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Megan Barth is the founder and proprietor of, a nationally recognized political commentator and woman’s advocate. She has appeared on NewsMax TV, One America News Network, America Trends with Dr. Gina, The Blaze Radio, and has regular weekly appearances on a variety of nationally syndicated radio shows.

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Progressives and Jihadists: A Multicultural Matrimony of Cultural Genocide Wedded in Blood

May 26, 2017 — Megan Barth

Assimilation is a crime against humanity…There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam, and that’s it…The mosques are our barracks, the minarets our bayonets, the cupolas our helmets, and the faithful our soldiers. -- Tyyip Erdogan, President of Turkey, 2008

The progressive altar of multiculturalism and diversity was bloodied yet again with the lives of the innocent.  Many young girls, one as young as eight, were savagely murdered by a 22-year-old Islamic suicide-bombing loser who detonated a bomb full of nails, bolts and other shrapnel. Twenty-two innocent people murdered, families obliterated, dozens maimed and scarred for life by, yet again, another Muslim male.

Fixing Dodd-Frank From the Bottom Up

May 12, 2017 — Megan Barth

The fact that the House managed to cobble together the votes needed to pass Obamacare repeal should be a lesson to the House Leadership, which has for too long attempted to legislate from the top down. By giving conservatives like Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) a seat at the table, they managed to pass a bill that many in the media were already pronouncing dead.  It is a lesson that did not escape House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX).

Hensarling is stewarding the passage of Dodd-Frank reform legislation in the House.  He crafted a true conservative reform bill that will create jobs, lift job-killing red-tape, and help get our economy moving again. 

Recent history has demonstrated that for conservatives to achieve victory, the House must pass the most conservative, free market bill possible, knowing that the Senate will surely water the measure down. It does little good to water down a bill in the House only to see it further weakened by the upper chamber.  Hensarling, perhaps more so than any other Chairman in the House, understands how the game is played.

Big Government “Off-Sets” Will Stymie the Reagan Revival

Apr 3, 2017 — Megan Barth

Obamacare repeal was supposed to be an easy lift. For seven years, every Republican in Washington pledged to repeal and replace the law that has greatly damaged our health care system.  Yet when it was time for a vote, political and legislative realities hit them in the face.  Enacting legislation, even when in the majority, is never easy.  While the GOP is pledging to revisit the issue, others are now shifting their attention to tax reform.

Newsflash:  Tax reform won’t be easy either.  And if some members of the Republican Party demand a “revenue neutral” budget plan or significant “offsets,” the bill may be doomed from the start.

Let’s remember, the most successful tax cuts in American history – the Reagan tax cuts of 1981 – were not offset and were certainly not revenue neutral – at least in the way that bureaucrats do the counting.

Musk misses the earmark on Mars Colonization

Mar 25, 2017 — Megan Barth

Elon Musk has hit back at claims that President Donald Trump’s new NASA bill will be good for his space exploration business, saying it does nothing to get SpaceX’s mission to Mars off the ground.  Musk also claims the new funding will not provide a boost to his aims of making commercial travel to Mars a reality for the public.

The S.442 funding bill, signed by President Trump, is the first of its kind to pass through Congress in six years and will help facilitate NASA’s deep space exploration projects and promote private-public partnerships, job creation, “achieving human exploration of Mars and beyond,” and legally commits NASA to draft plans that could get a “crewed mission to Mars in the 2030s.”

ITIN: The Massive Tax Loophole Allowing Illegal Aliens to Defraud American Citizens

Feb 28, 2017 — Megan Barth

In 1996, the IRS began issuing a new type of tax identification number, the Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). ITINs are assigned to U.S. taxpayers, predominately illegal aliens and their dependents, who are not eligible to obtain a Social Security number.  The primary purpose of ITIN’s was to capture the previously untapped source of new federal tax revenue from undocumented workers.

  • According to the National Immigration Law Center, the most recent information (August 2012) indicated that there had been 21 million ITINs assigned to taxpayers and their dependents by the IRS. 
  • ITINs assigned to illegal alien dependents from Mexico do NOT have to prove that they have ever set foot in the U.S., let alone that they are in the U.S. at the time of application. 
  • Over 9 years and up to 2010, the IRS paid over $14.2 billion of American tax dollars in refunds to illegal aliens, for alleged dependents from whom no identification or residency documents were obtained, and from whom they received $0 in tax revenue.

Making Made in America Great Again

Feb 16, 2017 — Megan Barth

“As Factory Jobs Disappear, Ohio Town Has Few Options.”

That headline from the New York Times has become an all-too-familiar staple of American journalism, a bitter reminder of how globalization has decimated the manufacturing sector in America’s heartland.

Ohio alone lost 160,000 manufacturing jobs over a three-year period, thanks largely to low-cost imports. The Times story describes the heartache this economic upheaval sent through the city of Canton, shuttering factories, spurring hundreds of layoffs and forcing local businesses to declare bankruptcy. One 54-year-old woman who lost her job at a local steel mill told the Times, “We don’t have too much light at the end of the tunnel.”

