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John W. Lillpop is a recovering liberal. “Clean and sober” since 1992 when last he voted for a Democrat. Pray for John: He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where people like Nancy Pelosi are actually considered normal!.

John can be reached at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Federal Agencies Should Be Banned from Turning Criminals Over to Sanctuary Cities!

- Jul 7, 2015

Recent events in the offensive city of San Francisco confirm what many have known for a long while: Ultra-liberal cities, like Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco, must not be trusted with protecting the welfare of citizenry against dangerous criminals. This is so because bleeding heart types almost always become enamored of the criminal while ignoring the victim(s).

Whither the “Love” in Illegal Alien Francisco Sanchez, Jeb Bush?

- Jul 5, 2015

Back in April of 2014, Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush created a bit of a furor when he argued that some illegal aliens steal into America unlawfully “out of an act of love,” and, as such, should receive preferential treatment and tolerance.

Bush’s argument was generally met with outright disdain, or amusement, or both. The idea that borders and immigration laws and enforcement should be based on anything other than compliance with the law was correctly seen as a sign that Jeb Bush is not ready for prime time in front of a national audience.

Mexican Illegal Alien Francisco Sanchez Proves Donald Trump Correct!

- Jul 4, 2015

Donald Trump recently committed the unforgivable sin of telling the truth in a media environment where anything but Politically correct babble is routinely rejected as racist, sexist, and otherwise unsuitable for prime time, regardless of how factual.

A Template for Refusing to Obey Law: Follow Barack Obama Lead!

- Jul 1, 2015

As the SCOTUS continues to belch out rulings that run contrary to American history, culture and fundamental decency, a growing segment of the population is adamantly refusing to abide by rulings that are widely viewed as wrong-minded, politically motivated, and anti-American.

Obama’s Iran Nuke Fiasco: Better NEVER Than Late!

- Jun 29, 2015

In yet another wretched foreign policy failure, Barack Obama’s much-maligned effort to undercut world security by allowing the terror state of Iran to go nuclear is about to go belly-up and miss the June 30 deadline for completion.

Of course, Obama and the mainstream media conspirators will spin the latest failure as yet another great foreign policy victory for The One and his crippled Secretary of State, the non-effervescent, uninspiring and uninspired John Kerry.


Obama Rips Confederate Flag; Laments “Distorted Impression” of Muslims

- Jun 23, 2015

Barack Obama continues to build on his well-deserved reputation as a racist agitator and defender of throat-cutting, Jihad-crazed Muslims.

In response to the evil murder of nine church-going African Americans in Charleston, South Carolina, Obama joined the lynching crowds that would blame the tragedy, at least in part, on the Confederate Flag.

Was Dylann Roof Driven to Mass Murder by the Confederate Flag, Or Was It Sheer Insanity?

- Jun 22, 2015

Tragic events in Charleston, South Carolina last week have caused disparate interests to join forces in denouncing the Confederate Flag, the South, and Southern people in general.

Although the great American civil war ended 150 years ago, the vitriol against the South and Southerners has not ended. In fact, based on the way the South is portrayed in the media, motion pictures, and other venues,  one whom did not know better might wrongly conclude that the Confederate States were victorious in the war, and that it was savages of the Confederacy that burned Union states to the ground, and relegated the defeated Union to second-class, inferior status forever, and committed other unspeakable crimes against the social, economic, and cultural heritage of the vanquished Union.

Mass Violence Does not Occur in Foreign Nations? What About Fast and Furious, Mr. President?

- Jun 20, 2015

Ever on the prowl for an opportunity to demean America and slam the 2nd Amendment rights of US citizens, Barack Obama found the opportunity to do both at the same time as a result of the tragic slaughter that took place in Charleston, South Carolina this week.

During a press conference, Obama asserted, “This kind of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.”

Lies That Make News: Jeb Bush Is Hispanic; Rachel Dolezal Is Black; & Hillary Clinton Is Trustworthy

- Jun 14, 2015

Good grief, whatever happened to the American virtue of telling the truth, regardless of whether it bodes well or ill?  You know, the “old school” virtue that caused me so many harsh spankings because of “innocent deviations from the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but…,” in my misspent youth?

Why Not Use Executive Orders &, Your Pen & Phone, to Decree Trade Powers You Covet, Mr President?

- Jun 12, 2015

It would be belly-gushing hilarious were it not so damn pathetic: Barack Obama racing off to the Capitol Building, where the evil Congress resides, hat in hand groveling for votes to pass legislation that would give him additional (and dangerous) powers in global trade talks.

Why Are Republicans Complicit in Fast-Tracking the 3rd-World Transformation of America?

- Jun 11, 2015

Does anyone remember, or give a damn about, the events of November 4, 2014?

Finally, Insight Into Obama’s Self-Hatred, Destructive Behavior!

- Jun 9, 2015

For nigh unto seven years, Barack Obama has mystified political pundits, critics and supporters alike, with statements and behaviors that often seem contradictory to his own best interests.

For instance, in 2009 the president rushed off to Copenhagen in order to pitch the case for holding the 2016 Olympics in Chicago. This despite an already full plate of important domestic and foreign situations in urgent need of attention from America’s new chief executive, and no reliable assurance that Chicago would win the coveted award, with or without The One on hand.

Whither Illegal Alien “Militancy” Threatened by Louis Gutierrez?

- Jun 8, 2015

Louis Gutierrez, Democrat misfit from Illinois, is notorious for making outrageous, blatantly racist remarks in support of Hispanics illegally in America. In his twisted, logic-free mind, Gutierrez appears wed to the anti-American idea that US borders, immigration laws, and deportation statutes should not apply to Hispanics because…. they are Hispanic.

Are Dudes &Dudesses in Black Robes About to Render America’s Spiritual Heritage Invalid?

- Jun 3, 2015

This month of June is destined to be historic for we the people of the US on many fronts.

To begin with, the Barack Obama & John Kerry “negotiating” team has set the end of June as the deadline for arming the Islamic Republic of Iran with the nuclear wherewithal to shove Israel and it’s six million occupants into the Mediterranean sea.  The only non-divine intervention that could possibly prevent the extinction of Israel would be a late surge of Republican guts in Congress in opposition to the Obama anti-Israel scheme; unfortunately, GOP guts are a scarce commodity these days, hardly ever seen or felt, and never to be relied on when it comes to Obama administration dealings with Islamic terrorists!

A Teachable Moment for America’s Flawed Constitutional Scholar!

- May 28, 2015

After nearly seven years of lawless disregard for the rule of law, including the US Constitution, the Congress, and the overall will of the American people, it appears to have finally dawned on Barack Hussein Obama that even the smartest outlaw in town must eventually heel to the law.

And so it is that a profound Teachable Moment lurks at Obama’s feet in the Oval Office, in readiness to counter all the pious, self-righteous malarkey about doing the “right thing,” which The One has repeatedly used to justify presidential tyranny.

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