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Kofi annan, retirement, legacy

Requiem for a welterweight

By John Burtis

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kofi annan, the former Secretary General of the United Nations, has held his farewell press conference and is finally shuffling off into a plush Swiss sunset.

So, while the laughter fades away, we're being told that there's an ongoing problem with the free lodgings once bequeathed the pirouetting little anti-american peacock by the US taxpayers as the curtains on his storied reign at the UN come down, thanks to an article in the New York Sun.

The concern swirls around this heavily subsidized Roosevelt Island apartment, which was passed on to his brother and his family after the dapper little mouthpiece moved into his UN supplied multi-million dollar mansion, where we contribute some 40% of its operating costs, all courtesy of the monies we shovel into the slavering maw of that failing body of abject sycophants, bandits, and tin pot tyrants. and the main question centers on whether Kobina annan, some sort of an ambassador to Ghana, and his wife, will remain on our public dole forever.

This episode just happens to illustrate the depth of fraudulence contained in Mr. annan's latest lecture to the United States for being stingy in providing free worldwide largesse, which was recently delivered in Missouri in honor of Harry Truman's retirement, or was it Winston Churchill's description of the Iron Curtain, which anyway came amid Mr. annan's pleas to his taxman to continue including his second Manhattan family as dependents.

Holding on to this place will insure that Kofi has a free place to shack up in on future visits to the scene of his greatest financial coups, especially since the current occupants will be living in africa.

In his final press conference, where he made no comment about this latest spate of suspicious activities, the diminutive thief, catch penny building renovator, and finely tailored and tonsured humbug, exclaimed that his greatest failure and "worst moment" was his inability to "avert the Iraq War," so deleterious to his friend Saddam Hussein.

But, he admitted in a rare show of openness, "There was some mismanagement," in the Oil for Food Program. He also explained that, "…there may have been some UN staff members engaged," conveniently overlooking the simple fact that it remains the largest scandal in the history of the deeply tarnished assembly, if not the world, and that it was his personal office, the UN Secretariat, which overlooked Mr. Hussein's collection of the massive rake-offs and enabled the enormous world-wide oil smuggling operation to flourish. and the name of his old friend, Benon Sevan, whose fingerprints were all over Saddam's nefarious plan, was conveniently absent from his pointed farewell comments.

In closing, Mr. annan also forgot to provide an overview of his uniquely feckless serial journeys to the Middle East, his preferred method of groveling before the Islamist terror mongers, where he conveniently blamed Israel for all the major ongoing regional problems and where he joined Mr. Jimmy Carter, the plagiarizing american goober pea producer of renown and the america's chief cheap jacker, in the ongoing denigration of the region's only democracy.

and, not content to merely gloss over the worlds largest recorded scandal with a heartfelt and riveting expostulation, Mr. annan went on to ask what the world would do without the UN, saying, "If the UN is no longer here, how do we deal with some of the issues that cross borders? Who is going to speak out and stand up for the poor, the weak, and the voiceless?"

How indeed, Mr. annan, will the world handle these manifold problems with the outfit you've passed on to your successor?

The blue helmeted "Peace keepers" are a total disgrace, with a long shabby record of sexual misconduct, rape, the dragging local women into prostitution, turning a blind eye to the rearming of Hezbollah, operating rigged games of chance, and the like, almost everywhere they have been employed, from the Congo to Srebrenica.

and while the UN's own troops have been tarred with a wide brush of their own making, the august body itself, in addition to their enormous pilfering of its own supplies courtesy of a ring caught operating in the UN's procurement office, has been a total failure in ending, or even approaching, the humanitarian nightmare in Darfur, those uncovered elsewhere, and the untold thousands of lives lost as a result of Mr. annan's outright dithering.

Isn't it a perfect oddity, that even in leaving our sullied shores for a magnificent retirement chalet in Switzerland, Kofi annan still lays down the redolent odor of fraud, corruption, a penchant for sucking down free american handouts, speaking with a forked tongue, expanding his ceaseless lust for graft to his brother's family, and in displacing our own middle class citizens, who could've enjoyed an unimpeded view of Manhattan at a reduced rate provided by our taxpayers, if Mr. annan's former apartment was not being occupied by his transient diplomatic relations.

Sadly, Kofi annan represents all that is patently evil about the all but worthless and morally bankrupt United Nations, which has become nothing more than a rotten borough for the hiring of expensive no-show hacks on a world-wide scale, for those big jobs with fancy retirements without any duties except to line one's pockets and fob off the investigators, well lit and attended bully pulpits to flog america, and gathering places to receive the friendly back slapping and pay-offs from the planet's leading murderers.

and yet, even with the departure of this craven, fascist worshipping wastrel, we still get to host and bankroll the ongoing bacchanal and venal charnel house that is the United Nations today.

Thanks for the memories, Kofi, there hasn't been dull moment with you at the UN's helm. Pity your poor innocent victims.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod