Ray Walser

[i]Ray Walser is senior policy analyst for Latin America at [url=http://www.heritage .org]The Heritage Foundation[/url], a public policy institute on Capitol Hill that promotes conservative policies and free-market ideas. Readers may write him at Heritage, 214 Massachusetts Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20005.[/i]

Most Recent Articles by Ray Walser:

An Aristide government would put Haiti in Hugo Chavez camp

Aug 16, 2010 — Ray Walser

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Seven months after the tragic Jan. 12 earthquake, Haiti is at last on the path to reconstruction.  Thanks to a substantial flood of assistance, with billions of dollars more promised, the minimal needs of the Haitian people are finally being met.  Yet the pace of recovery is painfully slow.

Difficult to deal with the Axis of Hugo

Jul 14, 2010 — Ray Walser

WASHINGTON, D.C. — When someone sticks his face in yours and shouts you’re his biggest enemy, it’s a good idea to take them at their word.

Obama dug himself a deep hole in Hondouras

Nov 25, 2009 — Ray Walser

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In Honduras, Barack Obama’s foreign policy team finally rediscovered the first law of holes:  when you find yourself stuck in one, the first thing to do is stop digging.