Tina Trent

Tina Trent writes about crime and policing, political radicals, social service programs, and academia. She has published several reports for America’s Survival and helped the late Larry Grathwohl release a new edition of his 1976 memoir, "Bringing Down America: An FBI Informer with the Weathermen," an account of his time infiltrating the Weather Underground.Dr. Trent received a doctorate from the Institute for Women’s Studies of Emory University, where she wrote about the devastating impact of social justice movements on criminal law under the tutelage of conservative, pro-life scholar Elizabeth Fox-Genovese.Dr. Trent spent more than a decade working in Atlanta’s worst neighborhoods, providing social services to refugees, troubled families, and crime victims. There, she witnessed the destruction of families by the poverty industry, an experience she describes as: “the reason I’m now a practicing Catholic and social conservative.”Tina lives with her husband on a farm in North Georgia. She blogs about crime and politics at tinatrent.com.

Most Recent Articles by Tina Trent:

What did Obama know about Hillary’s takeover of the DNC?

Nov 5, 2017 — Tina Trent

What did Obama know about Hillary's takeover of the DNC?An interesting but overlooked detail in the ‘Brazile Dossier’ is the revelation that Barack Obama plunged the Democratic National Committee into hitherto unheard-of debt. So, because they were trying to fix this quietly via a secret deal that gave Hillary Clinton control of party finances, Clinton, Biden and Obama all must have been in on the agreement to give away control of the DNC’s election fundraising apparatus to Hillary.

According to former interim DNC chairman Donna Brazile in Politico:

Amazon jobs or religious and political Freedom: pick one

Oct 31, 2017 — Tina Trent

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal (R) with First Lady Sandra Deal (L)
Last week, departing Georgia Governor Nathan Deal paraphrased Mark 8:36 in another missive lobbed at the Republican candidates vying for his post. What good is it to preserve religious freedom, the Republican governor mused, if one thus forfeits the chance to attract an Amazon headquarters to the city?

Deal sent his top aide, Chris Riley, to a cozy event at a Democratic watering hole to send a clear message to Republican lawmakers and candidates: do not attempt to resurrect the religious liberty bill the governor vetoed last year, or else Amazon will cross Atlanta off the list of cities to which they might bring their new $5 billion corporate headquarters.

Spitting on veterans, taking the knee

Oct 2, 2017 — Tina Trent

In the 1960s, overtly communist agitators came up with an effective strategy for dividing Americans: they attacked veterans returning from the Vietnam War. They mercilessly targeted men who had the least power in society: those who lacked the resources to avoid the draft through political connections or college enrollment. Following Saul Alinsky’s hateful playbook, they targeted, isolated, and demonized young men coming home who had just been through the hell of war.

The strategy paid off in great whopping dividends of social division and discord. It also did nothing to convince ordinary Americans or elected officials of the need to stop the war: instead, it weakened the rest of the anti-war movement.

Hugh Hefner dead at 91

Sep 29, 2017 — Tina Trent

Hugh Hefner died yesterday.

Good riddance.

Hefner led a so-called “sexual revolution” that resulted in untold millions of broken families, rolling epidemics of life-damaging and life-ending sexually transmitted diseases, and the normalization of drug and alcohol abuse, risky premarital and extra-marital sex, and the abortion culture.

In addition to being one of the most morally corrosive forces in American history, Hugh Hefner was also one of the most expensive: his philosophy of hedonism led to a vast expansion of government. Social service agencies multiplied to meet the needs of children left behind by divorce and casual sex, and public health expenditures exploded to address the consequences of addictions and diseases contracted in the sexual playgrounds Hefner helped normalize.

Seattle’s pedophile mayor resigns under pressure

Sep 22, 2017 — Tina Trent

Seven months ago, openly gay Seattle Mayor Ed Murray (D), who resigned his office last week, angrily asserted that charges of child molestation against him were untrue.

Channeling Bill and Hillary Clinton, he called his alleged sexual victims liars and claimed he was the victim of a right-wing witch-hunt because he was gay:

Murray—who has championed gay rights over his career in the Legislature and now as mayor—has claimed the accusations against him are false and part of an anti-gay political conspiracy against him.

The Charles Manson Cult Cult

Sep 14, 2017 — Tina Trent

A parole board in California has recommended parole for Manson cult killer Leslie Van Houten, 69, who participated in the murders of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca in 1969. Now it is up to California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) to decide if he will accept or reject the parole board’s recommendation that Van Houten be freed.

In 1969, Van Houten and other cult members invaded the LaBianca home, forced Rosemary to listen to her husband’s murder, stabbed her to death, then used their victims’ blood to smear messages on the walls of the couple’s home. Van Houten held Rosemary LaBianca down as her husband was being killed. Then she stabbed the woman at least 14 times. (Graphic crime scene photos may be viewed here. Not for the faint-hearted.)

Liberals are playing a dangerous and historically ignorant game by demonizing conservatives

Sep 5, 2017 — Tina Trent

I count among my good friends from college several liberals and leftists. Mostly, we have never talked about my transition from the Left to the Right. This surprises me because I am the one person among them who actually works in politics. I had assumed that, as friends, they would at least be curious to know why I had dramatically changed my mind about core certainties guiding my career and my morality. I would be curious if they did the same. I would certainly ask them about it.

I don’t think I am being judgmental and I am not trying to be unkind when I say that I am an expert in electoral and movement politics while they are not. It’s a career, just as their careers are in medicine or the law or finance. The fact that I have studied politics and also work in politics means that I know interesting minutiae and the broad scope of some political topics, especially those involving 20th century political organizing. I don’t just work as a political organizer: I wrote a Ph.D. discussing modern political movements; I’ve interviewed scores of people involved in movements ranging from the far Right to the far Left, and I know the scholarship on American movements from the late 19th century to the present.

They’re only 100 percent wrong

Sep 1, 2017 — Tina Trent

National Review is so consumed by Trump-hate that it has now hired a Tocqueville-aping French philosopher to come up with entirely new ways to explain why Trump spells the end of everything sacred to America.

But Alexis de Tocqueville immersed himself deeply in ordinary Americans’ lives and emerged with observations cobbled from the quotidian texture of the nation that still ring true today.

New York Times v. Good America

Aug 31, 2017 — Tina Trent

Nothing says “cultural divide” quite as succinctly as the differences in media coverage of natural disasters.

Liberals see every glass half-empty. When natural disasters occur, they buy themselves $7 cold-drip coffees at industrial-chic coffee houses and bang away indignantly on their expensive laptops about greedy and evil American bourgeois not caring if poor people drown.

What would John McCain do?

Aug 30, 2017 — Tina Trent

It isn’t surprising that the Left is having a meltdown over President Trump’s pardoning of former Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio (R).

Leftist activists who worship cop-killers Mumia Abu Jamal and Assata Shakur and rage about wrongful convictions and “emptying the prisons” would love nothing more than to fill those same prison cells with wrongfully convicted law enforcement officials.

RINOs bash Trump over Charlottesville response

Aug 18, 2017 — Tina Trent

The Left—and many in the media, along with the usual sycophants at National Review—purport to be outraged that President Trump had the temerity to call out all the violence perpetrated in Charlottesville instead of calling out only the white-nationalist marchers.

Of course, if Trump had denounced only the white-nationalists, the Left and their ideological appendages would have quickly shifted to criticizing something else about the way he did it. They would complain about the adjectives Trump used, or the shirt he was wearing, or the tilt of his head as he approached the microphones, or the bird that cast a shadow while chirping overhead as he began to speak—they would have found something, anything at all to animate the same, dishonest narrative that Trump is secretly supporting white-nationalism and is secretly a racist.

How Bush, Obama, and Holder helped break Mexican justice

Aug 11, 2017 — Tina Trent

This is Mexico today, the New York Times reports:

Mexico is reaching its deadliest point in decades. Even with more than 100,000 deaths, 30,000 people missing and billions of dollars tossed into the furnace of Mexico’s decade-long fight against organized crime, the flames have not died down. By some measures, they are only getting worse.

Who could possibly look at Mexico bleeding under the thumb of gang murders and say: “what they really need down there is some good defense attorneys”? Well, somebody did. This Times article is from 2012:

Dear John McCain

Jul 28, 2017 — Tina Trent

I’m no financial expert. But I’m one heck of a well-informed consumer. And as a former healthcare lobbyist and someone who worked several jobs serving poor, disabled, immigrant, and underclass populations, I also know a lot about the many, many ways we deliver medical care to people who can’t afford to pay for it.

The insurance marketplace was no paradise before President Obama meddled in it. Our system was hardly perfect. But contrary to the hateful and ignorant claims of poverty pimp journalists, leftist pundits, all of Europe, pretty much everyone I went to college with, and everyone I met in graduate school, poor people were not deprived of access to medical care before Obamacare, nor will they be if congressional Republicans ever manage to spontaneously grow a spine and repeal it.

The New York Times issues a threat to America’s Boy Scouts

Jul 27, 2017 — Tina Trent

On Monday night, President Trump delivered a funny, idiosyncratic, and inspirational speech in classic New Yorker-ese to Boy Scouts gathered at the organization’s National Jamboree.

Trump praised the Boy Scouts’ history, told anecdotes about personal success, and dropped a few political jabs at his opponents. Then the tens of thousands of Boy Scouts attending the rally went back to weaving lanyards and making delicious stews by mixing all the different flavors of Campbell’s soup in a single pot, or whatever it is that Boy Scouts do at jamborees. (A transcript of the speech is available at Time.)

But by Tuesday morning, the froth-mouthed media had seized on Trump’s speech and was working overtime to blow it up into a Hurricane Katrina-level crisis. Boy Scouts who cheered for Trump were Hitler Youth, Newsweekreported. Well, no, the media outlet didn’t quite say that: it reported other people saying it, which is Newsweek leadership’s exceedingly sleazy way of saying something they want to say without having the integrity to just come out and say it themselves.

Here is Newsweek’s headline  accusing the Boy Scouts of staging a massive Nazi youth rally in West Virginia:

The Left stakes out new frontiers in sexualizing children

Jul 18, 2017 — Tina Trent

Cut Videos is the source of this repellent video apparently depicting real parents teaching their young children how to use sex toys and masturbate.

