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Star Parker is president of the [url=]Coalition on Urban Renewal & Education[/url] and author of the new book [url=]White Ghetto: How Middle Class America Reflects Inner City Decay[/url]. Star Parker can be reached at [[email protected][email protected]][email protected][/email]

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This happened to me in Texas

Mar 1, 2012 — Star Parker

Police escorted me across campus to protect me from radical black liberals who came out to protest my speech at Texas A&M University the other night. Sadly, these are the next generation of black leaders, the indoctrinated supporters of Obama.

No thanks to government health care plantation

May 26, 2009 — Star Parker

Four Republicans—Senators Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and Richard Burr of North Carolina along with Congressmen Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Devin Nunes of California—have fired the first salvo in the great health care reform debate.

Moral relativism and Obama at Notre Dame

May 18, 2009 — Star Parker

In a letter to the 2009 graduating class of Notre Dame, Father John Jenkins, the university’s president, explains why he is “proud” to have President Barack Obama speak and be honored at his university.

Obama’s middle east policy shows change in values

Apr 28, 2009 — Star Parker

Barack Obama’s obvious comfort level with leaders of un-free countries shouldn’t surprise anyone. He is not only our first black president. He is also our first president who doesn’t like the free country he was elected to lead and feels his job is to change it.

Embracing our future by ignoring our past

Apr 7, 2009 — Star Parker

The Congressional Budget Office, the economic forecasting arm of the Congress, now reports that the Social Security trust fund is almost in the red. They project that the fund’s surplus next year will be a scant $3 billion.

Gospel of dependence from National Urban League

Apr 1, 2009 — Star Parker

The National Urban League has just issued its annual State of Black America report. It provides a troubling statistical snapshot of where blacks stand today in our country.

Time for Steele to go as RNC chair

Mar 17, 2009 — Star Parker

This is not a time when we can muddle through with a leader who is not sure who he is, who is not clear about the principles of his party, and who is not consumed with the importance of the cultural war that we now confront

The missing Black-GOP conversation

Mar 10, 2009 — Star Parker

- Star Parker and Ken Blackwell

Attorney General Eric Holder recently called for a more frank national conversation on race. We agree - because the lack of it helps explain why black voters vote monolithically for Democrats, despite compelling evidence that Democratic Party policies have profoundly damaged America’s black communities.