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Apr 23, 2017 — News on the Net

NEW YORK (WABC)—A new ABC News/Washington Post poll indicates there’s no such thing as Trump voters remorse.

As President Donald Trump approaches his 100th day in office with the lowest approval rating at this point of any president in polls since 1945, 96 percent of those who supported him in November say they’d do it again today.—More…

Death toll jumps to 20 in Venezuela protests

Apr 23, 2017 — News on the Net

Caracas (AFP) - The death toll in three weeks of violence at anti-government protests in Venezuela jumped to 20 people after a night of clashes and pillaging left 12 people dead in Caracas.

Riot police and pro-government vigilantes fought running battles with protesters demanding the ouster of President Nicolas Maduro on the capital’s east, west and south sides, witnesses said.—More….

Canada’s top Imam says jihad will continue until the Day of Judgment

Apr 23, 2017 — News on the Net

Dr. Iqbal Al-Nadvi (Mohammad Iqbal Masood Al-Nadvi) is the Chairperson of Canadian Council of Imams (Canada’s top imam) and the Amir (President) of Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) Canada, a nation-wide Islamic organization that is striving “to build an Exemplary Canadian Muslim Community” by “total submission to Him [Allah] and through the propagation of true and universal message of Islam.” He also serves as the Muslim Chaplain of the Canadian army.

Nadvi’s previous positions include: Director of Al-Falah Islamic School in Oakville, Ontario from 2004 to 2011, Imam of Muslim Association of Calgary Islamic Center from 1998-2004 and as a member of the University of Calgary chaplaincy team.—More…

France holds nail-biting ‘anti-system’ vote

Apr 23, 2017 — News on the Net

The French election has come to down to three men, a woman, and six possibilities for a run-off contest.

But pollsters have warned that predictions were harder than ever as 47 million French people prepare to cast their vote on Sunday (23 April) in the first round of a presidential election seen as being crucial for the future of the EU.—More…


Trump Plans Rally on Night of White House Correspondents Dinner

Apr 22, 2017 — News on the Net

President Donald Trump tweeted on Saturday he would be holding a “BIG rally in Pennsylvania” next Saturday evening, the same night as the White House Correspondents Dinner, The Hill reported.

The president announced in February he would break with tradition and not attend the annual event hosted by the White House Correspondents’ Association, scheduled for April 29 at the Washington Hilton. The White House staff also will not attend the dinner attended by lawmakers and celebrities, Politico reported last month.—More…

Remembrance Project Members Give Their Take on Jeff Sessions-John Kelly Address

Apr 22, 2017 — News on the Net

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly were joined by members of the Remembrance Project, a non-profit dedicated to giving a voice to those killed by illegal aliens, at their joint border security event Friday in San Diego.

Sessions and Kelly joined Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) as they continued their joint tour of border communities to address the crisis in immigration enforcement. The two members of Trump’s cabinet met privately with delegations including family members of those murdered by illegals and Remembrance Project leaders in recent months.—More…

Armstrong and Green: What Does the March for Science Mean by ‘Science’?

Apr 22, 2017 — News on the Net

Saturday’s March for Science calls for “robustly funded” science and “political leaders and policy makers to enact evidence based policies in the public interest.”  But is this just an attempt to dress up the marchers’ political beliefs as science? And what do they mean by science?

Fortunately for those who care, there is a remarkable level of agreement in the writings of scientific pioneers such as Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, and Benjamin Franklin on the nature of the scientific method. That agreement is also reflected in the definition provided by the Oxford English Dictionary.—More…

Mexican Authorities Kill Gulf Cartel, Zetas Bosses in Key Strikes

Apr 22, 2017 — News on the Net

REYNOSA, Tamaulipas — Mexican authorities beheaded two of the leading drug cartels in this state believed to be responsible for most of the violence in the region. Authorities killed the leader of the Gulf Cartel and the head of one of Los Zetas factions during the operations.

Early Saturday morning, authorities killed Juan Manuel “Comandante Toro” Loaiza Salinas aka Julian Loiza Salinas, after a brief but intense firefight in this border city. According to Tamaulipas law enforcement sources, the operation was the culmination of a series of enforcement actions aimed at capturing the leader of the Gulf Cartel.— More…

Parole denied for Brinks heist getaway driver Judith Clark

Apr 22, 2017 — News on the Net

ALBANY, N.Y. –  New York’s Parole Board has denied the release of a former Weather Underground radical who drove a getaway car in the 1981 Brinks armored car robbery that left three people dead.

Judith Clark has served 35 years of a 75-years-to-life sentence for the suburban New York heist, which led to the deaths of two police officers and a security guard.—More…

Attorney General “Aggressively” Investigating Late-Term Abortion Clinic That Sold Aborte

Apr 22, 2017 — News on the Net

In a new, encouraging development, the office of New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas has confirmed to a group of pro-life leaders that an investigation of a complaint filed by Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico against the University of New Mexico (UNM) and Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO) is being “aggressively” pursued.

This investigation also encompasses the criminal referrals against the publicly-funded UNM and SWO, the largest late-term abortion facility in the U.S., made by the House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives. Shaver’s complaint predates the Congressional criminal referrals.—More…

Leftist Magazine: CO2 ‘Far More Deadly’ than Assad Chemical Weapons to Syrian Children

Apr 21, 2017 — News on the Net

A University of Michigan professor penned a piece for The Nation website arguing that Syrian children face a “far more deadly gas” in carbon dioxide than the chemical weapons used by dictator Bashar al-Assad against them.

If President Donald Trump really cared about Syrian children “killed by noxious gases,” Juan Cole argues, he would protect them from global warming and carbon dioxide – a “far more deadly gas.”—More…

2nd doctor, wife charged in female genital mutilation case

Apr 21, 2017 — News on the Net

For the second time in a week, authorities have charged a Detroit area doctor with breaking a federal genital mutilation law, this time arresting a suburban physician and his wife for allegedly helping another doctor perform genital cutting on 7-year-old girls in a Livonia clinic.

According to a criminal complaint unsealed today, while the doctor removed parts of the girls’ genitals, the wife of the clinic owner held the girls’ hands “in order to comfort them.”—More...