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Planned Parenthood: Serving mankind from dust to dessert
 By Doug Hagmann

Many baby boomers will recall the classic 1962 Twilight Zone episode To Serve Man, about a seemingly benevolent alien race of giants coming to earth to solve the ills of mankind. Although some people were initially suspicious of the aliens’ intentions, their skepticism was assuaged when the aliens shared their advanced technology and made the earth a better place to live, stopping wars and increasing the food harvests of the planet. Soon, regular flights to the aliens’ home planet were arranged for the masses. Scenes showed countless people excitedly boarding space ships for the vacation of a lifetime. (Spoiler alert). A book left by the aliens, titled To Serve Man, was ultimately deciphered by government cryptographers and it was determined to be… a cook book.

The Left’s Fight-for-$15 Scam
 By Matthew Vadum

The current feel-good push for a $15 an hour minimum wage has nothing to do with helping workers and everything to do with advancing the goals of the left wing, especially the labor movement.

This is true despite the occasionally soaring rhetoric of President Obama amid the Left’s incessant whining about “income inequality,” itself a particularly un-American concept, an imaginary evil that dwells only in the nightmares of left-wingers. The fact gets lost that the minimum wage itself and continuing increases in the minimum wage hurt working people. Period. And as economist Thomas Sowell has pointed out, minimum wage laws themselves have an inglorious history, having been used to price minorities out of labor markets. If a racist business owner has a choice between a person whose race he likes and someone whose race he doesn’t like and their services cost the same, take a guess whom he’ll pick.

Donald Trump’s Greatest Hits
 By Cliff Kincaid

Donald Trump has gotten popular, in part, by challenging the media. But he has praised journalists on occasion. His 2011 book, Time to Get Tough, said David Gregory was “doing a fine job filling some awfully big shoes over at Meet the Press.” It was a reference to legendary and highly respected host Tim Russert, who had passed away.

So-called “Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd,” who replaced Gregory, is a favorite Trump target. “The thing I find most offensive about Chuck Todd is the fact that he pretends to be an objective journalist,” Trump writes, “when in reality the guy is a partisan hack.”

2Q GDP is a sad 2.3 percent; media think that’s good
 By Dan Calabrese

Aren’t you excited? USA Today reports “Economy bounces back”. Business Insider proclaims “America is growing again”. Even Forbes says “Economic growth picks up”.

Geraldo Rivera explains the position of liberal Jews toward Iran
 By Arthur Weinreb

As much as can be generalized, Jews have traditionally been liberal. This can be explained by the fact that Jews have been persecuted throughout history and they tend to identify with people and groups that are or appear to be marginalized.

With the rise of the new anti-Semitism on the left under the guise of being anti-Israel but holding Israel to a different standard than other countries with serious human rights abuses, it is hard to understand how liberal Jews can still support the left. This has become more apparent with the agreement reached with the United States and Iran that pretty well assures the Persian nation will acquire nuclear weapons. Iran does not hesitate in expressing the opinion that Israel should be wiped off the map.

New Report Confirms Findings of Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi
 By Roger Aronoff

Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi (CCB) member Clare Lopez, believes that in 2011 Hillary Clinton’s State Department was orchestrating its own gun running operation to the Libyan rebels—and that arms dealer Marc Turi has been set up to take the fall for these “illicit arms deals.”

Boehner: Dang it, I can’t play golf with Obama anymore because ‘everybody gets bent out of shape’
 By Dan Calabrese

You people are really something, you know that? You send a regular guy like John Boehner to Washington - a guy who cuts his own grass and irons his own shirts - and all he wants is to be able to play golf with the president in peace. And you # about it, to the point where he’s had to come to the heartbreaking conclusion that hitting the links with Obama just isn’t worth the trouble anymore:

Words we Cannot say in the White House—On Immigration and Terrorists
 By William Kevin Stoos

Hugh Betcha Interviews Obama—Satire—
—There Are No Illegals or Terrorists in America, says the President

In an effort to justify his refusal to protect the southern border of the United States from the torrent of illegal immigrants, drugs, and the spread of violence that has cost the lives of United States citizens such as Kate Steinle, as well as terrorist attacks on military personnel that resulted in the tragic death of five young Marines in a country they (ironically) served to protect, President Obama summoned “The Most Trusted Name in the News 2015,” CFP’s own Hugh Betcha, for an exclusive interview in the Oval Office.

