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Nancy Pelosi, Queen of Denial

- Jul 27, 2015

She’s baaack. Nancy Pelosi has declared that the Planned Parenthood Controversy doesn’t exist.

Britain Gives Up Trying To Lead World On CO2 Emissions

- Jul 27, 2015

Britain will go no faster than other countries in cutting greenhouse gas emissions, the government has signalled. In a speech setting out the government’s position on climate change, Amber Rudd, the energy secretary, said that the need to cut emissions had to be balanced against the requirement to protect the economy and keep down energy bills. —Ben Webster, The Times, 24 July 2015

Evidence of a broken country

- Jul 25, 2015

What we learned just this week:

UK Government Axes Green Deal

- Jul 24, 2015

The government has signed the death warrant for another environmental scheme, this time the Green Deal energy-saving programme that ministers once called the biggest home improvement measure since the second world war. A day after moving to axe solar farm and woodchip power subsidies, Amber Rudd, the energy and climate change secretary, said the government was pulling funding for the finance company that delivers the Green Deal scheme, in order to “protect taxpayers”.—Pilita Clark, Financial Times, 24 July 2015

Dodd-Frank’s maze of rules and regulators needs a fast makeover to stimulate the economy

- Jul 23, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Five years after the enactment of Dodd-Frank, it’s past time for a change in the debate over financial regulatory reform.

Our government today

- Jul 23, 2015

Scott Walker made a statement this week when confronted by a Hispanic family who asked him why he was willing to “tear their family apart”. He was respectful and sympathetic while reminding them that this is a country of laws. And if we don’t like our laws, we need to change them not disobey them.

Global Warming Pause Real, But A Natural Blip, New Study Claims

- Jul 23, 2015

A slow-down in global warming is not a sign that climate change is ending, university researchers have found. The phenomenon is a natural blip in an otherwise long-term upwards trend, their research shows. In a detailed study of more than 200 years’ worth of temperature data, results backed previous findings that short-term pauses in climate change are simply the result of natural variation.

Planned Parenthood and our moral compass

- Jul 22, 2015

In my mind, Planned Parenthood provides many worthwhile and much needed services in the area of women’s health. We could argue whether abortions have a place in the menu of services. But haven’t we evolved to a place where education, birth control and adoption offer pregnancy prevention and abortion alternatives that should make the barbaric practice go away?

Our “do nothing” Republican establishment RINO leadership

- Jul 22, 2015

RE:  United States President Surrenders Flag to Our Enemies!

Dear Leigh Bravo,

Excellent piece on Obama surrendering the American flag to our enemies. Your writing style is an enjoyment to read and easy to follow. Your most recent writing on our traitorous, muslim-loving leader points out how much he hates this great country of ours. As you noted, any other leader would have been kicked out of office for less than this arrogant SOB has gotten away with, and mainly because of his skin color.

Britain Announces Deep Renewable Subsidy Cuts

- Jul 22, 2015

Britain’s government on Wednesday moved to rein in the spiraling costs of renewable power subsidies which it said threatened to push up household bills. The proposals come just a month after the government said it would scrap new subsidies for onshore wind farms from April next year.—Susanne Twidale, Reuters, 22 July 2015

Arctic Bounces Back, World Returns To Sea Ice Levels Seen In 1980s

- Jul 21, 2015

Just one cool summer caused the much-worried-about Arctic icepack to swell by no less than a third in 2013 and it has grown even more since - more than making good its losses during the previous few years. Meanwhile of course, the southern sea ice around Antarctica has continued to spread out and cover bigger areas all the time, a circumstance which has frankly stumped climate scientists as their models cannot account for it. Antarctic ice hit a new all-time record last year, in fact.—Lewis Page, The Register, 21 July 2015

Obama’s master, the United Nations

- Jul 21, 2015

America, we have a problem. When did our country lose its sovereignty and cede our governance to the United Nations? Or when did we give our President the authority to bypass Congress?

Trump’s candidacy exposing truths

- Jul 20, 2015

It seems obvious, the media and the government is either so intimidated or scared of a possible Trump Presidency that they will do anything to dismiss, marginalize and demonize him at every turn. What they absolutely refuse to do is to acknowledge that he is saying things that the people want to hear.

Britain’s Green Energy Subsidies Face The Axe

- Jul 20, 2015

Subsidies for new wind farms and solar power plants are set to be cut as ministers move to protect millions of families from rising energy bills. The government is expected to announce the decision this week, after official figures revealed that so-called “green” energy schemes will require £1.5 billion more in subsidies – paid for by customers – than originally planned.

So many branded cattle

- Jul 20, 2015
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