Ontario Landowners Association

The Ontario Landowners Association shall defend and promote the principal of strong local governments, democracy, and natural justice and represent the interests of the rural community.

For Rural Ontario to survive, Property Rights and judicial reform must be enshrined into law at all three levels of Government, these being; Federal, Provincial, and Municipal.

Rural Ontario is under systematic attack by government bureaucracy and false environmentalism.

The Ontario Landowners have and will continue to expose and meet these threats with determination and resolve in the court of public opinion.

Most Recent Articles by Ontario Landowners Association:

MNR’s Continuing Witch Hunt

Jun 11, 2013 — Ontario Landowners Association

Anthony Scissons, a Dunrobin sheep farmer will be making his second court appearance on Thursday, June 13 at 1:30 PM in room 102, 100 Constellation Crescent, Ottawa, ON – and a large number of supporters plan on being there with him.  Mr. Scissons faces six charges levied by Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) under the Ontario Food Safety and Quality Act and Regulation 31/05(Meat).

MNR Strikes Again!  Still Spying on Farmers

Mar 25, 2013 — Ontario Landowners Association

They don’t learn, they just don’t learn.  On March 20th of this past week, MNR served Anthony Scissons, a sheep farmer from rural Ottawa, with a summons listing six charges under the Ontario Food Safety and Quality Act relating to the slaughter of lambs on his farm during the 2012 Muslim celebration of Eid.

Guilty? In a Pig’s Eye—Act 2

Dec 6, 2011 — Ontario Landowners Association

When Mark Tijssen arrived home from work this afternoon, there was a surprise waiting for him in a courier envelope.  With no reason given, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources will be raising a motion in Ottawa’s Elgin Street courthouse at 09:00 on December 6, 2011 to withdraw all charges against the army major.  Too bad he can’t be there - Tijssen is on duty in Kingston the rest of this week.

Guilty? In a Pig’s Eye

Dec 5, 2011 — Ontario Landowners Association

The tale of a Canadian army major and 40lbs of pork continues…….but has taken an uncomfortable twist.

MPAC…Its Creation and Its Conflict

May 19, 2011 — Ontario Landowners Association

E.F. Marshall, Chair of Research
o.b.o. Research Team
Ontario Landowners Association
Tom Black, President
Ontario Landowners Association
May, 2011

During the Harris era, in Ontario, the Ontario Property Assessment Corporation was created to be a corporation that would provide assessment services to the Municipalities as a separate entity from all levels of government. This Corporation was to be funded by the Municipalities eliminating provincial responsibility and eliminating the costs to the provincial government. It was legislated into life in 1997 to answer recommendations created by bureaucratic planning, in government, on how to consolidate and create an arms length assessment process. It was promoted as a Corporation that would present “fair market value” assessments to the people of Ontario.

Crown Land Patent Grants and Your Property Rights!

Apr 9, 2011 — Ontario Landowners Association

On Saturday April 16, 2011, at 1:00 PM at the Carleton Place Arena, 75 Neelin St., the Lanark Landowners Association is presenting an afternoon of questions and answers with Liz Marshall of the Ontario Landowners Association, Canada’s leading expert on Crown Land Patent Grants. You may have already heard Liz interviewed recently on CFRA Radio in Ottawa.

The OLA Praises Hillier and Reid for Property Resolution

Feb 24, 2011 — Ontario Landowners Association

(February 24, 2011) The Ontario Landowners Association today applauded MLA Randy Hillier and MP Scott Reid for taking a strong stand to protect private property rights in Canada.

Wind Power: a lot of hot air

Feb 23, 2011 — Ontario Landowners Association

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty may back off on plans to construct offshore wind turbines. The Ontario Landowners Association says he should also back off on plans to build wind turbines in rural areas. Here’s ten reasons why wind turbines are a bad idea. For more see this study, Why Wind Won’t Work.

Ontario Landowners Association (OLA) applauds victory for land owners

Feb 14, 2011 — Ontario Landowners Association

The Ontario Landowners Association today praised the Jaworski family for winning a key victory for the rights of land owners.

Ontario Parties could learn from Alberta

Jan 18, 2011 — Ontario Landowners Association

Ontario’s political parties should follow the lead of Alberta’s Wildrose Alliance Party, says the head of the Ontario Landowners Association.

Ontario Landowners Association News Release

Jan 5, 2011 — Ontario Landowners Association

Mr. Tim Hudak, MPP
Leader of the Official Opposition
Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario
Room 416, Main Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1A8

Dear Mr. Hudak:

Recently Progressive Conservative MPP Norm Sterling, as well as an unnamed “senior Tory”, have been quoted in media reports casting aspersions on the Ontario Landowners Association.

OLA Releases Five Outrageous Examples of Government infringing on property rights

Dec 29, 2010 — Ontario Landowners Association

Governments at all levels are infringing on the rights of citizens to own and enjoy their own property. Unfortunately, it’s a situation that’s getting worse. Here from the Ontario Landowners Association are five examples of citizens who are fighting back!

We stand for ideas, not political labels

Dec 6, 2010 — Ontario Landowners Association

Progressive Conservative MPP Norm Sterling should stop dragging the Ontario Landowners Association into his political battles, says the group’s president. “Mr. Sterling should understand that the OLA is a non-partisan group that is dedicating to protecting property rights,” says Deb Madill. “We are not a political party. We care about ideas not party labels.”

Do we have the right to consume food of our choosing?

Nov 20, 2010 — Ontario Landowners Association

On Tuesday November 23, 2010 at 1:30 PM, Mark Tijssen will be back in an Ottawa courtroom at Provincial Court of Justice, 100 Constellation Crescent in Ottawa accompanied again by Michael Schmidt.  Tijssen is the Carlsbad Springs man charged with four counts under the Ontario Food Safety and Quality Act for slaughtering a pig and sharing the meat with a friend in November of 2009.  Schmidt is the Durham, Ontario dairy farmer, famous for having defeated 19 counts relating to the sale of raw milk last January.  The common goals of food choice and freedom from oppressive laws that limit that choice have brought these two men together.  Both are members of the Ontario Landowners Association which has a history of defending fundamental and property rights.

OLA to make its voice heard at Queen’s Park Debate

Nov 10, 2010 — Ontario Landowners Association

The Ontario Landowners Associations (OLA) will make its voice heard at Queen’s Park on November 18th when legislators debate a resolution on the undemocratic powers of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. (OSPCA)