Conservative Groups Push for repeal of Crony Durbin Amendment

Feb 14, 2017 — Megan Barth

The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, I’m from the government and I’m here to help.Ronald Reagan

The other two words that are most terrifying are Dick Durbin…at least to consumers, small businesses and small financial institutions.

The Fix Was Control

Passed as part of the Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation in 2010, an amendment inserted into the bill by Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin required the Federal Reserve to set prices on fees charged to retailers for debit card processing—establishing price caps on debit interchange fees.  The move was the culmination of a lobbying campaign championed by Fortune 500 companies like WalMart.  They claimed that a reduction in these fees would be passed along to consumer in the form of lower prices.  That, of course, never happened.. A study from the George Mason University law school determined that retail prices didn’t drop after the law passed.

Grassroots Conservatives to Congress and the President—Don’t Raise the Cost of Investment

Jan 31, 2017 — Megan Barth

Margaret Thatcher reminded us that one of the problems with socialism is you “eventually run out of other people’s money,” but that doesn’t stop liberals like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) from finding more sources.  His latest crusade is an effort to increase taxes on investment income – namely carried interest capital gains.

For several years Schumer opposed increasing capital gains on carried interest, but now, after declaring he will work with President Trump when he “abandons” his party, is hoping to raise taxes.  He cited an increase in taxes, particularly on carried interest, as an area where he is willing to work with the president.

Elon Musk and Donald Trump: Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

Jan 19, 2017 — Megan Barth

Trump doesn’t seem to be the right guy. He doesn’t have the sort of character that reflects well on the United States. Elon Musk

President-elect Donald Trump has put together a strong list of appointees to serve in his new administration.  Many of his appointees have been his longest and most loyal supporters of his candidacy and his vision to “Make America Great Again,” which makes his appointment of Elon Musk to a corporate advisory panel surprising and worthy of scrutiny.

Here’s How Trump’s HHS Pick Will Change Obamacare

Dec 6, 2016 — Megan Barth

Conservatives who viewed the insurgent candidacy of New York businessman Donald Trump with suspicion have been relieved at the speed and quality of his selections to fill his cabinet.  Perhaps most comforting was the recent choice of Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) to head the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

A pillar of Trump’s campaign was his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare and Dr. Price has been Congress’ leader in this effort.  Price drafted legislation in 2014 to replace the law. The Washington Post described how Price’s measure differed from the command and control aspects of Obamacare:

Cronyism in Space?

Nov 24, 2016 — Megan Barth

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” was the phrase that defined a historic event—a global, scientific breakthrough which defined American ingenuity and exceptionalism.  A generation of innovators, explorers, and scientists were inspired by this new world which had opened because of the ingenuity and talent responsible for completing NASA’s core mission: deep space exploration, aeronautics and science.

However, deep space exploration of this new world has not been fully funded by the Obama Administration as funds for these programs have been slashed and diverted to the Earth Science Mission Directorate.

Lame Duck Congress Should Stand for Privacy Rights

Nov 19, 2016 — Megan Barth

As America begins the peaceful transition of power from President Obama to President-elect Trump, we have the opportunity to reevaluate the direction and focus of our country. But during the next two months, the retained Republican majority in both Houses of Congress has the chance to be more than just a lame-duck Congress waiting for January to roll around.

Obama’s Plan to Kill the Loan Industry

Oct 26, 2016 — Megan Barth

This month, liberal bureaucrats have continued to prove that they are out of touch with the reality that average Americans are forced to face each day.

Those who lean left believe that the purpose of government is to shelter the citizenry from self-inflicted harm. The problem is that, more times than not, their assessments are dead wrong.

Case in point: the left’s recent assault on the short-term lending industry.

Recently, officials from seven states and the District of Columbia sent a letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, urging the body to tighten the proposed rules related to short-term loans.

The Voting System is Rigged—Part Two:

Aug 18, 2016 — Megan Barth

Voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and we have a moral obligation to ensure the integrity of our voting process. Hillary Clinton

Morality and integrity are not two adjectives used by informed, objective voters to describe Hillary Clinton, and her hypocrisy is hard to measure.  But what can be measured is the amount of fraud and deceptive practices the Democratic National Committee used, as uncovered by Wikileaks, to rig the 2016 primary election.  In part one of this series, Katy Grimes exposed how the California primary was rigged to disenfranchise many Democrat, Independent and Republican voters in order to secure a win for Hillary Clinton.  The Arizona secretary of State, Michele Reagan, confirmed that voter fraud occurred during the AZ primary, potentially impacting millions of voters. In Brooklyn NY, 126,000 voters were purged from the voter rolls, and election corruption has become a well-documented standard in Illinois.

Which begs the question: If the DNC was willing and able to rig a primary election, what would prevent them from doing the same in a national election—-especially in the battleground states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin?

A DNC Khan Job to Keep the People Ignorant

Aug 4, 2016 — Megan Barth

While the main stream media has been proven to be the campaign mouthpiece for the DNC…oh, wait.  Forgive me.  Have you forgotten about the #DNCLeaks from Julian Assange? The leaks that exposed the press for colluding with the DNC and the DNC rigging the primary election to secure the nomination for Hillary?

Here are a some of the leaks that remain underreported/ignored by the media: