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The Strange Tale of Green House Gas Gang and Motive Force for All Climate Change are both posted at along with a complete series of articles on the Geo-nuclear climate forcing theory.

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Housebreaking Your New Euro-Snob

Jan 1, 2011 — Joseph A Olson, PE

Americans are well aware of the requirements for the proper care and feeding of Europeans.  For centuries we have few and sheltered their excess population, nourished their famine victims and finished their wars for them.  Always with the same result, the nose we’ve just straightened is now perfect for them to use when they look down upon us.  What happens on a national level repeats on a personal level.

Wonky Wheels Now Off the Warmist Ox Cart

Dec 31, 2010 — Joseph A Olson, PE

No matter how hard these neutered steers pull on their yoke, there’s no denying that warmist views are a cruel joke.  There is no question that Climatology has operated with a scientific blind spot for decades.  Under normal circumstances this would have been resolved through debate with the wider scientific community.

The Vacuum Under the Soetoro Sombrero

Dec 28, 2010 — Joseph A Olson, PE

The problem with being a ‘useful idiot’ is that when you are no longer useful, you are no longer just an idiot.  When a useful idiot no longer controls his niche political market, he becomes an expendable USELESS IDIOT.  For Barry Soetoro this metamorphosis happened far faster than any of his supporters anticipated.

Warmist Monk Immolates at the AGU Temple

Dec 23, 2010 — Joseph A Olson, PE

On Sept 1, 2010 a warmist disciple entered the Discovery Channel Temple armed with two starter pistols and a faux bomb.  Minutes later he was a human sacrifice to the disturbed green loony cause.  On December 15, 2010 a warmist monk entered the American Geophysical Union annual meeting and immolated before that gathering.

When Brains Are Outlawed….Only Outlaws Will Have Brains

Dec 15, 2010 — Joseph A Olson, PE

It is perfectly acceptable to call a pizza with all the toppings ‘Supreme’.  There’s no problem calling Diana Ross and her Motown backup group Supreme.  But it strains credulity to put black robes on nine lawyers and declare them ‘Supreme’ over all science.  For every member of our nation’s Supreme Court is in fact, a scientific illiterate.

Basking in the Cancun Sewer

Dec 9, 2010 — Joseph A Olson, PE

Perhaps you are a United Nations delegate, leaving what will be the FINAL Conference of Parties, the COP16, concluding now in Cancun, Mexico.  As you pack away your ‘party’ clothes you have more than the usual end of holiday malaise.  You depart the Mayan Rivera in worse shape than any other Rivera visit you can recall.

Carbon Warfare Rules of Engagement

Dec 8, 2010 — Joseph A Olson, PE

One cannot dismiss the claim that greenies have a warlike mentality concerning carbon energy use as hyperbole, when their own websites proclaim war.  Yes, a flamboyant billionaire, AIG and Goldman-Sachs protégées, a green energy investor and a European lotto mogul have combined forces to promote their green energy investments by government mandate.

All Naked Chickens Step Between These Boots

Nov 28, 2010 — Joseph A Olson, PE

When Joseph Stalin first consolidated his grip on the Russian military he was still faced with a large defiant population.  This dictator gathered his generals in a room and explained his plans for total control of the still proud Russian people.  After explaining, several generals who were brave enough to question this totalitarian, asked how the military was going to force submission.

Ruled by Master Extortionists

Nov 24, 2010 — Joseph A Olson, PE

imageIf you are not the lead dog pulling a dog sled, then the view never changes.  And so it is with society, those on the leading edge of thought, power and finance have a far better view of the full horizon.  As a lead dog with plenty of thought, but no power or finance, it is disturbing for me to see where the ‘musher’ is leading us.

Engineers are trained to study systems and then optimize them for safety and efficiency.  Engineering is applied science, so all recommendations should be scientifically correct.  With a career including structural, mechanical, electrical, process, automotive and transportation, my background provided unique insights into a range of science issues.

It is Easier to be Critical than Correct

Nov 23, 2010 — Joseph A Olson, PE

In the case of Climatology, you must be critical in order to be correct.  With the notable exception of the Dr Josef Mengele School of Medicine, there has been no greater failure of science in all of history than the global warming fraud.  And Mengele may be given more credit than he deserves.

Who’s Blood’s On Who

Nov 21, 2010 — Joseph A Olson, PE

The idle mind is the devils workshop and there can be no more idle minds or greater workshop for evil than the world’s elite.  For centuries they have amassed ill-gotten gains in property and power, always with the goal of complete control.  To control everything, you must first control the minds of the masses.

No Fool Like A New World Order TOOL

Nov 17, 2010 — Joseph A Olson, PE

imageEven OLD fools pale in comparison to those with genuine scientific training who ignore debate and endorse dogma in its place.  Only the most self deceptive of fools can allow themselves to be a tool of these NWO ghouls. Climatology is the shadiest branch of science, fattened with excessive government green monies and devoid of knowledge or conscience.

It is well past time that all those with genuine science training take an objective look at all the preposterous claims of human caused climate change and publicly reject this sham science.  Carbon dioxide is neither a toxin nor a climate factor.  Given unlimited budget and every chemical compound on the planet as a possible fire suppression system for the Shuttle and Space Station, NASA chose carbon dioxide.

The Proxy Crock Memos

Nov 9, 2010 — Joseph A Olson, PE

Occasionally, in the course of protracted battles, the combatants pause for a moment and reflect on their common humanity.  They can meet unarmed on the field of battle to share laughter and a glimpse of life beyond the present conflict. These are just a brief interlude from the daily debauchery of warfare.  And so it was last week in my interlude from the daily climate war.

Amazing !  New ! Wrongco’s Proxy Crock ! ! !

Nov 6, 2010 — Joseph A Olson, PE

imagePerhaps you are a traditional scientists, stuck in the lab gathering data the old fashioned way, envious of those high flying Climatologists.  The ones who seem to cook their numbers with such ease.  While they earn green beatification, you sit green with envy, wishing you had such success.  Well, wish NO MORE ! ! ! 

With the amazing, new WRONGCO PROXY CROCK you can cook your numbers with ease.

One-eyed Clima-clops Just Won’t Stop

Nov 5, 2010 — Joseph A Olson, PE

For two decades now, traditional science has been menaced by an overfunded, myopic monster named Climatology.  This most recent member of the science club has never bothered to learn the club ‘rules’ and when confronted with puzzling data has chosen to create their own rules.