Recent CFP Columns
EGYPT: Fate of Kidnapped Christians Unknown
 By News on the Net   --Christianity - Religion

Source: Morning Star News

Travelling to Libya to be a migrant worker is considered “a quest for the insane” because of the extreme danger involved, according to Ezz Tawfik, a Coptic journalist in Upper Egypt. Yet, in spite of the potential harm, crushing poverty in Egypt drives many, like Bakhit Nageh Efrank Ebeid, 21, to risk their lives in hopes of providing food for their families. That’s why he set out from Kom Badar, Egypt, for Tripoli, Libya.

It’s Time for President Obama to Approve Keystone XL
 By Institute for Energy Research   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment

President Obama has delayed approving the Keystone XL pipeline for almost 7 years, indicating that he would only approve the pipeline if it did “not significantly exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution.”[1] The President’s assertion is suspect, considering there are other sources of oil that the President doesn’t seem to have problems with that emit more carbon dioxide when produced than Canadian oil sands.

Former Exxon President On Mission To Clean Up Oil Sands
 By   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment

Canada has given oil sands a dirty reputation, but a breakthrough, commercially viable technology has caught the eye of a former Exxon Mobil president who is putting it to use to clean up Utah’s billions of barrels of oil sands.

Sennheiser headphones cut the umbilical cord
 By Jim Bray   --Science-Technology

Sennheiser’s RS 175 wireless headphones are a nice way to keep your tunes - or whatever you’re listening to - private while freeing you from being tethered to your audio system. And they do a nice job of it. They sound good, too, as well as offering bass boost and fake surround sound settings.

If Iran starts cheating, Netanyahu has no choice but to strike
 By James Jay Carafano   --World News

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Vienna Agreement overseeing Iran’s nuclear program brought no joy to Tel Aviv.

Obama’s Unilateral Surrender Foreign Policy
 By Michael R. Shannon   --American Politics

It’s not always necessary for a nation to wave the white flag for its enemies to know it has surrendered. Sometimes a leak from an administration official will do just fine without requiring all the logistics of a formal surrender ceremony.

Oh no: New Planned Parenthood video includes lovely review of the day’s available body parts
 By Dan Calabrese   --American Politics

Rob and I agreed that neither of us really had the stomach for this one, but we needed to deal with it and you needed to see it. So he’s working on Hillary’s disdain for your intelligence and I’m left with the task of showing you this.

Hillary says her ‘greatest weakness’ is getting frustrated by people who don’t ‘understand’ how righ
 By Robert Laurie   --American Politics

Haven’t heard of a website called “TheSkimm?” Don’t worry about it. Basically it’s a blog that puts together a daily rundown of news stories. It’s sort of like the Daily Briefings compiled by our own Clark Barrow, but it’s less in depth and less focused on politics.

More “Stimulus” is Not the Answer
 By Canadian Taxpayers Federation   --Canada

Storm clouds are forming over Canada’s economy. Largely in part to a dramatic drop in world oil prices, Canada’s economy shrank during the first half of 2015. The drop was small – approximately 0.5 per cent – but a drop nonetheless. And with a federal election call possibly imminent, politicians are naturally looking for ways to convince the voting public that they are “taking action” to “boost” Canada’s economy.

GOP debate #1: Issues and answers, or jump on Trump?
 By Heritage Foundation   --American Politics

With the first Republican presidential debate just a week away, Donald Trump’s surge in popularity as a candidate has heightened the anticipation of what might happen. Most media people are wondering if Trump will be a pit bull or just a mild-mannered bulldog.

No income inequality crisis in Canada when it’s properly measured
 By Fraser Institute   --Canada

TORONTO—Canada has only seen modest increases in income inequality among families, finds a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

The challenge of mining rare-earth materials outside China
 By American Chemical Society   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment

Five years ago, the cost of rare-earth materials that are critical for today’s electronics went through the roof. An export quota set by China, which mines most of the world’s rare earths, caused the price run-up. Though short-lived, the occurrence spurred calls for developing mines outside China, but whether others can challenge the country’s dominance remains to be seen, reports Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN), the weekly newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society.

CCRKBA Lauds Texas’ ‘Pistol Packin’ Pastor’ Who Stopped Burglar
 By CCRKBA   --Gun Control - Second Amendment

BELLEVUE, WA – The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms today noted that a church shooting this week in Texas will be difficult for anti-gunners to exploit, because it involved an armed pastor who stopped an electronics thief in the act.

