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Father Paul Nicholson is a Mission Preacher for the New Evangelization.FatherPaulNicholson.com

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Fr. Longenecker’s Limited Representation Of Christian Leadership

Sep 23, 2014 — Father Paul Nicholson

Father Paul Nicholson

I am presently on a ranch in Arizona, which has a veritable cornucopia of personalities. The animals here, are reflective of the owner’s interests: a peacock, two goats, two turkeys, four chickens, one rooster, a donkey, three horses, six dogs, and a miniature pony. The atmosphere is rollicking with entertaining antics.

Immigration and Charity

Aug 19, 2014 — Father Paul Nicholson

State has a responsibility to protect its own citizens.

Love for the Clergy - V - Detroit, Michigan

Mar 20, 2014 — Father Paul Nicholson

On the solemnity of St. Joseph, I had the joy of having breakfast with a priest friend today.  We don’t often get together to rejoice, since my travel makes it difficult.  He is a very good young priest who is a wonderful example of conscientious dedication.  I reserve the right not to name him, since his pastoral appointment isn’t an easy one.  He deserves a prayer, fair and gentle reader.  He invited me to one of those delicious American eateries that load your plate until it is hidden by food and swimming in gravy.  What a feast for St. Joseph!

Cowboy Up!

Feb 26, 2014 — Father Paul Nicholson

Mass Communication

Feb 12, 2014 — Father Paul Nicholson

After driving all day through what can only be called historic glaciers and icebergs of southern Ontario, and Michigan, I was struck by a science-fiction-looking-thing against the arctic landscape.