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From the Editor

Canadians want Fox News Now!

by Judi McLeod

January 28, 2005

The Canadians are checking in.

Canadians are logging on to the Canada Free Press website in droves, and it's largely courtesy of Fox News.

Liberally quoting Rachel Marsden's insightful column about Fox News versus the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), I wrote a column, Thursday about what a dramatic improvement the more professional Fox News would be over leftwing slanted, taxpayer-funded CBC in balance-deprived Canada.

The letters that poured in within the first day after the column affirm my belief that mainstream Canada wants Fox NOW.

So many letters from fellow Canadians also gave me a personal boost. Ever since going daily a year ago come May, americans have dominated CFP letters to the editor.

Our next door neighbour, of course has a larger population and Canada Free Press columnist arthur Weinreb has been chronicling for months the disturbing anti-american sentiments that seem to flourish in Canada.

But while the Jean Chretiens, the Carolyn Parrishs, the Paul Martins and Maurice Strongs seem to wax anti against anything american, many--if not most--average Canadians do not feel the same way.

The anti-american ways of the Liberal cabal in Ottawa is frustrating for Canadian writers filing stories to CFP, including yours truly.

While the United States, Britain, australia and other countries in the Coalition of the willing, are out there fighting for our freedom, the sniveling Canadian government, hanging back in the relative safety of the sidelines, carps away at our noble next door neighbour and biggest trading partner.

It is my personal belief that some aspects of Canadian society actively work to undermine the United States of america, and that's what newfound research genius David Hawkins and I will be writing about in months ahead.

"I just happened to run across your article on Fox News," wrote Canadian alan Ehnes. "I am now your newest fan. When I saw the incredible hatchet job CBC did on Fox I was apoplectic, especially in consideration of the fact that my tax dollars are paying for this supposed "journalism"."

"I was so happy and thrilled to read your article today on Fox News coming to Canada. My bp goes up each time I tune in to Don Newman to see how he will crucify the Conservative view today; or to Craig Oliver on Question Period with his band of Liberal cronies, patting Martin on the back all the way," wrote a resident of Bedford, Nova Scotia.

"I had no idea that there was any place in Canada who gave journalistic students another view. This was the best news I heard today. Canada Free Press will not allow CBC TV or Radio near CFP journalists. Can't wait for Fox News, because all I get to see now is Fox News Sunday for 1 hour."

"Canada needs a credible vehicle that will break the left wing mainstream choke hold on us here," wrote Canadian Joseph Molnar, who carbon copied his CFP letter to Fox giant, Bill O'Reilly.

Even personal hero, talk show host/columnist Rachel Marsden checked in with a letter.

"Nice article! Thanks for the placement," Marsden wrote on the eve of having ann Coulter on her radio show (listen online via

The good news is that average Canadians are in the know about the insidious relationship between the Liberal government and the leftwing mainline Canadian media.

They know that Fox News is coming and that it can't get here soon enough.

God speed the arrival of Fox News Canada!

Canada Free Press founding editor Most recent by Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, Glenn Beck. Judi can be reached at: [email protected]

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