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The bad science behind David Suzuki’s campaign

Dec 12, 2011 — Troy Media

Deploring recent media coverage about the American funding of the environmental movement in Canada, David Suzuki wrote an op-ed this week, published by Troy Media. He writes, “In a puzzling appeal to anti-American sentiment, some industry supporters claim that U.S. foundations are threatening Canadian policy by donating money to environmental groups here. These arguments have appeared in publications such as the Vancouver Sun and Calgary Herald, and on Sun TV.”

The End of Taxi Regulation

May 17, 2011 — Troy Media

Regina:  The internet has destroyed travel agents, books stores, and hard copy classified advertisements in its wake.  Through GPS-enabled smart phones, it may be about to do the same thing to the taxi industry as we know it.  Smart municipalities will see the writing on the wall and get out of regulating the taxi industry the way they have for the past fifty years.

The Frontier Centre for Public Policy today released The End of Taxi Regulation: Why GPS-enabled smartphones will send traditional taxi regulation the way of the dodo.  This Policy Series paper is the third from the Frontier Centre in the last two years that investigates the role of municipal governments in regulating taxis.

There is no conspiracy around high gas prices

May 16, 2011 — Troy Media

One of the drawbacks of the more pleasant weather conditions we’ve been having this week is that it’s left a hole in our conversational lives. Without snow or blizzards, Canadians are dangerously close to having nothing to talk about in elevators and line-ups at the Tim’s!

Electric cars still don’t make sense, especially in Canada

Dec 21, 2010 — Troy Media

Only one week after the much-hyped rollout of electric cars at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Canadian news media carried reports about how Ontario electricity costs are expected to double over the next 20 years.

Private sector would do a better job caring for the poor and sick

Nov 24, 2010 — Troy Media

- Karen Selick, Litigation Director, Canadian Constitution Foundation
Office supply stores sell wooden pencils for as little as eight cents each. Swanky gift shops also sell pencils: gold-filled and priced as high as $1, 400. Both pencils will make marks on paper, but they have another less obvious similarity: Both create a profit for their respective retailers, and for every intermediate link in the supply chain - from the tree-cutter or gold miner to the manufacturer and shipper.

New ethanol process will take corn out of the picture

Nov 23, 2010 — Troy Media

- Michael J. Economides, Energy Columnist, Troy Media

KAZAKHSTAN,  Once in a while, a real solution to a vexing international problem revises the popular - and frequently misguided - hype. The announcement on Nov. 10 by Celanese Corporation that it has developed a means to extract ethanol from basic hydrocarbon feedstocks surely fits the bill.

The chilling effect of human rights commissions in Canada

Nov 18, 2010 — Troy Media

- Derek James From, Student-at-law, Canadian Constitution Foundation

This time of year we are called to remember the great sacrifices made by generations of young Canadian men and women. Our act of remembering, however, is not intended to glorify the wars fought. Instead, remembering the lives spent should remind us that our freedoms have been purchased at a great price. It is easy for those of us who have never fought or sacrificed for the basic freedoms we enjoy to overlook, to neglect, and to lapse into forgetfulness.

Honouring the debt we owe

Nov 11, 2010 — Troy Media

Brian Lee Crowley, Managing Director, Macdonald-Laurier Institute

Every Remembrance Day, Canadians rightly honour the sacrifice made by so many valiant compatriots over the years and decades past. Too often, however, we forget that remembrance of past deeds carries with it obligations to the present and for the future.

Carleton University beware: the Charter empowers students’ free speech rights on campus

Nov 10, 2010 — Troy Media

By John Carpay, Legal Columnist, Troy Media
The arrest of five pro-life students at Carleton University in Ottawa, ON, on October 4, 2010 is a repudiation of the university’s mission is to pursue truth, which necessarily requires vigorous debate and uncensored speech. Yet students Ruth Lobo, James Shaw, Nicholas McLeod, Zuza Kurzawa and Craig Stewart were handcuffed and driven off in paddy-wagons while attempting to set up their pro-life display on a prominent place on Carleton’s campus, in an area where numerous other student groups have been allowed to express their views freely.

Alberta ready to practise a new style politics

Nov 9, 2010 — Troy Media

By Doug Firby, Alberta Columnist, Troy Media

The people of Alberta appear eager for a political shift on a massive scale. All they need now is the right party and a modern vision to rally around.

They’re not looking for either a party of the traditional left or right, but a new paradigm in which ideology gets parked in the back lot in favour of plain good governance. It’s reflected in polling and in recent voting.

Breaking News! The earth is warming! No wait, it’s cooling! No wait . . .

Nov 4, 2010 — Troy Media

-Art Horn, Meteorologist and Michael J. Economides, Editor in Chief, Energy Tribune

Warnings of global warming have been with us now for two decades, courtesy of the news media. And surely these respected and long-lived newspapers, magazines and television networks can be trusted to tell us what the current state of the climate is and what it will do?

The problem with imprisoning Canadian terrorists

Nov 3, 2010 — Troy Media

By Alex Wilner Fellow, Macdonald-Laurier Institute

Canadians are rightly shocked when police arrest fellow citizens on terrorism charges. How can it happen here, we ask? But thank goodness they’re in custody and headed for jail. At least then we’ll all be safer. Or maybe not.

Domestic violence has no gender

Nov 2, 2010 — Troy Media

Dana Wilson, Columnist, Troy Media

I remember being 12 years old when my stepfather scarred my face for the first time. He had graduated to his fists from his belt some time before, and while he usually confined himself to battering me between the waist and the shoulder blades, the non-visible portions of my anatomy, occasionally, he lost control.

Silver lining in clouds for Alberta?

Nov 1, 2010 — Troy Media

- Todd Hirsch, Alberta Business Columnist, Troy Media

Have you heard the old joke about economists? If you put all of us together and ran us head-to-toe around the Equator . . .  we still wouldn’t be able to agree with each other.

Prosecute the “Wal-Mart of child sex trafficking” - Craigslist

Oct 23, 2010 — Troy Media

By Benjamin Perrin, Professor of Law, University of British Columbia

During the last three years, officers with the Calgary Police Service’s vice unit have been working undercover to rescue children being sold for sex. The backdrop is not a street corner late at night - the new “kiddie stroll” is online and always open for business.