pundit” whose title caught my eye: “German Officials Encourage Women to Wear Sneakers to Outrun Migrant Rapists.”

Trump Vs. Rock Royalty

Sep 8, 2016 — Jim ONeill

I read that “Queen” was not amused when their song “We are the Champions” was played when Trump first walked onto the stage during the Republican convention in Cleveland.

After muttering “F—k ‘Queen’” to myself, I began thinking about why so many rock icons favor the status quo, favor the establishment, favor keeping things just as they are. To call them “sell outs” doesn’t begin to describe their zombie-like fondness for marching in mindless lock-step with the globalist elites of the world.

Have they been phonies all along, and their rebellious act just that—an act and a fraud? Or is their fondness for the homogenized uniformity of globalization a more recent personality quirk?

The Vile Shallowness of “Black Lives Matter” Racism

Aug 31, 2016 — Jim ONeill

Why oh why must it be this way?
Before you can read me you got to learn how to see me.
I say free your mind and the rest will follow.
Be color blind; don’t be so shallow.
  —En Vogue “Free Your Mind

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.—Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)

“Black Lives Matter.” At first blush, it seems difficult to imagine anyone taking issue with the obvious, self-evident truth articulated by those three simple words. But when we peel away the veneer of deception, we find that Black Lives Matter (BLM) is in fact one of the most destructive, hateful, racist movements in living memory.—John Perazzo “The Profound Racism of ‘Black Lives Matter’

This article discusses the movement “Black Lives Matter” (BLM). Let me say up front that I find their “narrative” deplorable at best, and the fact that Democratic politicians, from Obama on down, treat them as respectable is an insult to any decent person with half a brain.

Left Wing Globalists Posing as Right Wing Conservatives

Aug 24, 2016 — Jim ONeill

Trump opposes globalism. Hillary thrives on it. Globalism is far more than “geographical” or “eliminating national borders and boundaries.” It is spiritual and demonic at its core. Few—very few—understand this. ...Trump understands that it is 11:59 p.m. on the “cultural clock.” America is near the end—morally, economically, militarily and, sadly, spiritually.—Dr. Jim Garlow “If You’re On the Fence About Your Vote, This Pastor Clarifies How the Very Future of America Is at Stake

Democrats often accuse Republicans of being fascists. It may surprise you to learn that they are pretty much spot on—as far as it relates to some Republicans (commonly known as “establishment” Republicans).

Let me hasten to add that the Republicans in question are not to be confused with true right wing conservative Republicans. In essence Democrats are calling “fellow travelers” (i.e. LEFT wing Republicans) fascists. In which case I say have at it.

As explained in my last article, “Left Wing Nazi Brownshirt Bully-Boys,” political ideologies that espouse large government bureaucracies, such as Communism and Fascism, belong firmly on the LEFT side of the political spectrum. A stripped down bare-bones representation of the traditional political spectrum is seen below.

Left Wing Nazi Brownshirt Bully-Boys

Aug 22, 2016 — Jim ONeill

Leftist agitators employed fascist tactics at a Donald Trump fundraiser in Minneapolis on Friday night—Kyle Olson “Agitators bang on doors at Trump fundraiser, punch attendees in ‘gauntlet’

As the above quote implies, left-wing agent provocateurs accompanied by their “useful idiot” groupies used Fascist methods to intimidate, frighten, and physically attack people attempting to exercise their right to free speech in Minneapolis yesterday. Nazi Brownshirt bully-boy tactics all the way.

Snobs to the Left of Me, Phonies to the Right—Here I Am Stuck in the Middle with Trump

Aug 14, 2016 — Jim ONeill

I see the children of the global business elite marry each other and settle in London or New York or Mumbai. They send their children to the same schools and are alert to all class markers. And those elites, of Mumbai and Manhattan, do not often identify with, or see a connection to or an obligation toward, the rough, struggling people who live at the bottom in their countries. In fact, they fear them…. —Peggy Noonan “How Global Elites Forsake Their Countrymen”

I am your messenger.—Donald J. Trump

If you still believe in the bogus poll numbers and pro-Hillary fairy tales being promoted by the Main Stream Media…well, stop it. You really should know better by this point in time—and in fact many, perhaps most, of “we the people” are indeed wise to the lies.

The Towering Trumpeting Trumpster Vs. the Hideous Hildabeast Heifer!!

Aug 2, 2016 — Jim ONeill

It’s Epic!  It’s Colossal!  It’s YUGE! 

(“Hideous Hildabeast Heifer”—does that qualify as an ad hominem attack?  I suppose it could be construed as such…in which case my bad). 

