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Scam, Kojo annan

Finding Kojo's oil-for-food money

By Judi McLeod
Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Kojo annan's name is going the rounds on Internet get-rich-quick scams.

You know, ones like the offer to befriend the dying billionaire abandoned by his family, just so he can realize his deathbed dreams by getting his money to specific charities, where you will be paid a handsome commission?

"Stephen Jasmins Senyo" is looking for takers to go after the oil-for-food money Kojo cannot get his hands on that is just sitting waiting for retrieval in a safety security vault in Europe.

If you believe that Kojo's oil-for-food money is sitting in a safe security vault in Europe, you likely believe that the United Nations all about world peace.

"Greetings to you, I am a Ghanaian and a friend to Kojo annan, a son of Koffi (sic) annan, the United Nations Secretary General." Senyo writes. "Kojo was in charge of contracts for the United Nations Oil-for-Food Programme in Iraq after the Gulf war.

"He is presently involved in the United Nations Oil-for-food program scandal which brought a lot of criticism for his father's position," (Some people would say not enough, Mr. Senyo).

Senyo claims that as a result of the scandals, poor Kojo cannot directly claim his accrued commissions from the accumulated supplies of medicines and food supplied in Iraq, but rather deposited it in a safe security vault in Europe.

"as a friend he now directed me to solicit for a trustee who will be fronted to apply for the claim without his involvement and after that all the necessary arrangement to move the fund in the bank will be made, but the problem is who will retrieve the fund (sic) from the security vault.

"Now I am asking you to act on behalf of my friend to make this claim. You will only be fronted as his representative and all the relevant documents will be sending (sic) to you with a letter of power of attorney. This is a risk free transaction, and you are not required to travel to Iraq for this purpose since the money was paid to Kojo in cash through the United Nation/New Iraqi government accredited offshore payment institute in Europe before he decided to deposit the fund (sic) in a safe security vault due to the problems at the moment.

"Note that my friend has interest in investing the fund $4,800,000.00 (For Million Eight Hundred Thousand US Dollars) in your country, that is to say you will be his representative in your locality (sic). The fund will be invested through you since he does not want to have any direct link with the funds at the moment because of the scandal and to save the image of his father with the United Nations.

(as loose lips sink ships, loudmouths need not apply for this Kojo opportunity).

"Let me remind you once again that this transaction is 100% confidential and should not in any way be exposed. Therefore if you act in the same confidentiality you must understand that you have some percentage of the fund, which is negotiable between both parties. If this interests you, please contact me immediately to discuss further details."

Earth to Senyo: Your "friend" Kojo blew his wad a long time ago.

One of the first boy toys he bought for himself was a sporty green Mercedes ML 320 in Geneva, Switzerland.

He then shipped the vehicle back to his native Ghana using his father's diplomatic status to avoid paying $14,000 in customs duties.

Kojo blew all his oil-for-food funds on Kojo.

We don't believe Kojo deposited any cash in a safety security vault in Europe. If there's any left, it's more likely under his mattress.

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