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Solana could save name of our Saviour

By Judi McLeod
Wednesday, November 2, 2005

It was an even busier day than usual here at when Jonathan almond's letter of Request for Retraction arrived via email. Busy, because our Montreal-based columnist Beryl Wajsman was "banned for life" by Prime Minister Paul Martin from belonging to the Liberal Party–a party with whom Wajsman proudly has no truck. at the same time, some Costa Rican residents reported to CFP that Jean Lafleur–who should be banned for life from membership in the Liberal Party–has been drowning his sorrows somewhat loudly in their otherwise peaceful country.

almond's letter claims that I got my facts wrong in my Monday cover story, Orders from Brussels: Spell Christ with a lower-case "c".

The new spelling regulations in that global region, almond writes, have nothing to do with the European Union.

It wasn't the EU, but an "official multinational body" that has decreed that the surname of our Saviour should be written without a capital "C" starting in august of 2006.

and those are the new rules--only if you happen to be writing in the Dutch language.

It seems that spelling reforms for Dutch-speakers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Surinam are dictated by something called the "Green Booklet".

as proof of the European Union's innocence, almond emailed an attachment for an article he wanted me to read: (

Others who disagreed with the cover story noted my sarcasm that European Union boss Javier Solana gets to have his name and titles spelled out in capital letters,

I don't know much about the "official multinational body" or the "green booklet" that will see to Christ's name spelt with a small "c" as of next august.

But I do know that an ocean away in a Brussels crystal palace the EU, the United Nations of Europe, gets to regulate on everything right down to crooked bananas.

If it weren't the original idea of Javier Solana and Company to minimize Christ's name with a lower-case "c", it would be one of the few areas where the EU did not involve itself in regulating.

Indeed, the European Union now runs most of Europe.

If Solana wants to do something worthwhile, he could start by regulating the "official multinational body" and the "green booklet", and in so doing save the name of the Saviour.

Meanwhile, Mr. almond, in true European Union fashion, your request is denied.

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