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The Pope, fatwa, a nun's murder, John McCain

We're already living under Muslim law

By John Burtis

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Boy, it sure seems that the old religion of peace, Islam, is up to no good, again, what with their latest fatwa on the Pope and our strong suspicions about having a few of their ardent adherents mow down a nun by shooting her four times in the back.

You know how things are lately, have somebody let go with a macaca and a Republican is in very hot water on every TV news program there is for weeks, to say nothing of the nonstop editorials calling for his scalp, his Lions Club Card, and his Tivo. My land, even Ted Kennedy is appalled at such boorish behavior.

But take a long sentence about a guy's outlook written in the middle ages, and boom, we've got calls for apologies coming out of the woodwork.

I mean, currently, the Pope is only 417 calls for additional public atonements behind a publicly blighted Mel Gibson. But Mel ranted against the Jews, which didn't make much of a stir in the lands of the minarets, with the DNC, at MoveOn.Org, or over at the sterling campaign offices of Mr. Benjamin Cardin (D-MD).

Nope, over there rants against the Jews are de rigueur of late, and are posted until Mr. Steele's Republican campaign makes a real stink about the tarts from MoveOn.Org clogging up the blogs with racial epithets. Just like Joe Lieberman had to do with the MoveOn.folks. But with the liberals it's all fun and games and none of it means a thing.

I mean, Chuck Schumer had his big gaffe too, when his staff grabbed Mr. Steele's social security number and went phishing with it. But that was all right too, and Chuck never apologized either and just let the errant pogeys go. Heck, they were from somebody else's staff and didn't understand laws and such and were out to lunch during the briefings on behavior when Chuck Schumer's extensive background in privacy was drummed into everybody.

Il Papa, however, made a real mistake, and upset the apple cart over there in ayatollah-land, where the green flags are fluttering, the fatwas are flying like the papers blowing around when the WTC towers fell, and the effigies of the Pope are burning so fast and furious that the local fire brigades can't keep up with the brush fires they're causing in the tinder dry conditions that exist in Syria, Iran, Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Egypt, Detroit, London, Paris, Lackawanna, and the other Muslim conclaves.

and over at the New York Times, our own version of a Manhattan mosque replete with minarets, where Pinch Sulzberger calls a diminishing number of the faithful to prayers daily, seemingly endless calls for the Pope to grovel before and toward Mecca on his hands and knees through broken glass are broadcast hourly.

I mean, really, Pinch Sulzberger has found something really epigrammatic to sink his porcelain inlays, ceramic caps, and bridgework into with those twenty words or so from an errant Der Papst. No, not from those dreadful murdering and torturing Islamo-fascists, never.

But pity poor Sister Leonella Sgorbati, a 38-year-veteran of East africa's most poverty stricken areas, who had served in Somalia for the past five, bringing her good deeds to the world's poorest. She ran afoul of the great Muslim outpouring of grief and shock over the Pope's speech and caught a quick four bullets or so in the back for being a woman of the same cloth, who worships the same God as Benedict.

But such is modern Islam. The slightest hint of an insult results in a plethora of fatwas calling for outright murder and, of course, the follow on death of as many innocents as can be piled up for the photo-shop enhanced photos streaming from the stringers paid by the aP, Reuters, and, of course, the New York Times.

and not to be out done, the news networks, led by that crenellated Katie Couric, will discuss the unpleasantries associated with those of us who dare disturb the religion of peace and bring on the massive outcry and associated killings, arsons, tortures, and beheadings which follow in the wake of the slightest upset of the religion of peace.

Funny, but the Pope, in his wisdom, was just pointing out to the world that not much has changed in the Islamic world since, oh, about 900 aD, and boom, there they go again, proving the man right. Just kick up a bit of dust that the wind'll blow on a shadow of Mohammed and the onslaught against suspected apostates starts anew.

But it seems that only the yellow dog press, that counterfeit statesman Kofi annan, his gang of criminally irresolute boyos at the UN, John Kerry, the article 3 kissers in the Democratic leadership, the bogues at the New York Times, the mimicking catbirds on CNN, and the rest of the liberal folks daintily toeing the progressive line, can actually tell when violent Islamic acts cease. Just as they're the only baseborn contrivers who can importune when Muslim savagery actually begins again after the poor long suffering believers are goaded into a fresh stand-up performance as a result of another dimly associable faux pas perpetrated by either the Republicans, Christians, american or allied soldiers, the Ozzies, Israelis of any occupation, or President Bush.

But for all too many of us - who sit painfully on the sidelines and watch every murder, beheading, cry for more deaths, public stonings, shooting of a nun in the back, arson of a synagogue, fresh demands for the destruction of Israel, the accelerated proliferation of nuclear weapons among the insane, the idolatry of the Islamist visions of Jimmy Carter by the lunatics on the left, the granting of greater rights to the terrorists by our Supreme Court than the Geneva Convention grants these violent bandits, fatwas for the murder of the Pope, the gleeful preaching of genocide by Mr. ahmadinejad, the latest abject failure of the execrable UN to enforce any written element of resolution 1701 -- it is utterly astounding to finally realize that we are already living under Muslim law.

and when you look at the latest sublime idiocy plied by John McCain, John Warner, Susan Collins, and Lindsey Graham-- in light of all the above - in their all too blatant attempt to curry favor with the most vile instruments of international terror who daily preach our destruction, you'll see that they have moved our heads, every last one of them, directly beneath the sharpened scimitar and the crescent moon.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod