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Joseph A. Klein is the author of Global Deception: The UN’s Stealth Assault on America’s Freedom.

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The UN’s Failure to Live up to Its Charter’s Ideals

- Jun 29, 2015

The United Nations celebrated the 70th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter on June 26th.  UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called the UN Charter “an expression of hope.” Commemorating the signing of the UN Charter at its birthplace in San Francisco, the Secretary General added that the Charter “symbolizes the hope and aspirations that we can bring the world as it is a little closer to the world as it should be. This we can do through cooperation, dialogue, peaceful settlement of disputes and respect of human rights.”

The Two Popes

- Jun 22, 2015

Pope Francis issued a lengthy encyclical last week calling for radical change in human behavior to confront climate change. He presented climate change as the moral issue of our time. “Humanity is called to recognize the need for changes of lifestyle, production and consumption, in order to combat this warming or at least the human causes which produce or aggravate it,” the pope declared. “It is a mistake to rely on the ‘myths’ of a modernity grounded in a utilitarian mindset (individualism, unlimited progress, competition, consumerism, the unregulated market),” he added. While denying that anyone is suggesting a return to the Stone Age and conceding that “[T]echnoscience, when well directed, can produce important means of improving the quality of human life,” Pope Francis refused to dismiss doomsday predictions if society continues along its present path.

New UN General Assembly President: Old Wine in a New Bottle

- Jun 18, 2015

The United Nations General Assembly elected Mogens Lykketoft of Denmark as president of its upcoming 70th session, which commences this September. Mr. Lykketoft has served in various government positions, including as Denmark’s foreign minister and finance minister, and most recently as the speaker of the parliament. Based on his past record, he will likely be a cheerleader for the wealth redistributionist ideology prevalent at the United Nations, as well as adding to the UN’s chorus against Israel. There may be a new General Assembly president, but he fits the established UN mold to a T.

UN Children and Armed Conflict Report Slants Its Gaza Findings Against Israel

- Jun 9, 2015

According to the New York Times, citing unnamed diplomats, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon bowed to “unusual pressure from Israel and the United States” in deciding not to include either Israel or Hamas on a list of “armies and guerilla groups that kill and maim children in conflicts worldwide.” The list is included in an annex to an annual report by the Secretary General entitled “Children and armed conflict,” which he just released for 2015. The list, as its title states, is intended to identify specifically the entities that “recruit or use children, kill or maim children, commit rape and other forms of sexual violence against children, or engage in attacks on schools and/or hospitals in situations of armed conflict.”

President Obama to Use the UN to Stab Israel in the Back

- May 26, 2015

President Barack Obama visited an influential conservative Washington D.C. synagogue on May 22nd with the avowed purpose of assuring his audience of about 1000 people that his “commitment to Israel’s security is and always will be unshakeable.” Donning a yarmulke and speaking from the synagogue sanctuary’s bimah where the Torah is recited, Obama claimed that “no U.S. President, no administration has done more to ensure that Israel can protect itself than this one.” Carried away by his own self-proclaimed support for Israel, he declared himself an “honorary member of the tribe.”

ICC Prosecutor Continues Examining Palestine Situation and Warns Israel

- May 14, 2015

International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda told reporters at United Nations headquarters in New York, following her May 12th briefing to the UN Security Council on the ICC’s Libya-related activities, that her previously announced “preliminary examination” concerning the situation in Palestine is still open. She has not set any deadline for completing her examination.

Ms. Bensouda is continuing to look into whether crimes subject to the ICC’s jurisdiction were possibly committed in the Palestinian territories since June 2014. She is considering information, if any, submitted to her office by both sides to the conflict and from other sources. Ms. Bensouda decided to undertake the preliminary examination, which she described as “a quiet process,” on her own initiative once the so-called Palestinian state acceded to the ICC’s governing Rome Statute. Israel is not a party to the Rome Statute and has not consented to its jurisdiction.

Chasing the Rainbow of Nuclear Non-Proliferation

- May 1, 2015

The nearly month-long 2015 Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) commenced at United Nations headquarters in New York on April 27th.  These review conferences to assess the operation of the treaty are held every five years.

Abandonment of Christian Victims of Genocide Today

- Apr 23, 2015

The world is witnessing the horrific genocide of Christians, reminiscent of the genocide of Armenian Christians that began this month one hundred years ago. The Vatican has estimated that “more than 100,000 Christians are violently killed because of some relation to their faith every year.” Three Christians a minute are being murdered. As many as 100-150 million Christians are being persecuted.

The Security Council Echo Chamber of Israel Bashing

- Apr 22, 2015

The United Nations Security Council’s quarterly open debate on the Middle East invariably focuses on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Israel is invariably the punching bag. The April 21st session was no exception.

UN Security Council Approves Yemen Sanctions and Arms Embargo Resolution

- Apr 15, 2015

The United Nations Security Council approved on April 14th a resolution regarding the situation in Yemen. The resolution, which was adopted by a vote of 14 in favor, with only Russia abstaining, strongly condemned the Iran-backed Houthi rebels and demanded that all Yemeni parties resume UN-brokered negotiations on a transition to democracy. The resolution, reaffirmed the Security Council’s support for the “legitimacy” of Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi, Yemini’s president-in-exile who is currently in Saudi Arabia.

The Yarmouk Double Standard

- Apr 8, 2015

Yarmouk, once a relatively stable haven for as many as 100,000 Palestinian refugees located in the outskirts of Damascus, Syria, has become a living hell for those refugees left behind whom have managed to survive years of starvation, disease or relentless attacks from the Syrian government and its adversaries.

France, Israel, Iran and Obama

- Mar 28, 2015

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius was in New York on Friday March 27th to lead a discussion at the United Nations Security Council on the subject of persecuted minorities in the Middle East. However, in comments he made to reporters, the focus was on ways to keep the search for an Israeli-Palestinian two-state solution alive and the prospects for an imminent nuclear deal with Iran.

UN Security Council Allows Iran a Free Hand in Yemen

- Mar 23, 2015

The United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting on Sunday March 22nd regarding the rapidly deteriorating situation in Yemen. It heard a briefing from Jamal Benomar, the UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Yemen, describing Yemen’s descent towards a possible sectarian civil war.

Obama May Throw Israel to the UN Wolves

- Mar 20, 2015

After seeing their hopes for regime change in Israel go up in smoke, Obama administration officials have been attacking what White House spokesman Josh Earnest called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “divisive rhetoric” during the election campaign. They did not like that the prime minister rejected a two-state solution as they envision it should be designed.

John Kerry’s Hypocrisy and End-Run Around Congress on Iran

- Mar 13, 2015

Secretary of State John Kerry disgraced his office yet again during his appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on March 11th.  He sharply criticized an open letter to Iran’s leadership drafted by Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton and signed by 47 Republicans, which simply made the point that in our democratic republic the president does not get to bind our country irreversibly to an executive agreement he signs unilaterally with another country.

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