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Turkey, EU

Turkey and the future of the European Union

By William John Hagan
Saturday, November 26, 2005

Much against the desires of revisionist historians, Europe is the epicenter of the Christian world. It was not the Church of Jerusalem, under Saint James, that spread the message of Jesus Christ to the world; it was the Church of Rome and its twin pillars, Saints Peter and Paul, who laid the foundation for a unified European culture. The sole coalescing force that had brought together a people as diverse as the Europeans was the spread of the Roman Catholic Church during the dying days of the Roman Empire. as with the spread of Islam in the Middle East, the Roman Church in its early years often acted in a most un-Christian fashion. The persecution of Europe’s Jews, the Knight’s Templar, and the Gnostics were bloody and horrific. However, the faith followed a course not found in its Eastern Islamic counterpart, and developed into a modern religious philosophy that can be regarded as one of the most significant institutions on the planet. When one speaks of the Church today, we refer not only to its mother in Rome but to the entire Christian faith, from Catholicism and anglicism to Protestantism.

The diversity of Christianity in Europe demonstrates the vitality of this belief as it has adapted to the individual cultures it serves; while, still forming a loose unification that has allowed the majority of Europe to develop from a barbarian culture to a center of world civilization. The greatest external threat that Europe, and its unified culture, has ever faced was the brutal invasion and occupation of great tracts of territory by the Ottoman Empire. The influence of this Islamic occupation can still be seen today throughout Central and Eastern Europe. The role of the Ottoman descendants in Bosnia-Herzergovina and the support they received from Osama bin Laden unnecessarily prolonged the bloodshed in Bosnia. The untold story of this war is that Muslims of Bosnia, who have been successful at painting themselves as victims of the Croats and Serbs, were importing weapons and fighters from throughout the Islamic world with the assistance of Osama bin Laden. When the guns in Bosnia were finally laid to rest, bin Laden turned his support to the Kosovo Liberation army (KLa), in Serbia, in their attempt to establish an independent Islamic Kosovo within the heart of Europe. Serbia employed brutal, but necessary, means to contain this Islamic threat to European sovereignty until President Clinton, in a well-calculated move to distract the US public from his relationship with Monica Lewinsky, made the decision to send US troops to fight in support of the bin Laden-funded KLa.

Today, the Turkish problem is, once again, threatening the future stability of Europe. after years of opposition by Greece and austria, Turkey is now being considered for membership in the European Community. If you think France has a problem with Islamic immigration today, just wait until the day comes when the short-sighted Europeans admit Turkey into the European Union. The mass migration of poverty-stricken Turks into every nation of Europe will overwhelm their already weak economies, but the true danger will be the cultural invasion that will forever change the face of Europe.

Time and again, legal and illegal Islamic immigrants to Europe have proven unwilling to assimilate themselves into mainstream European life. Unlike immigrants from India, who have retained their religious beliefs and become loyal citizens of Great Britain, the Muslims of Europe have chosen to ignore the languages and cultures of their host nations. In effect, they have become self-ghettoized and contributed little to Europe other than becoming a drain on its social systems. The fact that these autonomous communities have also become the harbingers of terrorism is a fact that can no longer be ignored.

Today, Europe is unable to cope with the Islamic population it has, and short of forced expulsion there are few solutions to this mounting problem. The admission of Turkey into the European Community will be the final blow to the Christian identity of Europe. Once the Turkish people are free to live in and work, legally, in the European nation of their choice, the problem will not be Paris burning but a deluge of Islamic immigrants into the Christian world which will be unstoppable. If one remembers with horror the acts of Black September, the Red Brigade, or the sectarian violence in Yugoslavia; then, just wait until every citizen of Turkey has a European Passport.

William John Hagan is a columnist for Canada Free Press.

He can be reached at: [email protected]

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