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Fake News Unhinged MSM Needs to Get A Grip

By Judi McLeod

We can attribute the popularization of the term: “Lies, lies, damned lies, and statistics” to the great Mark Twin, who attributed it to British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

That was back in the day before the mainstream media adopted “lies, damned lies, and statistics.” as their own.

The Great ‘Christian Terrorist’ Unicorn Hunt

By Selwyn Duke

It’s amazing how stupid smart people can seem when intent on putting a square peg in a round hole. This is seen continually when certain apologists try to dig Islam out of its hole—the one dug deeper every time there’s another terrorist act.

Democrat Filibuster of Judge Gorsuch

By Matthew Vadum

Desperate to placate their increasingly rabid far left-wing base, ethically-flexible Senate Democrats are planning to launch a filibuster against a Supreme Court nominee for the first time in a half-century and only the second time in American history.

When Ted Koppel Was a Serious Thinker

By Cliff Kincaid

As someone who goes back decades with Accuracy in Media, I remember the days when Ted Koppel, then with ABC News and host of “Nightline,” would cover serious matters and treat his conservative critics with respect. So Koppel’s attack on Sean Hannity of Fox News was a shocker. Something has happened to journalism, and the problem is not with Hannity, it’s with Koppel.

NIMBYs, including Chris Wallace, Want Obama But not Ivanka in ‘Hood

By Judi McLeod

There’s more than one messy little detail that the New York Post doesn’t mention about the loud Ivanka Trump complaints from NIMBY neighbour Marietta Robinson and elitist Fox News talking head Chris Wallace.

Astute Canada Free Press readers report that Robinson is a registered Democrat;  was appointed by Barack Obama to a consumer protection agency;  is filthy rich; was awarded big money from a 2.2.  billion buck lawsuit related to a contraceptive device and did some UN work.

Liberals GIGO ‘Trudeau, the Licking Post’

By Judi McLeod

The image having sealed a message that was indelible,  Canadian Liberals called back their cardboard cutouts of ‘ain’t-he-handsome’ Justin Trudeau from being used for hundreds of “diplomatic events”.

Veil Dropped on Congress-Impeach-Trump Plans

By Judi McLeod

Canada Free Press reader Bette Hayes sent a note this morning commenting on the bleak look in FBI director James Comey’s eyes during yesterday’s Congressional hearings.  My response back to her was that the eyes are the windows of the soul and Comey’s have ‘that haunted look of a lost and tortured soul’.

Shadow Government’s Tyrannical ‘Twofer’ Doubles Down on Treachery

By Judi McLeod

In the real time of the present, Presidential Election Campaign 2016 is not over, it is only just beginning.

Election Campaign 2016 is not over because it was never meant to be over if Hillary bit the dust.  What’s unraveling now is Backup Plan II, the contingency plan that would be dropped on unsuspecting masses in the event of haughty Hillary losing the election.

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Schumer demands Nunes step down. Trey Gowdy rips him a new one…

They like to tell the GOP which presidential candidates they “fear the most.”  This usually ends up with Republicans running someone like John McCain or Jeb Bush.  They like to offer “helpful” strategy suggestions which, for the last ten years, have been nothing but pathways to conservative failure.


In 2012, Blue Line News Week reproduced an article describing the sad state of backlogs in Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC). Sun Media reported: “A spokesman for the national police agency told QMI Agency there were 430,000 criminal records waiting to be filed into the Canadian Police Information Centre database, with more piling in every day. The backlog accounts for about 10% of the RCMP’s complete criminal record file of 4.3 million records.”

No, the House Freedom Caucus isn’t a bunch of purists

The conservative House Freedom Caucus opposed the proposed “American Health Care Act” —a.k.a. RINOcare — because it was a lousy bill. It was a lousy bill because Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has a political tin-ear. Unfortunately, some pundits are going for the easier explanation that RINOcare failed because the House Freedom Caucus is ideologically rigid.

How dare Nunes inform Trump and the people!

You legislators and the “news” media say “how dare Nunes inform Trump!”.  The answer to that comment is: “Trump is the person whom WE The People put in as the chief executive of this nation and whose job it is to help us to flush that filthy toilet called Washington DC which Trump politely calls the “swamp”.

Boo-Hoo to the in decline, whining Progressives!

It’s easy to deride the aberrant behavior of the leftists we’ve been unhappily witness to, both over the course of the presidential campaign and particularly since Donald J. Trump ascended to the presidency on November 8th, 2016. After all, they’ve never recovered from the Bush v Gore race of 2000!

A Purgatory of a Transition

The period of transition of power from one leadership to another rarely limits to a few days following the elections and can be legally and morally limbo-like for the country.

Alabama congressman files two-page, one-sentence, ObamaCare repeal bill. Pass it, GOP cowards.

Sometimes, we wish you could see more of what goes on behind the scenes of Herman Cain HQ.  We have a lot of laughs, a lot of interesting discussions, and a fair amount of non-PC fun. You’d enjoy it. Then, there are other times when we’re glad you’re not around.  That’s usually when we’re bickering about legislation, and the concept of constitutionalism vs. “conservatism.” 

What A Westinghouse Bankruptcy Could Mean For U.S. Utilities

International news services now report that Japan’s Toshiba Corporation (9502.T) is preparing to make a chapter 11 bankruptcy filing for its Westinghouse Electric subsidiary as soon as this Monday, March 27. For most of our readers this news evokes little surprise. This is merely another chapter of a slow moving financial and accounting train wreck involving nuclear design and construction firm Westinghouse and its troubled Japanese parent, Toshiba. But like an old, leaky garbage scow there is much to clean up in its wake.

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