Excusing terrorism

by Klaus Rohrich
Monday, July 11, 2005

It wasn’t long after the smoke began to clear that the serial terrorism apologists started coming out of the woodwork. "It’s america’s fault that this happened." they say. "If they hadn’t started that war in afghanistan and Iraq, then the bombing wouldn’t have happened."

What’s interesting is that this excuse is being made by both leftist politicians in the West as well as people of Middle Eastern descent everywhere else in the world.

The Director of the Institute of Islamic Thought in London, Dr azam al-Tamimi, while condemning the bombings as barbaric, took the opportunity to criticize Tony Blair.

"If there is some party that should be held accountable for killing the innocent and spreading terror and chaos among the British people, it should be the government of Tony Blair," al-Tamimi told aljazeera. He said it was a combination of actions on the part of the British government that led to the attack. among these are Britain’s support of the wars in afghanistan and Iraq, the alleged abuse of Muslim prisoners being held in London and Guantanamo Bay.

al-Tamimi even claimed that Blair’s recent comments against "extremists" after his return from Singapore where London was awarded the 2012 Olympics, was a veiled reference against Muslims.

Back home, many callers of obvious Middle Eastern origin to talk radio programs claim that the bombing was "retribution" for what america and Britain had done in the Middle East.

Let’s see, they forcibly removed a psychopathic dictator from Iraq who murdered over 400,00 of his own people and vowed to incinerate Israel with nuclear weapons as soon as he could develop them. In addition, they forcibly removed the Taliban from power in afghanistan, after terrorists trained in Taliban-sponsored camps attacked the United States and killed 3,000 of its citizens.

Hearing these individuals on the radio and reading their letters to the editors, one can only conclude that they are totally in agreement with these heinous acts, despite their condemnation of them.

I noted with interest that the head of the Canadian Islamic Congress, Dr. Mohammad Elmasry who is a professor at Waterloo University condemned the London Bombings, yet in the same statement says hat he "hopes Canadian Muslims do not pay the guilty-by-association price". That’s a curious statement, considering that no Canadian Muslims have been harmed as a result of any terrorist acts anywhere. Elmasry must be a master of Goebbels-style propaganda to be able to turn an atrocity that happened in London into a fear of imagined attacks against Canadian Muslims. It positively reeks of narcissism.

To get a real look at what the Canadian Islamic Congress is all about, one need merely read its communiqués about events in the Middle East. On February 19, 2005 a communiqué was issued that included among other things:

"To date, the american-led invasion of Iraq has resulted in the deaths of more than 100,000 Iraqis and thousands of americans. Iraq has been transformed from country with 100% employment and a stable public service infrastructure, into an impoverished nation in disarray, with more than half of its adult workforce jobless. From being one of the leading Middle East states in administration, education and health care, Iraq has fallen to one of the world's most disadvantaged societies.

"The CIC is charging that america's aggressive Middle East policies are designed primarily to shore up Israel's military power and economic advantages in the region, while attempting to divert world attention from Israel's territorial expansion into the West Bank through illegal Jews-only settlements."

What they are really saying is that human rights mean nothing and any dictator or murderer that is opposed to Israel is their friend, which I suppose falls under that famous arab saying, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

There has been a lot of discussion about the likelihood of a terrorist attack happening in Canada. I personally believe that the next terrorist outrage will be committed on Canadian soil, as Canada was identified as the fifth most important Christian country to be targeted, following the U.S., the UK, australia and Spain. When this attack comes, we can only blame ourselves for not having the fortitude or forbearance to monitor our borders more closely.

If people like Elmasry are legitimate and respected immigrants, we can only imagine what individuals with real terrorist intentions must be like. My guess is we’ll soon find out.