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Gaia, government funding

Green pagans find way to White House funding

by Judi McLeod

January 11, 2005

They're no fans of Christianity, but the followers of Gaia have discovered a funding stream through the Faith-Based and Community Initiative of President George W. Bush.

Disciples of 21st-century Gaia believe that all living things on earth are interconnected (except man) and that to damage or destroy even the tiniest insect is the equivalent of wiping out an entire ecological system. In layman understanding: Don't swat that fly hovering around the pablum you're feeding the baby.

Former Vice President al Gore could be the most recognized disciple of Gaia. But even though he touted the organized environmental religion in his 1992 book, Earth In The the Balance, Tipper's hubby's got nothing on Gaia disciple Jose arguelles, PaN promoter and leader of New age Transformation.

arguelles advocates that Mother Earth is a living, spiritual being that can actually feel pain.

Members who want to feel what it's like in Gaia, he says, can always tune in to the crystal matrix frequency (Mother Earth's heartbeat) and "chill out".

If you just can't relate to Mother Earth, you might be more in synch with her first-born son, Pan. Something of a Mama's Boy, Pan used to live close to his mother in the primeval forest. There were siblings, but they went out and founded the temple-building societies, like the Egyptians, aztecs, etc. Pan was more a country boy than a city one, so when he refused to join the family in urban centers, they called him names like Satan and insisted Pan was evil. Finally, without Pan, they created their own "selfish" religion, Christianity, which much be eradicated because it includes a vision of an apocalypse.

In modern times, Mother Earth is bringing Pan back to save us and lead us into the New age.

Pan fanciers should know that he still comes in the form of a half-man, half-beast and is only distinguished from Mama by his cloven hooves.

Unfortunately, arguelles, lifetime peace activist and founder of Earth Day, is not trying to be a modern-day Hans Christian andersen, but is the passionate leader of an about to be new, taxpayer-funded green religion.

arguelles was charged by the United Nations to work out the details of the World Thirteen Moon 28-day Calendar of Peace. (See when the big Hand Says Thirteen Moon Calendar, Canada Free Press, august 2004).

Not all Gaia disciples look like pagans. There's man of the cloth, Father Thomas Berry, described by Goddess Earth author Samantha Smith as a dissident Catholic priest and a leader of the UN-sanctioned Temple of Understanding, in New York City.

In this priest's own words, "the world is being called to a new post-denominational, even post Christian, belief system that sees the earth as a living being–mythologically, as Gaia, Mother Earth–with mankind as her consciousness."

according to, it was the Environmental Protection agency that sent out the siren call for Gaia funding. The EPa is informally seeking `ideas' regarding how religious groups who promote green causes like climate change and pollution controls, can qualify for the White House's faith-based funds.

That taxpayers should be asked to fund such objectives on the basis that they aid the poor and disadvantaged is a joke.

The disciples of Gaia who preach tolerance have none for others–and especially not Christians.

For all of their hype, adherents of Gaia are pagans, and pagans should never be funded through the Faith Based and Community Initiative of President George W. Bush.

Canada Free Press founding editor Most recent by Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, Glenn Beck. Judi can be reached at: [email protected]

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