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Mr. Rich is a self-described liberal with common sense and an open mind.

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Trump Showed Himself to Be More Responsible Than the Politicians on Both Sides of the Aisle

Mar 27, 2017 — Ron A. Y. Rich

The simpletons who are gloating that the rejection of the Health Care Repeal and Replace legislation shows that Trump is no longer a master at the Art of the Deal seem to overlook one simple fact. Every deal with a chance of closing has to have two parties with open minds who WANT a deal. Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton got things done because they had negotiating partners. The Democrats until the end refused to even consider a deal on the Trump-Ryan health care repeal and replace bill, which required the Republicans to come up with something close to unanimity in order to close the deal. It is easier to be unanimous against than in favor.

Obama Actually Committed More Religious Discrimination than Any That Trump Is Accused of

Jan 31, 2017 — Ron A. Y. Rich

Any intellectually honest people who care about immigration should be far more upset with President Obama’s immigration policies than President Trump’s

Syrian Christians constitute 10% of the Arabs in Syria, yet during the Obama administration, they constituted from .5% to 1% of the refugees permitted to escape into America from Syria. It is patently obvious that Christians face far greater persecution in Syria and other Arab countries than Muslims, so the statistic described above demonstrates clear discrimination against Christians by the Obama administration, based 100% on religion and 0% on counter-terrorism.  If anything, Christians are less likely than Muslims to be members of ISIS or Muslim fundamentalists or terrorists.

Response to Claim That More Women Protested Than People Attended Inauguration

Jan 23, 2017 — Ron A. Y. Rich

Once again, even most Trump supporters have failed to adequately defend him on almost every major issue, leaving it to me to do so once again (also see the series of my articles along the way, by checking the archives section by author first name, in Canada Free Press). There are two categories of responses to the claim that more women, maybe even double the number, attended the women’s protests, than people who attended the inauguration. The first category of responses deals with the claim itself, and the second category of responses deals with the analysis that should take place even if the claim is accurate.

Trump Opposite of Hitler—More so than virtually anyone else

Nov 14, 2016 — Ron A. Y. Rich

Some otherwise intelligent and rational people continue to compare Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler even after the American people have elected Donald Trump to serve as their President.

Love him or hate him, we Americans will now have to learn to understand him.

When Trump was a candidate, many people claimed he does not represent “who we are,” but now that he is our president-elect, the focus should be on “who he is” and “who will he be” as president.

Trump’s Miraculous Election Victory: Against the Odds, the factions, the cards stacked against

Nov 12, 2016 — Ron A. Y. Rich

Whether or not you believe in God—or in Trump—and whether or not you believe that the recent U.S. Presidential election was good—or bad—every objective observer will have to concede that Donald Trump’s shocking victory had all of the features of the most miraculous event in the lifetime of every living human being on our planet.

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States over a corrupt, pro-socialist, pro-Obama-Iran deal, and therefore in effect pro-terrorist Hillary Clinton was counter-intuitive even to Trump’s supporters as well as to his detractors.

It was a true miracle in our time, to overcome so many forces of evil and hypocrisy.

Snopes, Politifact, & Other Fact Checkers are Liberal Mouthpieces

Nov 7, 2016 — Ron A. Y. Rich

The “fact checkers” claim that Trump lied and continues to lie significantly more than Hillary did and does. The flaws in their bogus “statistics” are that more of Hillary’s lies are intentional and significant, whereas more of Trump’s “lies” are actually exaggerations or witticisms taken out of context, and misrepresentations by the media and other Hillary supporters (not by Trump) when intentionally misquoting or distorting what Trump has actually said.

The most often cited fact checkers are not in fact objective, as, for example, Snopes and Politico.

Trump Analysis – Fact Check the Fact Checkers

Oct 24, 2016 — Ron A. Y. Rich

Donald Trump would win by a landslide if only honest fact checkers would prevail over the dishonest fact checkers, or, to be charitable, if only the honest fact checkers would prevail over the naïve and/or incompetent fact checkers. The miracle of Trump is to be competitive despite being openly opposed by, above all,

  1. Most members of the media,
  2. Most of the fact checkers selected by most members of the media,
  3. Most of the debate moderators, as well as, to a lesser extent,
  4. Trump’s actual opponent, and
  5. Members of the establishments in the Republican and Democratic parties.

Proposed Strategy for Trump Even If the Ironies Will Go Over People’s Heads

Oct 21, 2016 — Ron A. Y. Rich

Trump may have inadvertently hurt his cause by saying too much, from time to time, and not always in a politically incorrect way (deemed politically correct by most people),  but one 4-letter word he has hardly ever used is “even” followed by the 2-letter word “if.” If used properly, and in enough contexts, these two words, “even if,” have the potential to even the score or to catapult Trump over the top.

