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Omar Khadr, "child" killer

alleged U.S. medic murderer portrayed as "teen" and "child" by Toronto Star

By Judi McLeod
Wednesday, November 9, 2005

With murder and attempted murder charges laid against him by the U.S. military, 19-year-old Omar Khadr was presented on the front page of the Toronto Star as a "Toronto teen" and a "child" yesterday.

"Omar Khadr is a child," Muneer ahmad, a Center for Constitutional Rights lawyer, told the Star.

The caption under a huge full colour photo of Khadr identified him as "Toronto teenager Omar Khadr."

If found guilty, Omar Khadr will be the child and teenager who widowed Tabitha Speer.

The charges against Khadr, announced by the Pentagon on Monday, stem from a grenade attack in afghanistan that killed U.S. medic Sgt. Christopher Speer and cost Sgt. 1st class Layne Morris his sight in one eye.

The Star's Tim Harper in Washington and Michelle Shephard in Toronto tend to echo with Omar Khadr's outspoken sister Zaynab, who once said of her brother's alleged role in the grenade attack in afghanistan…"He'd been bombarded for hours. Three of his friends had been killed. He was the only sole (sic) survivor." (Emphasis,

The Canadian youth was the only survivor of a U.S. raid on an al Qaeda compound and is alleged to have thrown the grenade as the americans stormed the building," Harper and Shepard wrote in their double bylined article.

It was last February when Zaynab returned to Canada from Pakistan to lobby for the rights of her two brothers, the then 18-year-old Omar, Canada's only known detainee at Guantanamo Bay and her brother abdullah, whose life will be the focus of an upcoming Hollywood film.

Following Khadr's capture, his sister said the death of Sgt. Speer was no "big deal".

When Canadians complained about Zaynab's outrageous 2004 comments to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) indicating that americans deserve to feel a pain similar to what they inflicted on others, Prime Minister Paul Martin reminded them that as a "Canadian citizen" she had a right to her opinions.

ahmed Said Khadr, the family patriarch and a well-known al Qaeda financier, was once set free from a Pakistan prison by the "aggressive intervention" of Paul Martin's predecessor Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.

When Zaynab returned to family members in Scarborough last February, she was relieved of handwritten documents, a mobile phone and a laptop computer, she claims to have forgotten she had, by the RCMP.

among the songs downloaded on the laptop was one called I am a Terrorist.

It is the opinion of and others that some terrorists use words rather than grenades.

Last February, Michelle Shephard, the same Star reporter who portrays alleged killer Omar Khadr as a "Toronto teen", published Zaynab's email address with a personal invitation from Zaynab for Canadians to "email me".

americans were not issued the same invitation to email Zaynab Khadr at [email protected]

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