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Did Sean Hannity Unwittingly Tweet Out His Own Pink Slip?

By Judi McLeod

It’s not Fox News co-president Bill Shine fans should be the most worried about, but the ‘Fair and Balanced to President Donald Trump’ Sean Hannity.

In coming to the defense of Shine On Twitter today, Hannity warned that Shine’s dismissal dismissal would be the “End of FNC as we know it”.

UN Interference with Efforts to Repeal and Replace Obamacare

By Joseph A. Klein

The United Nations is once again sticking its nose into the domestic affairs of the United States in violation of the UN Charter (Article 2, para. 7).  The Washington Post has uncovered a transmittal letter dated February 2, 2017 from the UN Office of High Commissioner of Human Rights, forwarding to the then acting U.S. Secretary of State, Thomas Shannon, Jr., a complaint from one of the UN’s Special Rapporteurs about plans to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Democrats introduce bill to ban pastors from ministering to homosexuals

By Dan Calabrese

This story is a good example of how politicians use phrasing to disguise what they’re really doing, and the media play along because they support the obfuscation agenda. In some cases it’s because the media really are that dumb and gullible, but the gullibility usually stems from their natural trust of Democrats - so it all comes back to the fact that they share the same agenda.

Trump orders review of Obama-era land grabs

By Brad Jones

After eight years of oppressive restrictions on every facet of the mining industry from coal to gold, miners are finally beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Ann Coulter and “a dark day for free speech in America!”

By Dennis Jamison

SAN JOSE, CA, — Ann Coulter will not deliver her speech at the “University” of California at Berkeley today. Just the threat of violent attacks upon the scheduled Coulter speech at UC Berkeley was enough to inhibit the First Amendment rights of Coulter and the student group that had arranged the event. Not an actual attack, but just the threat, obliterated free speech at UC Berkeley, the former home of the “free speech movement.” It is an historic irony that the concept of free speech no longer exists at the university which epitomized such freedom in the 1960s. The reign of terror has begun.


By Matthew Vadum

The Trump administration unveiled an ambitious overhaul of federal tax laws yesterday that it is touting as the “largest tax cut for individuals and businesses in U.S. history.

Republicans on Capitol Hill seem cautiously optimistic about the plan even though it was immediately attacked by the hateful class-warfare-mongering Left.

Billionaire Funds Overthrow of Capitalism

By Cliff Kincaid

“System Change, Not Climate Change” is the demand being made by the Party for Socialism and Liberation in regard to Saturday’s Peoples Climate March. “Only socialism can solve the climate crisis,” they say. It appears that the organizers of the march agree, since the old Moscow-funded Communist Party is listed as one of the official “partners” of the group sponsoring the April 29th demonstration in the nation’s capital.


By Dave Merrick

Some fears are good. Today we live in a world of tv-zombified simpletons who don’t recognize the wisdom that grew from the analogy of a youngster touching a hot stove. The punch line that flowered from that tiny proverb, of course, is that the child learned the hard lesson of not touching whatever experience warned him not to touch. Simple enough.

We’ve Reached the Bottom of the Effing Barrel, Baby!

By Judi McLeod

We’ve finally arrived to the very bottom of that desolate hell hole where saturation propaganda rules the chattering classes; nowhere to go but down in that fearful place where just to be safe from physical harm, everyone MUST demonstrate an all-consuming hatred for President Donald J. Trump.

Obama’s OFA Army presenting him as Current President

By Judi McLeod

America, you’ve got a problem: Organizing for Action (OFA)—the organization and community organizing project that advocates for the agenda of “FORMER” President Barack Obama—founded after Obama’s re-election, sent out an email blast this morning from “PRESIDENT Barack Obama, April 24, 2017.”  A poisonous play on words put into use by the group that seeks to mobilize supporters in favor of Obama’s legislative priorities; a lie getting around the world before the truth can put its pants on.

Barack Che Guevara Obama Back to Kick Off the Revolution

By Judi McLeod

The curse of Marxist Revolution is upon us with the return to the pubic spotlight of Private Citizen FORMER President Barack Obama at the University of Chicago where he will fill the ranks of the Revolution by luring university students into lifelong Community Organizer duty.

