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Stephen Chandega is a journalist in Zimbabwe

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Mugabe takes a swipe at white people

Jul 26, 2013 — Stephen Chadenga

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has castigated white farmers, saying they never tilled the land but used blacks, hence it was not proper for them to keep on holding to the commercial farmers grabbed from them by his Zanu PF party.

Tsvangirai and Mugabe’s make or break election in Zimbabwe

Jul 25, 2013 — Stephen Chadenga

Zimbabweans will go to the ballot to choose the country’s President in six days time. The election, which has been dubbed the make or break poll for the two leaders could mark the end of political careers for either man.

Foreigners keen to invest in Zimbabwe despite bad politics

Apr 4, 2012 — Stephen Chadenga

Zimbabwe-Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai and leader of the Movement for Democratic Patry (MDC-T) has said that foreigners are keen to invest in the country despite the volatile political environment that has witnessed the bloodbath between supporters of the major political parties.

Zimbabwe’s 275 km walk for a tree

Dec 3, 2010 — Stephen Chadenga

Imagine Prim seated in the latest BMW model that is travelling at 140km/hr. She intends to cover a distance of 275km between two cities located in a Southern African country. Simple mathematical calculations tell you that she would reach her destination in approximately two hours. But upon accomplishing her journey, Prim complaints of fatigue.

Zimbabwe’s Roy Bennett, a free man

May 11, 2010 — Stephen Chadenga

Zimbabwe’s MDC treasurer general, Roy Bennett, walked a free man Monday after a High court judge acquitted him of treason and banditry charges.  Justice Chinembiri Bhunu ruled in favour of Bennett and said the state failed to provide enough evidence to prosecute him.  In making the ruling, Justice Bhunu said the state’s case was weakened by key state witness Peter Michael Hitschmann whom he said gave unfavorable evidence.

Bennett’s judgment postponed to May

Apr 1, 2010 — Stephen Chadenga

Zimbabwe’s MDC top man, Roy Bennett who earlier Wednesday was served with summons on new charges is to wait until May 10 for the treason judgment.

Zimbabwe’s Roy Bennett on new charges

Mar 31, 2010 — Stephen Chadenga

As Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change, Roy Bennett entered the high court Wednesday to hear the verdict on treason trial authorities here have slapped him with new charges of breaching grain trade laws.

Bennett’s judgement day set

Mar 16, 2010 — Stephen Chadenga

The ruling on whether Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) treasurer general, Roy Bennett should be acquitted or not has been set over to March 31st by High Court Judge, Justice Chinembiri Bhunu.

State witness in Zimbabwe Bennett’s trial impeached

Jan 25, 2010 — Stephen Chadenga

Zimbabwe’s high court judge Chinembiri Bhunu ruled Monday that key prosecution witness in the terrorism trial of MDC treasurer general, Roy Bennett, is a “hostile witness” and the state is “obliged” to cross examine him.