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ISIS kills nearly 200 in attack on Egyptian mosque

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By —— Bio and Archives November 24, 2017

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ISIS kills nearly 200 in attack on Egyptian mosque
ISIS hasn’t enjoyed many strategic victories lately, and like many murderous outfits who are losing their position and their influence, they appear to have resorted to simply killing wherever they can just to remind everyone that they haven’t yet disappeared and that they’re still lethal.

This morning that cost nearly 200 Egyptians their lives:

Militants bombed a Sufi mosque and fired on worshippers

Militants bombed a Sufi mosque and fired on worshippers in the volatile Sinai Peninsula during Friday prayers,  killing at least 184 people in what appeared to be the latest attack by the area’s ISIS affiliate, Egyptian state news agency MENA reports.

The extremists attacked the al-Rawdah mosque in the town of Bir al-Abd, 25 miles from the North Sinai provincial capital of el-Arish, opening fire from four off-road vehicles on worshippers inside during the sermon, three police officers said.

Victims were being transferred to local hospitals, they added, speaking on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to brief reporters. They said the ISIS militants had blocked escape routes from the area by blowing up cars and leaving the burning wrecks blocking the roads.

Egypt’s state news agency reported the casualty toll, citing “official sources,” revising it upward several times following the officials’ initial reports. MENA said 125 people were also wounded in the attack.


The attack was the largest single targeting of Egyptian civilians and the first on a large mosque congregation since the ISIS affiliate began its campaign of violence against the state following the military’s 2013 overthrow of an elected but divisive Islamist president.

Why attack other Muslims?

Why attack other Muslims? Because is a band of sadistic murderers, and their goal isn’t so much to convert everyone to Islam as to force everyone to live under their control and according to their rules. Much of the Muslim world has joined with the U.S. and its allies to turn ISIS back, and this is their way of making it known that there is a price to be paid for that.

It’s not going to work. An attack like this will only bring some who’ve been reluctant to engage the battle on board with the urgency of defeating these bastards. But like I said, that’s what you do when you’re losing your strategic foothold. You just start wreaking mayhem wherever you can because there’s nothing else you’ve got left to do.

The sooner every one of these monsters is destroyed, the better.

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