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Man who was struck and killed by lightning in Brecon Beacons ‘was carrying a selfie stick

- Jul 7, 2015

A man who was struck and killed by lightning in the Brecon Beacons is reported to have been hit by the bolt because he was carrying a selfie stick.

California Assisted Suicide Bill Dies, Democrats Can’t Find Enough Votes in Assembly

- Jul 7, 2015

In a huge victory for pro-life advocates in California, the bill the state Senate passed to make the state the next to legalize assisted suicide has died. SB 128 is reportedly off the table for the rest of the year after Democrats had trouble finding enough votes in a state Assembly committee to move the bill ahead.

This dog walked 35 miles just to fall down at its sleeping owner’s door in California

- Jul 7, 2015

CARLSBAD, Calif. — A lost dog made her way 35 miles (over 56 kilometres) home to San Diego to find her owner asleep in bed.

Drug bundles block pipe near border, send sewage into home

- Jul 7, 2015

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP)—Authorities in the border city of Nogales, Arizona, believe smugglers were using an international sewage line to transport drugs into the U.S. from Mexico when the pipe became clogged, sending gallons of waste through an illegal tunnel and into a house and local businesses.

5 Ways to Fight the Left and Make Your Life Better

- Jul 7, 2015

Lately I’ve been looking at Organic Opposition instead of Organizational Opposition. The latter is still important, but people are rightly disappointed and angry with everything from the GOP to assorted national groups and bewildered by a wide array of candidates.

Organic Opposition doesn’t require organizations or a movement. It’s about living in ways that naturally oppose the left.

Manuel Perez-Vasquez (Mexican Illegal) Brings “Love” to Arizona; Two Children Hospitaliz

- Jul 7, 2015

Yet another illegal alien has invaded America from 3rd-world Mexico and wreaked havoc among innocent US citizens who are owed safety and security from the Obama administration.

Flashback-Hillary: Sanctuary Cities Protect ‘Safety and Security of All Citizens’

- Jul 7, 2015

Sanctuary cities are being debated in wake of the murder of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco last week by illegal immigrant Francisco Sanchez who chose the northern California city as his refuge because it was a sanctuary city - a city that doesn’t arrest or turn over to the federal authorities any aliens who come into the country illegally.

NOPD Under Political Arrest

- Jul 7, 2015

New Orleans hostages and honest policy makers should look to British police privatization-with apologies to PANO (the Police Association of New Orleans)-and American citizen on patrol models like Detroit Street Watchers and the Guardian Angels
for relief from shrinking NOPD staff and growing violent crime.  Outsourced police services and dedicated citizens on patrol can take the pressure off of the few officers left on the force- at least until the current mayor leaves office.

Meet the woman whose video about George Takei went viral

- Jul 7, 2015

Patty, who for obvious reasons does not want her full name used, operates the Facebook page, Young, Black and Conservative. On Friday she uploaded a video in response to comments actor George Takei made about Justice Clarence Thomas’s remarks in his dissenting opinion in the Supreme Court same sex marriage case.

Takei called the only African American currently sitting on the Supreme Court “a clown in blackface” for writing that slavery was dignified. To most people with at least an average reading ability, Thomas wrote no such thing. The justice opined that dignity is not something that is bestowed or taken away by governments; rather it is something that is inherent in people by virtue of them being human beings. Slaves, as human beings, were still able to retain their dignity.

The End Is Near

- Jul 7, 2015

Why is it that even secular media types can see what U.S. bishops seemingly cannot see?

A couple of years ago, when same-sex “marriage” was a hot topic in the state of New York, the lackluster — no, check that — totally-missing-in-action response from the bishops of New York, as well as most importantly Cdl. Timothy Dolan of New York, came as something of a shock to secular media types. The New York Times even expressed surprise at the bishops’ lack of mounting any defense for Church teaching.

Pro-Marxist Sells Greece to Moscow

- Jul 7, 2015

The coverage of the economic disaster in Greece, a strategic NATO country, has mostly ignored the role of Vladimir Putin’s Russia in the growing global turmoil.

Reports continue to circulate that a new European Union (EU) bailout deal with Greece is possible, as Yanis Varoufakis, a self-described “erratic Marxist,” has resigned as finance minister. But these developments appear to be for the purpose of diverting attention away from the fact that Greece has already become, in effect, a satellite of Moscow.

Obama and EPA imperil minority welfare

- Jul 7, 2015

The Obama Environmental Protection Agency and environmental activists frequently claim that climate change will disproportionately affect poor and minority communities. In their view, this justifies unprecedented environmental regulations, like EPA’s pending “Clean Power Plan” (CPP) to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions from coal and gas-fueled power plants 30% by 2030.

Obama: We won’t be winning any quick victories over that JV team

- Jul 7, 2015

Please note that there is a difference between the confident language of victory and the smug language of triumphalism. Barack Obama’s got the latter down pat. With a smirk on your face and your nose in the air, you remind everyone that you won, and you’re going to do what you want to do - and even if you’re not supposed to do it, who’s going to stop you?

9 Foreign Policy Highlights of Hillary Clinton’s Secret Emails

- Jul 7, 2015

A fondness for iced tea and a struggle with a fax machine figure in much of the media attention to newly released emails sent and received by Hillary Rodham Clinton during her first year as secretary of state.

Why This Town Has Been On Fire For 50 Years (video)

- Jul 7, 2015

In 1962, an underground fire started in the coal-mining town of Centralia, Pennsylvania. Fifty-three years later, that fire still burns. In this week’s episode of Reactions, we explain the history and science behind the Centralia mine fire. Does anyone still live there? How could the fire keep burning for so long, and why hasn’t it been extinguished?


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