Job Losses from Coal Closures Dwarf Gains from Wind Industry
 By Institute for Energy Research   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment

As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) threatens to shut down vast amounts of coal power plants, the federal government continues to shower renewable energy producers with billions of dollars in subsidies and tax incentives. Despite claims from the wind industry itself that is it now cost competitive, Sen. Grassley (R–IA) recently sent a Production Tax Credit (PTC)—a multi-billion dollar subsidy for wind power—largely on the basis of alleged job creation.

Thank God Mr. Cruz is in Washington
 By Lloyd Marcus   --American Politics

My email account was on fire, everyone excited about Senator Ted Cruz calling Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell a liar on the Senate floor. Cruz cited each of Obama’s unprecedented unlawful power grabs and repeals of our freedoms that the GOP promised to block, only to stab us (We the People/Tea Party) in the back. Immediately, I thought, “Thank God Ted Cruz is in Washington.”

Work by British artist features in new book
 By Tim Saunders   --Life-Pets-Gardens-Food

The work of a British artist features in a new book.

Satanic Statue Comes to Detroit – Is There No Price to Pay?
 By Rev. Michael Bresciani   --Christianity - Religion

After a long reign ,as the auto capital of the world, the beleaguered city of Detroit was last seen (2012) asking President Obama to bail them out since over 75 percent of them pulled the levers to get him re-elected to office. Now the city has become the host of Satan’s statue complete with two adoring, admiring and worshipping children as part of the display.

The Iran-North Korea Strategic Alliance
 By Claudia Rosett   --World News

Chairman Poe, Ranking Member Keating, distinguished members of the committee, thank you for the invitation to testify at this hearing on the Iran-North Korea Strategic Alliance, and how it will likely be affected by the nuclear deal with Iran.

Charles Schumer: The Iran Deal and the Banality of Evil
 By Diane Weber Bederman   --American Politics

Dear American Jewish brothers and sisters:

There has been an attempt by the left, the self-designated defenders of social justice, to guilt you into believing that you cannot be loyal to America and loyal to Israel. That what is good for America is not necessarily good for Israel and vice versa. Charles Schumer, who refers to himself as shomer Israel-guardian of Israel,has posited this question. It is a thinly veiled attempt to justify backing of the Iran Deal, as if this deal were good for America.

Mosquitoes in the Mosques
 By Tabitha Korol   --Christianity - Religion

The guidelines for Letters to the Editor of the Chautauquan Daily include warnings that libelous, demeaning or accusatory statements are unacceptable.  This also means that the truth must be curtailed, for it is the truth that supremacist Muslims find inappropriate and offensive, even by those who perpetrate the acts.
Nevertheless, I refer to guest speaker Hussein Rashid, who denied the intensity and frequency of religious violence, citing that Muslims kill a mere 17 Americans per year (surely, not in the year 2001), while mosquitoes kill an average of 750,000. This is the new Moral Inversion, that Sharia law is now moral and mosquitoes immoral.  Are we to flick a wrist at jihadists and the growing body count? (According to Muslim historian Firistha, Muslims killed ~400 million Indian people during invasions and occupation of the Indian continent alone, bringing the worldwide total to more than 890 million victims since the birth of Mohammed.)

S.C. attorney champions “American energy revolution” at international energy summit
 By News on the Net   --Global Warming-Energy-Environment

CAMDEN, S.C. – Environmental attorney Tom Mullikin was described in a recent edition of Alberta Oil magazine as “extolling the glories of the American energy revolution and raining fire and brimstone on the great apostates.”

Hillary tries to defend Planned Parenthood, ends up calling for investigations into entire abortion
 By Robert Laurie   --American Politics

Hillary Clinton is a big Planned Parenthood booster, and the feeling is mutual. Back in 2009, Hillary was the recipient of something Planned Parenthood calls the “Margaret Sanger Award.” We don’t really care what it’s supposed to represent (presumably it has something to do with racism and eugenics) but it’s important to know that the organization and the candidate have a long, cozy, history together.

Pan Am Poured Taxpayer Funds Down the Drain
 By Canadian Taxpayers Federation   --Canada

This op-ed was published on the Huffington Post on Wednesday, July 29, 2015.

As the trope goes, “nobody washes a rented car.” That is, unless you’re the Pan Am Games, and you can pay for it with someone else’s money.

Gun Rights Groups Offer Reward In Slaying Of Seattle Activist Donnie Chin
 By CCRKBA   --Gun Control - Second Amendment

BELLEVUE, WA – Four Second Amendment organizations, including the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, announced today they are offering a $4,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual or individuals responsible for the slaying of Donnie Chin, a respected activist in Seattle’s International District, and also a devoted firearms enthusiast and collector.

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