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Michael Schiavo to be presented as hero at Minnesota ethics conference

By Judi McLeod
Tuesday, august 30, 2005

Toronto--Even in death Terri Schindler Schiavo gets no peace from her estranged husband and guardian on earth, Michael Schiavo.

With his Guardian of the Year award from the Florida State Guardianship association on his mantle, Schiavo has been sent an invitation to attend a euthanasia conference at the Hennepin County Medical Center in Minnesota.

Minnesota is Dr. Ronald Cranford country. Cranford was a professor of neurology at the University of Minnesota when he examined Terri Schiavo in 2002.

The upcoming conference is touted with the unlikely title, "33 Years of Clinical Ethics in Minnesota: Ron Cranford's Stories of Heroes and Courage."

In the politically correct tinged world of modern medicine, no-food, no-water, white-coated doctors propelled by right-to-die activism are the comic book-style heroes.

Cranford, who calls himself, "Dr. Humane Death", is a member of the board of directors of the Euthanasia Society of america and has ties to the organization formerly known as the Hemlock Society, another pro-euthanasia group.

Now that they've cashed in on the vegetative state industry, the right to die activists are moving on to the new territory of alzheimer's disease or dementia.

…"Before long, this country will have several million patients with alzheimer's dementia," Cranford wrote in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. "The challenges and costs of maintaining vegetative state patients will pale in comparison to the problems presented by alzheimer's disease."

alleged to have participated in states like California without benefit of a legal license, Cranford openly applauds European values that embrace euthanasia. Countries like Belgium, where experts believe that 10 percent of all deaths now result from euthanasia with drugs administered by doctors to hasten death.

along with Florida circuit judge George Greer and right to die attorney George Felos, Cranford is one of the three amigos who, in effect hastened the death of Terri Schiavo.

"The case of Terri Schiavo is presented as one of the landmark euthanasia cases in the last 30 years." (

according to the Empire Journal, a brochure for the "ethics" conference says the presentations focused "on the development of clinical ethics in Minnesota through the words of some of ethic's greatest heroes."

The resurfaced, award winning, conference headed Michael Schiavo has recently announced he is considering filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against doctors who treated Terri for a bleeding esophagus in late 2003–despite his efforts to have a local judge stop the treatment so Terri would die.

Now working on a possible book with a journalist, how long will it be before Michael Schiavo offers himself as a candidate for public office?

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