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Extra ballots, Federal Election

Official Elections Canada ballots being used in classrooms?

By Judi McLeod
Friday, January 20, 2006

Like many Canadians, Canada Free Press hoped that Prime Minister Paul Martin didn't know something they didn't when he insisted so adamantly yesterday that he was certain to win Monday's federal Election.

It's a given that politicians of all stripes out on the campaign trail routinely show bravado and make such boasts, even when polls indicate their party is trailing behind their closest opponents.

See updated story:
Official Canada Elections ballots were used in activist-controlled Student Vote

There is no doubt that Martin is saying the opposite of even liberal-leaning news outlets like the Toronto Star and CBC and that some political pundits claim that these outlets could be trying to get Liberals out on Election Night by repeating that the Conservative Party is ahead in the polls.

On the same day, a CFP letter to the editor arrived from the father of a high school student. "My son came home for lunch a few minutes ago and told me that his class had a mock vote this morning–using official Elections Canada ballots.

"The school, Thomlea Secondary now has hundreds of randomly marked official ballots.

"I wonder what will become of them," the parent wrote CFP.

Just as we were comforting ourselves that the Thomlea Secondary mock vote was a one-of-a-kind classroom exercise, a worried parent from Burlington called CFP this morning with the same complaint. Students in his son's class also had a mock vote Thursday, in which official Elections Canada ballots were used.

Should any teachers happen to read this breaking news item, the number to call CFP is 416-9771308 or 416-977-0183.

Meanwhile, we can only hope that the official Elections Canada ballots used at mock votes in Ontario classrooms will find their way to the school's shredder and that this is just 11th hour election jitters.

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