Denying that Trump improperly touched a number of women some years ago when a private citizen (unlike Bill Clinton who clearly did so when he was an attorney general and a president) is counterproductive since, even in the best case scenario, taking Trump at his word, he may not have improperly touched SOME of the women who made their claims, and possibly did touch some but forgot. What Trump must subtly – or overtly – clarify is that EVEN IF he may have improperly touched some or even all of the women, he generally treats women well; women generally get good jobs and good benefits at his companies, more of them get high-ranking jobs at his construction companies than other women at virtually all other construction companies, and these ACTIONS are more important to most women than the possibility that he may have improperly touched maybe one in a thousand young women he came across.

Trump Better Than Clintons re Women

Oct 10, 2016 — Ron A. Y. Rich

Donald Trump can easily convince most objective observers of both parties that what he has said and done in relation to women on a personal level is not as objectionable as what Bill and Hillary Clinton have said and done in relation to women on a personal level.

Although it is true that Trump is not running against Bill but against Hillary, what Bill said and did as president is relevant since Trump is running for the office once occupied by Bill, who set the bar for presidential relationships with women lower than any other president (with possible competition from Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy before the advent of the Internet). If not one Democrat in the House of Representatives voted to impeach Bill Clinton, after his deeds—and misdeeds—became common knowledge, including his having lied under oath, is it not hypocritical for all the Democrats, and even some Republicans, not to mention much of the media, to hound Trump for what he said and did without his having been in public office and without lying about it?

Liberals Should Now Be for Trump

Oct 6, 2016 — Ron A. Y. Rich

Liberals who have the intellectual honesty to ascertain what Donald Trump has actually said on the issues, without the media’s spin, cannot help but support Trump especially on Taxes, Women, and Muslim issues.

Regarding taxes

Trump’s position on his taxes can be analyzed in a variety of ways, and he comes out as preferable for true and honest liberals, or at least comparable to the alternative.

First of all, a poor entrepreneur pays no taxes if he loses more money than he makes in any given year just as the richest entrepreneur pays no taxes in such circumstances. This is absolutely no indication of a bias on behalf of rich people, and to say so or to insinuate this is dishonest or disingenuous at best.

Khan Owes Apologies to Trump, the Military, and the Country

Aug 9, 2016 — Ron A. Y. Rich

Khizr Khan, the father of the war hero, owes apologies to Donald Trump, to the American military, and to the American people, far more than Trump owes apologies to Khan. This article expands on what the African-American neuroscientist Ben Carson said on CNN, as published in Mediaite

Carson pointed out that Khan slandered Trump, but Carson didn’t elaborate. This article elaborates and supplements what Carson said.

The Press and the Dems Covering Up Trump’s Being for and Not against Peace-Loving Muslims

Jul 30, 2016 — Ron A. Y. Rich

If there has been a more significant cover-up recently than Hillary’s emails and the Democratic National Committee’s emails revealing the bigotry of many leading Democrats, it is the cover-up of the fact that Donald J. Trump has demonstrated he is not only not anti-Muslim, and not only pro-peaceful Muslim, but more pro-peaceful Muslim than all the leading leftists, liberals, and Democrats.

Donald Trump never said he was opposed to all Muslims; to the contrary, he made it clear from the outset of his presidential campaign that he was opposed only to those Muslims intent on killing all “infidels” (meaning all non-Muslims). Therefore, he originally proposed a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country until America figures out how to vet incoming Muslims in a way that would prevent the anti-non-Muslim Muslims from entering the country. A person who applies a tourniquet to a person wounded in an extremity in order to save the person’s life is not anti that person; rather, the person who applies the tourniquet to such a wounded person is his greatest benefactor.

U.S. Secret Service & World Media Liable; Not Trump & Israeli Shooter of Terrorist

Mar 31, 2016 — Ron A. Y. Rich

Americans, Israelis, and fair minded people all over the globe should be outraged at the U.S. Secret Service and the mainstream media, not at Donald Trump in America or the Israeli medic who shot the terrorist in Israel.

In America, it has already been established that the Secret Service failed to prevent the reporter Michelle Fields from reaching and even touching the Republican frontrunner for the presidency of the United States. So the Secret Service should be condemned, and Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, should be hailed as a hero for reaching Fields where the Secret Service failed and by effectively preventing her from being in a position to potentially assault the candidate by Corey’s restraint in grabbing and diverting her arm rather than tackling her or using a weapon to stop her.