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Gov. George Pataki joins calls to defund Planned Parenthood(video)

- Jul 31, 2015

Republican presidential candidate on ‘America’s Newsroom’

‘Deserve to die’: Iraq War vet finds hate note on his car(video)

- Jul 31, 2015

Hateful note on Veteran’s car.

Corporate Welfare for Toyota A Cruel Joke on Taxpayers

- Jul 31, 2015

OTTAWA, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) reacted to the federal-provincial announcement to provide Toyota Canada with $100 million in taxpayer dollars calling it a “cruel joke on taxpayers.”

Liberty Counsel Delivers Planned Parenthood Petitions to Congress

- Jul 31, 2015

Washington, DC - Liberty Counsel hand-delivered over 25,000 petitions asking Congress to investigate and defund Planned Parenthood. More petitions are being signed and will be delivered later this week.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz fails - miserably - to explain the difference between a Democrat and a Soci

- Jul 31, 2015

Usually, when a completely discredited very important Democrat appears on the Chris Matthews program, you expect to see a lot of coddling and hand holding. These people represent Matthews’ team, and he can normally be counted on to go easy with the questions. Every once in a while, though, he lives up to the show’s name and lobs a Hardball. - See more at:

Court Rules Public Library Must Permit Religious Expression

- Jul 31, 2015

Lawrence, MA - A federal court ordered the Lawrence Public Library to open its meeting rooms to religious groups and issued a court order prohibiting the library from enforcing its unconstitutional policy of denying access to programs that include religious viewpoints.

Using the “women’s rights” argument to justify the actions of Planned Parenthood

- Jul 31, 2015

As a woman who lived the sexual revolution and the evolution of women’s right, I have to tell you, I have all the rights I want or need.

Theo Bronkhorst: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

- Jul 31, 2015

A professional hunter is facing criminal charges in Zimbabwe in the death of a beloved lion.

A California Judge Needs a Lesson in the First Amendment

- Jul 31, 2015

Late Wednesday, the Los Angeles Superior Court issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) banning the Center for Medical Progress from releasing video of a meeting with three StemExpress employees at a restaurant last May, potentially violating fundamental First Amendment precedents that bar prior restraints on speech.

Trump’s business plan for media apprentices

- Jul 31, 2015

America: If you want to get past the malignant force choking off every last scrap of your liberty and freedom, you have to go back to school, the one that instructs you how to deal more effectively with an in-the-government’s-pocket mainstream media.

With the Republican majority sent to D.C. now in league with the Democrats, there’s no other way.

Planned Parenthood: Serving mankind from dust to dessert

- Jul 31, 2015

Many baby boomers will recall the classic 1962 Twilight Zone episode To Serve Man, about a seemingly benevolent alien race of giants coming to earth to solve the ills of mankind. Although some people were initially suspicious of the aliens’ intentions, their skepticism was assuaged when the aliens shared their advanced technology and made the earth a better place to live, stopping wars and increasing the food harvests of the planet. Soon, regular flights to the aliens’ home planet were arranged for the masses. Scenes showed countless people excitedly boarding space ships for the vacation of a lifetime. (Spoiler alert). A book left by the aliens, titled To Serve Man, was ultimately deciphered by government cryptographers and it was determined to be… a cook book.

Blind, stubborn ideology, gross incompetence caused capitulation to Iranian totalitarian theocracy

- Jul 31, 2015

Almost two years of “negotiations,“the final “deal"appears as a total surrender of the Obama government to all the demands of the Ayatollahs who boasted that all their red lines have been met. The deal will put them on the path to become a nuclear power, not as a pariah but legitimized by the US and Europe;they will continue to enrich uranium and to develop their ICBM program; the lifting of the sanctions will give them 150 billion dollars to improve their economy and their military capabilities which include, of course, strengthening Hizbollah, Hamas, and other purveyors of terror in the troubled Middle-East.

The Left’s Fight-for-$15 Scam

- Jul 31, 2015

The current feel-good push for a $15 an hour minimum wage has nothing to do with helping workers and everything to do with advancing the goals of the left wing, especially the labor movement.

This is true despite the occasionally soaring rhetoric of President Obama amid the Left’s incessant whining about “income inequality,” itself a particularly un-American concept, an imaginary evil that dwells only in the nightmares of left-wingers. The fact gets lost that the minimum wage itself and continuing increases in the minimum wage hurt working people. Period. And as economist Thomas Sowell has pointed out, minimum wage laws themselves have an inglorious history, having been used to price minorities out of labor markets. If a racist business owner has a choice between a person whose race he likes and someone whose race he doesn’t like and their services cost the same, take a guess whom he’ll pick.

Donald Trump’s Greatest Hits

- Jul 31, 2015

Donald Trump has gotten popular, in part, by challenging the media. But he has praised journalists on occasion. His 2011 book, Time to Get Tough, said David Gregory was “doing a fine job filling some awfully big shoes over at Meet the Press.” It was a reference to legendary and highly respected host Tim Russert, who had passed away.

So-called “Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd,” who replaced Gregory, is a favorite Trump target. “The thing I find most offensive about Chuck Todd is the fact that he pretends to be an objective journalist,” Trump writes, “when in reality the guy is a partisan hack.”

2Q GDP is a sad 2.3 percent; media think that’s good

- Jul 31, 2015

Aren’t you excited? USA Today reports “Economy bounces back”. Business Insider proclaims “America is growing again”. Even Forbes says “Economic growth picks up”.

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