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Hedonism Leads to Apathy

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By —— Bio and Archives April 19, 2008

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The world has seen many cultures rise and fall.  The common thread among all, from the Ancient Romans and Greeks to others, is that prior to their fall they became selfish, gluttonous and apathetic.  They adopted the feel good and do it now mentality that today’s secularists feel is an invention of their own.

Anyone who studies human nature should find it apparent that our Creator set up a system whereby gluttonous selfishness leads to apathy.  It is therefore of no surprise that those who embody the “feel good, do it now” movement are so out of touch with the needs of the nation and of what constitutes a healthy society that they spend all of their time spinning and twisting the truth about those who oppose their insipid agenda.  It is also of no surprise that in their quest to instill their tasteless and harmful doctrine, they politicize national security concerns and propagate the belief that inviting those who are sworn to the destruction of Western civilization to a big kumbaya will make them see the light, as opposed to emboldening them.  After all, apathy does that to a person.

The Bolsheviks encouraged promiscuity as a way of making the people apathetic.  Yet they would never have gone as far as today’s “liberals” routinely go as a matter of course. 

There are many problems in society.  But instead of addressing them in a true spirit of promoting human rights, today’s “liberals” are stuck on bashing those who oppose the hedonistic agenda that is neither healthy or conducive to anyone.  Today’s conservatives are far more concerned with human rights around the world whereas many liberals are only interested in select cases they can politicize.

I’m not saying that the pandemic of hedonism hasn’t permeated many conservatives as well, it has.  But by and large, those who promote it and wish to indoctrinate society with it are of another political persuasion.   

Selfish indulgence into one’s momentary desires leads to nothing but ruination.  Those who succumb to it often shorten their lifespan and decrease their vitality, all the while becoming increasingly self absorbed.  Doing so is bad enough.  Encouraging others to embrace a similar viewpoint is far worse and attacking those who don’t for no other reason than that they won’t march in lockstep is beyond the pale.

This is the root cause for much of the nonsense spouted by the left.  It is also why they so vociferously attack the right.  It’s a shame.  Embracing a wholesome lifestyle adds depth and dimension to a person.  It keeps them healthier and gives them a reason to live.  It opens up their minds and hearts.  This is on an individual level.

On a societal level, analyzing all issues in terms of what’s best for society, not what best meets a special interest, is paramount to the continuation of any civilization.  A society that works together in moral ways and that allows for the expression of each individual’s talents and abilities, is a healthy and long lasting society that will usually go the distance.  Embracing such a philosophy makes us worthy of receiving many blessings, both individually as well as on a societal level.  It’s essential that we get back to basics, from which all good things flow.

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Yomin Postelnik is a noted conservative writer and political strategist for many conservative federal and state campaigns as well as the author of a Financial Literacy program for at-risk teens.

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