Be that as it may, a struggle of titans to equal the Trump/Clinton debates has not been seen since “Godzilla vs. Mothra.”  The debates will be “must see TV” like no other political event before them.

Trump Speech One for the Ages

Jul 22, 2016 — Jim ONeill

America is a nation of believers, dreamers, and strivers that is being led by a group of censors, critics, and cynics.

Remember: all of the people telling you that you can’t have the country you want, are the same people telling you that I wouldn’t be standing here tonight.  No longer can we rely on those elites in media, and politics, who will say anything to keep a rigged system in place.Donald J. Trump, Republican nominee for president 7/21/16

The speech that Donald J. Trump gave last night was one of the most powerful and important speeches given in American history…in world history.

The Hip and Edgy New Right Vs. the Stale and Decadent Old Left

Jul 17, 2016 — Jim ONeill

Right-wing culture is to me the only subversive culture that’s going on at the moment…The Left has just become this giant boring monolith—“ooo we’re so edgy.” The Right-wing culture, conservative culture, is the most subversive to the dominant order. ...The real edginess is occurring where basic facts of reality are being reasserted. —Stefan Molyneux, Vox Day “How SJWs (Social Justice Warriors) Destroy Everything

The Left is the establishment; they are the dominant culture; they are the status quo. They largely run the media, arts, and entertainment industry, they control the bulk of government, NGOs, and big business—including most of the Internet/computer giants.

Rio and the Joys of Multiculturalism and Identity Politics

Jul 9, 2016 — Jim ONeill

I recently read about how early-arriving Olympic contestants in Brazil are complaining about the condition of the waters they train by and in—oil slicks, the odd body part, mosquitoes, “superbugs” and such—picky, picky, picky. It struck me how opposed to the spirit of multiculturalism such provincial and benighted attitudes are—how xenophobic, how paternalistic, how…white.

Which led me to think about Kanye West’s recent request that Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and other “white” publications stop commenting on black music. Right on Kanye!

Trump and the Importance of Who We Are

Jul 5, 2016 — Jim ONeill

It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.Sun Tzu, (circa 544-496 BC), “The Art of War”

One of the most important paragraphs in Dr. Sebastian Gorka’s recently published book ‘Defeating Jihad’ concerns Sun Tzu’s famous dictum quoted above.  Gorka states that people often focus on the “know your enemy” part of the quote, and ignore the equally important “know thyself” part—a foolhardy and calamitous mistake.

It is indeed good to know your enemy if you wish to win, but Sun Tsu’s [sic] recipe for ultimate victory begins with knowing yourself—why you are going to war, what you are fighting for.  ...What do I represent? What am I prepared to risk blood and treasure for, and why exactly am I going to war? If you cannot answer these questions, then you should not be going to war at all.—Dr. Sebastian Gorka, ‘Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War’

Lynch Preaching the Gospel of Spineless Suicidal Stupidity

Jun 23, 2016 — Jim ONeill

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that love and compassion are the best responses to terrorism during remarks to the media in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday [6/21/16].—David Rutz “Lynch: Best Response to Terrorism Is Love and Compassion”

Let’s get something straight right off the bat: being a rug-mat is not compassionate, nor is it loving, and it is most certainly not wise.  On the contrary, it is delusional irresponsibility of the most asinine sort.  It harms both the rug-mat and whoever is wiping their feet on them.  You do no one any favors when you encourage a fool in their folly, or more to the point, when you give carte blanche to murderous jihadists.

A Short History of Islam

Jun 15, 2016 — Jim ONeill

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.George Santayana (1863-1952)

Question: What do all the following statements have in common?

Charles “The Hammer” Martel defeated the Moors as they advanced toward Paris in 732 AD.

Thank God for Conservative Women

Jun 13, 2016 — Jim ONeill

Dare to speak out [conservatively]? When you’re black? When you’re an actress? When you’re a woman? There goes your social life—Stacy Dash “There Goes My Social Life: From Clueless to Conservative

At the outset let me say that in my opinion liberals have come up with any number of good ideas in the past, and I like to give credit where it’s due—but it should also be noted that liberals are notorious for running good ideas into the ground.

It is a truism, one that perhaps goes unappreciated by most of us, that a virtue taken to an extreme can become a vice. For example, the virtue of patience taken to an extreme becomes procrastination; caution and concern morph into fear and anxiety, politeness becomes obsequiousness, moderate liberals turn into leftist nitwits, and so on. Moderation, (what Buddha called “The Middle Way”), appears to be a key element of a happy, healthy, sane existence.