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Conservative media establishment resorts to name-calling in hope of taking Trump down

- Aug 27, 2015

In this space and on my radio show, we pride ourselves on the truth and on setting the record straight when candidates are falsely attacked or mischaracterized (no matter who they are) by the misreporting of the media.

Since Donald Trump is leading in the Republican polls and is being attacked and mischaracterized on many fronts, it probably seems to some as if we are always trying to help people not form a negative perception of The Donald. But I’m not endorsing Donald Trump over the rest of the Republican field so much as I’m looking to make sure the Republican front-runner is assessed on the basis of truth.

Black Chamber of Commerce to Obama: Leave financial advisors and their clients alone

- Aug 23, 2015

Did you know there’s a Black Chamber of Commerce? There is, and they’re not too happy with President Obama these days. That’s because the Black Chamber of Commerce represents a lot of small businesses, and that includes a lot of professional financial advisors. Those in this industry are about to take a serious hit if new regulations Obama wants are put into effect, and that’s left the Black Chamber of Commerce wondering if Obama thinks, er, #BlackJobsMatter.

Armstrong Williams nails it: If black lives really mattered

- Aug 19, 2015

Few are better than Armstrong Williams, my fellow American Black Conservative, at getting to the heart of the matter. And rarely has that been more needed than on this whole movement operating under the name (or perhaps the hashtag) #blacklivesmatter.

Be informed about the candidates, but be careful what you believe

- Aug 17, 2015

In an election season, we often bemoan the low-information voter – the person who really doesn’t know that much about the issues or the candidates and goes to the polls having made a decision on the basis of trivia, or general feelings and impressions that don’t necessarily represent who the candidates really are or what they would do in office.

There’s no way Barack Obama would ever have become president without low-information voters.

The serious case for a Trump presidency . . . rough edges and all

- Aug 13, 2015

I knew I was cutting against the grain and going against conventional political wisdom when, on Tuesday, I offered my presidential Pick Six of the candidates I like best in this race – and Donald Trump was at the top of the list. After a media week of pointless conflicts with Megyn Kelly, of complaining about debate questions, and of generally giving his critics everything they thought they needed to write off his candidacy – how could I still think he would be a good president?

It’s a fair question that deserves a thoughtful response.

More free stuff means less freedom

- Aug 12, 2015

We have said it before but it is worth saying again, because some people didn’t get the memo. When people running for office promise more free stuff it means less freedom. It’s called socialism.

Herman Cain’s presidential Pick Six

- Aug 11, 2015

Well, after the first Republican presidential debates, candidates’ TV and radio appearances, political establishment biases, media inspired brouhaha and the Trump factor, here’s my Pick Six of the candidates that are my personal favorites – in hopes that one of them will win the Republican nomination and go on to win the presidency.

The surgical precision of Ben Carson

- Aug 9, 2015

Ben Carson surprised me a little during Thursday night’s debate – not that I didn’t think he would do well. I had just interviewed him on The Herman Cain Show a few days earlier and I knew he was prepared and ready for whatever questions would be thrown at him.

But I was nevertheless impressed by the surgical precisions of some of his answers. Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised, since after all he is a brain surgeon. But for a guy who doesn’t have much experience on a stage this big, he really knew how to get down to it.

Labels out! Solutions and unity in for a victorious USA

- Aug 3, 2015

It’s time to put “United” back in the United States of America!

McConnell announces Tuesday vote to defund Planned Parenthood

- Aug 2, 2015

It’s starting to look like Mitch McConnell has done something right, although I realize sneaky majority leaders have ways of making it look that way when it’s not really true. Planned Parenthood has become so indefensible, McConnell appears to think he has no choice but to allow a Senate vote to defund it – which is scheduled for Tuesday.

It’s not quite as simple as that. First the Senate has to vote on “cloture,” which means they would cut off debate on the measure and clear the way for a simple majority vote. You need 60 votes out of 100 to end debate, so they can’t get that without at least six Democrats joining them. Is that possible? It might be given the horrors we’ve seen in recent weeks in the undercover videos shot by the Center for Medical Progress.

White House denial of IRS abuse is getting pretty pathetic

- Jul 28, 2015

It’s not even controversial anymore to point out that the IRS routinely targeted and harassed conservative groups seeking nonprofit status. However many Lois Lerner e-mails may have been destroyed, what we’ve already seen - combined with the testimony from the conservative groups themselves - clearly demonstrates that the IRS made it a point of giving conservative groups a difficult time.

Real Republicans will let the Export-Import Bank stay dead

- Jul 26, 2015

Not much was said about it – given all the attention to Iran, Planned Parenthood and the Chattanooga shootings – but a few weeks ago, the Export-Import Bank died. This was a pretty rare event, because it’s not often any type of government program goes to its eternal demise – particularly one that’s mostly about crony capitalism.

White House: OK, sure, the UN made side deals with Iran and we haven’t read them

- Jul 23, 2015

This Iran fiasco gets worse by the day. Not only did the Obama Administration give Iran the key for easy entry into the nuclear club, but it also freed up lots of Iranian assets that even Susan Rice admits will probably be used to find terrorism.

Trump’s ‘radioactive’ rhetoric

- Jul 20, 2015

It started with presidential candidate Donald Trump’s comments on illegal immigration, which drew huge criticism from the Republican establishment and the media. The unfortunate murder of Kate Steinle recently by an illegal in San Francisco quieted some of the criticism, but the debate then shifted to the legality of sanctuary cities to avoid acknowledging that there was some merit to Trump’s comments.

And now Donald Trump has challenged the “war hero” designation of Arizona Senator John McCain just because he was a prisoner of war. Aside from the fact that the media reports did not give the full context of his comments (that’s what they do), the Republican establishment and the media have quickly extended what he said to have insulted all veterans. Unfortunately for them, veteran groups are not buying the lie and have issued statements extolling the past support Mr. Trump has shown publicly and financially toward our veterans and our current military.

Meet two Americans whose money was stolen by the IRS

- Jul 19, 2015

I’ve told my story before of my dealings with the IRS – how they decided to audit me after I publicly criticized President Bill Clinton on national television and forced me to spend significant money on lawyers and accountants just to prove I had done nothing wrong. This is their game and they like to play it. There is no federal agency with more leeway to harass Americans who have broken no law and failed to pay no taxes.

So it’s hardly new that the IRS treats people badly, although the targeting of conservative organizations that has taken place under the Obama Administration has taken it to new heights.

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