When Murderous Political Opinion is Passed Off as Artistic Expression

By Judi McLeod

What do you get when you send out political opinion masquerading as contemporary ‘Art’?

A painting, depicting a decapitated President Donald Trump, riding full-bore on a pale horse supposedly stressing the importance of “protecting even objectionable artistic expression”.  That’s what!

Fox News Takes Sharp Left Turn

By Judi McLeod

Now that the Murdochs have liberated-by-liberalizing Fox News, welcome to living in Dry Gulch, USA.

“Visiting the quaint Old West community of Dry Gulch, Jimmy quickly runs afoul of town bully Gunnar Flinch, who has an eye for Lois. Not necessarily a job for Superman, who nonetheless provides a still timely lesson on bullying.”

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Culture of Contempt

The Atlantic’s May cover features Alec Baldwin covered in orange makeup holding up a Trump wig. The cover asks, “Can Satire Save the Republic?” What is satire saving the Republic from? Republicans. While making America safe for Socialism.

Florida’s Constitution Should Not Include Abortion

JACKSONVILLE, FL - Liberty Counsel’s Assistant Vice President of Legal Affairs, Roger Gannam, will testify and present a brief today at the public meeting of the Florida Constitution Revision Commission (CRC), urging amendment of article I, sec. 23 of the Florida Constitution to clarify that it does not include a right to abortion.

United Nations must trash false information on Arab-Jewish conflict

The United Nations Study titled “The Origins and Evolution of the Palestine Problem: 1917-1988” (“Study”) has coughed up yet another piece of false information following that exposed in my last article - which indicates increasingly that the United Nations has been complicit in disseminating false information on the Arab-Jewish conflict for almost the last forty years.

Longer-lasting pain relief with Metal-organic frameworks

To treat headaches, back pain or fever, most of us have reached for ibuprofen at one point or another. But we often have to take doses every four to six hours if the pain warrants it. Now scientists are working on a way to package the commonly used drug so it can last longer. Their approach, reported in ACS’ journal Molecular Pharmaceutics, could also be used to deliver other drugs orally that currently can only be taken intravenously.

Synthetic two-sided gecko’s foot could enable underwater robotics

Geckos are well known for effortlessly scrambling up walls and upside down across ceilings. Even in slippery rain forests, the lizards maintain their grip. Now scientists have created a double-sided adhesive that copies this reversible ability to stick and unstick to surfaces even in wet conditions. They say their development, reported in ACS’ Journal of Physical Chemistry C, could be useful in underwater robotics, sensors and other bionic devices.

While firing 100 sports-related employees, ESPN runs ‘Five poets on the new feminism’

On Monday, ESPN announced it would be firing a gaggle of writers, on-air talent, and radio personalities. As subscribers and ratings decline, the former sports network has been forced (repeatedly) to trim its stable of on-air talent, writers, and radio personalities. Initially they claimed 40-50 jobs would get the axe. Yesterday, we learned ESPN’s employee bloodbath would involve over 100 people.

The United States Attack in Syria: A Change in Europe-Trump Relations?

By INSS -- Oded Eran, Yotam Rosner -- World

The United States attack on the al-Shuayrat airport in Syria was met enthusiastically by a substantial portion of countries in Europe, including Britain, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, and Malta. Even Germany, which for years has objected to military intervention in international conflicts, expressed support, with German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel saying that the attack was in conformity with international law. In addition, senior European Union representatives, such as European Council President Donald Tusk and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, welcomed the action. Middle East states, including Israel, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, likewise said that they saw the event in a positive light.


Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter were banned from UC Berkeley as speakers.  I was just banned from Powerhouse Bookstore in Brooklyn.

It’s sad that ever since the advent of Obama that the country has become so divisive and fractional.

I was supposed to read from my book,  “The King of White Collar Boxing” at Powerhouse Bookstore in Brooklyn.

Colleges produce SJWs at the expense of common sense and the nation

Social justice wish lists have grown over the years by adding the impossible: reparations for slavery, controlling CO2 levels, eradicating offensive speech, selective homicide and regulating thought in general. Advocates of these causes have ramped-up assaults on anyone who disagrees. Flooding college campuses and spilling onto surrounding streets, their disruptions signal the disintegrating state of what we refer to as education.

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