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Italian lesbian author gets papal blessing

- Sep 2, 2015

Pope Francis has sent his blessing to a lesbian author of children’s books dealing with same-sex families, wishing her and her wife well in their work, it emerged on Friday.

Thousands Take to New York Streets to Protest Iran Deal

- Sep 2, 2015

Thousands of protesters poured into Manhattan Tuesday evening to demand Congress vote against the Iran nuclear agreement outside of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s New York office.

Chinese warships spotted off the coast of Alaska

- Sep 2, 2015

President Obama isn’t the only one making a visit to Alaska this week, according to a new report from Pentagon officials. The U.S. military has spotted five Chinese navy ships off the coast of Alaska in the Bering Sea, heading in the direction of the Aleutian Islands. The presence of the Chinese ships, including three combat ships, a replenishment vessel, and an amphibious ship, marks the first time that the U.S. military has reported seeing “any such activity in the area,” The Wall Street Journal reports.

The Ice Man Cometh

- Sep 2, 2015

Somewhere in the murky mists of a future, which is fast becoming the present, Obama the Ice Man, Cometh.

Polar bears will no longer be stranded on ice floes because the American government is sending the U.S. Coast Guard to the rescue in their very own icebreakers

Tides turn when life-dishonoring culture becomes endemic

- Sep 2, 2015

History has proven that when a culture condones wanton killing as a metaphor for personal freedom, it has reached its apex and can go nowhere but down, dissolving under the weight of amorality. Yet, outside its dissolute halls of “justice” there arises a new culture that despises gratuitous death imposed on the innocent, the undeserving and the unwanted.

As much as secular society prefers to ignore the most widely read book of all time, the chronicles of the Bible find corroboration in writings of contemporaneous historians. In this context, or even that of a guide for ethical behavior, the accounts carry weight as teaching tools if only we would access them.

Reviving Perennial Borders & More For Fall

- Sep 2, 2015

Fall commences this 22nd September. Among other notable dates this month the 13th is Grandparent’s Day followed two days later by Felt Hat Day. The 19th September has been declaimed to be Talk Like a Pirate Day, surely dedicated to Johnny Depp while the last Friday of the month is listed as Hug a Vegetarian Day.

Deficits are eternally temporary

- Sep 2, 2015

This column originally ran in the Winnipeg Free Press on Sept. 2, 2015

A small, temporary deficit is just what Canada needs, according to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. That promise is a shock in this endless election, but Manitobans have heard it before. That experience sheds an important light on Mr. Trudeau’s plan.

Scientific Paper Retractions On The Rise

- Sep 2, 2015

Retractions of scientific papers are on a steep rise. They join a string of science scandals ranging from Andrew Wakefield’s study linking childhood vaccine and autism to the allegations that Marc Hauser, once a star psychology professor at Harvard, fabricated data for research on animal cognition, reports Bourree Lam. (1)

Road test: Audi A3 e-tron Sportback

- Sep 2, 2015

What is the point of a hybrid?

I have often found myself asking this question as I sat inside a Honda Insight or Toyota Prius.

EPA Regulations forcing compliance on new appliances

- Sep 2, 2015

If you ask an engineer, he will tell you that CO2 is not a pollutant, and burning fossil fuels has made the Earth greener because their emissions are rapidly assimilated by sunlight. As Dr. Klaus Kaiser had explained, “incomplete combustion can cause air quality problems, not because of CO2 but due to soot particles and nitrogen oxides,” particularly in high density urban areas where the air tends to be stagnant. There is a reason why Chicago, the ‘Windy City,’ has not had an air quality problem.

The green biomass, including trees and plants, is 99 percent carbon and water. This carbon comes from atmospheric CO2, including CO2 dissolved in rain water or taken up by the oceans. “Higher atmospheric CO2 dramatically accelerates growth of green biomass above a minimum concentration of 200 parts per million (0.02%).  Below that concentration (about 50 percent of CO2 level in the air today), it’s difficult for plants to keep growing.”

Restoring the Compact Theory Is Vital to Restoring the Constitution

- Sep 2, 2015

When he authored the Kentucky Resolution of 1798, Thomas Jefferson based his arguments for nullification, in part, upon the compact theory of the relationship between the states and the Federal Government.  According to this original understanding of the State-Federal relationship, the Constitution under which the Republic was to operate was the creation of the several states, and thus the Federal government was also the creation of these states.

Blueberry extract could help fight gum disease and reduce antibiotic use

- Sep 2, 2015

Gum disease is a common condition among adults that occurs when bacteria form biofilms or plaques on teeth, and consequently the gums become inflamed. Some severe cases, called periodontitis, call for antibiotics. But now scientists have discovered that wild blueberry extract could help prevent dental plaque formation. Their report in ACS’ Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry could lead to a new therapy for periodontitis and a reduced need for antibiotics.

Exposure to phthalates could be linked to pregnancy loss

- Sep 2, 2015

A new study of more than 300 women suggests that exposure to certain phthalates — substances commonly used in food packaging, personal-care and other everyday products — could be associated with miscarriage, mostly between 5 and 13 weeks of pregnancy. The research, appearing in the ACS journal Environmental Science & Technology, is the first epidemiological study on non-work-related exposure to phthalates to provide evidence for the possible link among a general population.

Breaking: Dem. Barbara Mikulski becomes 34th vote for Iran nuke ‘deal’ - protecting it in Congress

- Sep 2, 2015

It’s a big day for the alliance between Democrats and the world’s number one terrorist state. Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) has just announced that she will support President Obama’s “deal” with Iran, guaranteeing that the plan will be safe from any GOP attempt to derail it.

From Reuters:

BREAKING: Democratic Senator Mikulski says will support Iran nuclear agreement, giving Obama votes needed to protect deal in Congress.

And here come the ads… Trump and Jeb lash out at each other.

- Sep 2, 2015

If there are two guys in the GOP field who really don’t seem to care for each other, it’s Jeb Bush and Donald Trump.  Trump labelled Bush a “low energy” person who “doesn’t really want to be doing what he’s doing” and Bush has referred to Trump as a “clown,” a “buffoon,” and an “@$$hole.”  Given the animosity between them, it’s probably not surprising that the last 24 hours has seen the launch of two attack ads - one from each side.

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