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Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings – and their Meaning

- Jul 3, 2015

There is an annual conference of Nobel Prize Laureates (NPL), commonly held on the picturesque island of Mainau in Lake Constance, Germany, picture below. The 65th of such meetings, under the name Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings just concluded.

IT chief at IRS just blown away at how so many Lois Lerner e-mails were accidentally erased

- Jul 3, 2015

You know, it’s the darndest thing. The IRS tried really really really really really hard to recover all those Lois Lerner e-mails. But you see, what happened was, there was this improbable series of unforeseen accidents, glitches, screwups, mistakes, misfortunes and anomalies. And they couldn’t get them. So, sorry! But rest assured, none of this was intentional!

A helpful list of all the e-mail lies Hillary’s already been caught in

- Jul 3, 2015

I don’t really have anything new here that we didn’t cover over the course of the past week or two. Hillary hasn’t stopped being a self-serving liar, and she hasn’t become a bigger one because that isn’t possible. But in her Potomac Watch column for the Wall Street Journal, Kim Strassel did a nice job of cataloging what we know so far about just about big a liar Hillary has been concerning her private e-mail server, the e-mails she turned over to the State Department and what they contained.

Ex-CNN anchor’s life saved by gun rights CNN doesn’t think you should have

- Jul 3, 2015

Ex-CNN anchor's life saved by gun rights CNN doesn't think you should haveAnyone who spends any amount of time subjecting themself to the lunacy of CNN’s primetime lineup is well aware of one simple fact. The “house that Turner built” is no fan of the 2nd Amendment.  They’ve got a whole stable of anchors, reporters, and analysts whose entire raison d’etre is the limitation or elimination of your gun rights.

Trump wins battle against Political Correctness

- Jul 3, 2015

When Donald Trump announced for President, he made some strong statements about the immigration problems facing our nation. He said that Mexico was “bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.” In essence, Trump noted that Mexico was not sending their scientists and scholars to America.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge a high tech but frustrating phone for cyber curmudgeons

- Jul 3, 2015

It’s cool and it’s high tech, but to this middle aged user Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge is as annoying as it is innovative and interesting. Of course, maybe that’s just me, because nearly everyone I showed the phone to thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Mazda6 gets a 2016 update but same ‘Zoom-Zoom’

- Jul 3, 2015

After debuting to much hullaballoo from enthusiasts, the Mazda6 sedan has soldiered on in near anonymity in its current generation - I see oodles of 3’s on the road but it’s rare to see a 6 around here, and that’s a darn shame because the 6 is pretty well everything the 3 is,  but bigger (though no hatchback or V6, alas).

Can Congress Thwart Obama’s Lifeline to the Castros?

- Jul 3, 2015

On Wednesday, President Obama announced that the U.S. and Cuba will reestablish diplomatic ties. “This is what change looks like,” the president declared. It remains to be seen if Congress will embrace the Communist dictatorship with as much gusto.

Congress is the entity that must approve spending millions on building an embassy, confirming an ambassador, and softening the sanctions imposed on a nation with an extensive track record of human rights violations. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is leading the charge against the administration. On Wednesday he made it clear he is opposed to the normalization process, and threatened to delay the nomination of an ambassador. “It is important for the United States to continue being a beacon of freedom for the Cuban people,” Rubio said in a written statement. “I intend to work with my colleagues to block the administration’s efforts to pursue diplomatic relations with Cuba and name an ambassador to Havana until substantive progress is made on these important issues.”

Idiot spray-paints NIGGER on Dan’s church . . . and the pastor offers the most awesome response ever

- Jul 3, 2015

I got a phone call yesterday morning from my pastor, wanting my help with a matter that had come up. That in itself is not unusual, but the nature of the matter was. In recent weeks we’d had a series of break-in attempts at the church, and while they hadn’t succeeded in getting inside the building, they had stolen the very large grill we keep outside for church barbecues and other special events. Well that can be replaced, although not cheaply.

But whoever it is that’s been doing this - presumably the same people who have been throwing empty three-ounce liquor bottles around the grounds - decided to also leave us a little message on the back door adjacent to our loading dock. Keep in mind, I live in Michigan. Not in the deep south. The photo above is one I took myself at my pastor’s request.

Oregon imposes gag order on Christian bakers in gay wedding case

- Jul 3, 2015

I don’t know if you’ve followed the case of Sweet Cakes by Melissa. This is the now-closed bakery in Oregon that has become a target of state officials because its Christian owners declined to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding.

Not only has the business been forced to close, the state has fined the Kleins $135,000. But it gets worse. Much worse. Now that state has responded to a radio interview the Kleins gave by ordering them to no longer talk publicly about why their faith compels them to decline such business.

We’ve been telling you for some time now that this gay wedding business is little more than a cover for Fascism. Some of you thought that was way overblown. Can you still doubt it after this?

Senate Puts Self-Interest Ahead of Public Interest

- Jul 3, 2015

(This commentary ran in the Toronto Sun on Friday, July 3, 2015)

Imagine there was a rule in our justice system where a convicted criminal could avoid a jail term by simply refusing to show up at prison. This would no doubt strike most people as a ridiculous loophole.

Israel’s populist energy crisis

- Jul 3, 2015

The real cause of the plummet in investments in Israel lays elsewhere. And to understand it we need to understand recent developments in the natural gas industry.

State Silences Bakers Who Refused to Make Cake for Lesbian Couple, Fines Them $135K

- Jul 3, 2015

Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian finalized a preliminary ruling today ordering Aaron and Melissa Klein, the bakers who refused to make a cake for a same-sex wedding, to pay $135,000 in emotional damages to the couple they denied service.

One man’s agony encapsulates the Greek tragedy

- Jul 3, 2015

Distraught elderly Greeks have been queuing outside banks to withdraw pensions - but are restricted to 120 euros

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