The children, some of whom appear to be as young as six, squirm and cover their eyes as the adults hand them vibrators and coax them to participate in sex talk before cameras. Asked to say out loud whether she masturbates, one young girl fidgets in embarrassment. “Cameras everywhere,” she whispers.

The children are being forced to participate in explicit sex talk, holding vibrators, in front of a camera crew, their faces fully exposed.

Both legally and ethically this is child porn. According to the U.S. Department of Justice:

Rebecca Solnit achieves peak oppression

Jul 13, 2017 — Tina Trent

Writer Rebecca Solnit is the awful sort of virtue-signaling leftist woman whom one hopes never to meet, not on a sidewalk, not in an airplane terminal, not on a city park trail, not with a cat, not in a hat, though all of these scenarios are, as she informs us rather helpfully, possible if you live in the wrong kind of city, or even pass through it briefly.

You see a lot of her type these days. They are the ones complaining about mansplaining (a term Solnit is credited with inventing) while wearing slutty miniskirts and not much else in the commercials you can’t skip on Hulu. They are your freshman (fresh-zee?) orientation instructors informing you that your first semester will be spent examining your white privilege. If you’re especially unlucky, your brother (or sister) is dating one, and she’s going to tell you and the rest of the family exactly what she thinks about Christopher Columbus at Thanksgiving dinner.

Manhattan liberals helped make a cop-killer

Jul 10, 2017 — Tina Trent

On June 30, Manhattan district attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. (D) announced that prosecutors in his office would be instructed to stop enforcing the law against subway fare evasion. Instead, he announced, they would “divert” such thieves to community service programs.

It’s not as if Vance is enforcing the law now: only one in four fare-beaters gets served anything other than a civil summons and a fine. Of the 25 percent who are arrested, only a fraction are convicted. So why is Vance making such a big deal about prosecuting even fewer criminals for this crime?

The answer lies in the sleazy arithmetic of the anti-incarceration movement. Vance’s decision to intentionally refuse to enforce the law (even more than it is not being enforced already) is part of the politically powerful, bipartisan movement against the imaginary plague of “over-incarceration.”

It takes a village to kill a cop…

Jul 9, 2017 — Tina Trent

Repeat offender Alexander Bonds pulled the trigger that killed NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia, but he didn’t get there alone. Throughout his life, Bonds was abetted by judges and other people in government who did everything in their power to keep him out of prison, no matter what he did to deserve being in prison.

They also gave him unknown quantities of tax dollars to subsidize his criminal lifestyle, pried from hard-working citizens and their families. That’s a story nobody ever tells.

Only Alexander Bonds knows how many crimes Alexander Bonds committed before stepping up to a police truck and assassinating Officer Familia. Few in the media seem interested in even trying to piece together his criminal record. Bonds used multiple aliases. His sealed juvenile record indicates he was committing crimes prior to 2001.

Nonviolent protest against the Left is the answer

Jun 21, 2017 — Tina Trent

Thirty years ago, conservative graduate students and the (shamefully few) conservative professors willing to pull the binky of tenure out of their mouths tried to warn others about the outrageous behavior of leftists on college campuses. But the hard Left was already in the end zone of their takeover of higher education.  Once they finished purging scholars who didn’t march in lockstep with them, they turned to attacking students who failed to conform to their ever-more-extremist agenda and demands.

We lost the fight for intellectual freedom in higher education decades ago. It could be said that we didn’t even fight very hard for it. Careerist Republicans and conservatives kicked the culture war can down the road until they were the only ones left and the mobs came for them.

Now it is finally becoming apparent that K—12 education is in even worse shape than higher education and has been so for longer. While conservatives focus much of their belated attention on speakers being banned from college campuses, the hard Left continues its 45-year, scorched-earth march through the kindergartens.  Teacher-training schools preparing elementary and secondary school teachers are arguably the most leftist institutions in America today, and, again, we haven’t even begun to fight for their de-politicization.

Reality Winner’s attacks on our “Tangerine in Chief”

Jun 14, 2017 — Tina Trent

If NSA leaker Reality Winner had been born in, say, 1940 instead of the late 1990s, how would she have acted out against America then?

Would she have gotten hired as a secretary in a government office (given the times) and burrowed into secret documents after work, duplicating them and handing them off to one of the always-waiting Soviet agents working Washington? Would she have been one of the many unindicted co-conspirators who set up a safe house for murdering psychopaths like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn as they stockpiled explosives to kill police and soldiers and anyone else unlucky enough to be in their path? Would she have joined a cult and ended up on the evening news with a swastika carved into her forehead, chanting about her love for Charlie Manson after trying to kill the president?

Leaking classified information is terrorism for the current age, and like other modes of terrorism, it has a fashion and a lifestyle. In 1968, the fashion was dashikis and afros or leather miniskirts and manifestos – think Angela Davis or Bernardine Dohrn, depending on one’s skin color. Today, the fashion is pale-skinned androgyny to full-blown transgender, Asperger-scale, computer nerd.