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In Spain Mama & Papa are "Progenitors" and it's official

By Judi McLeod
Wednesday, March 15, 2006

In Spain where they say, "Si, Si!" they no longer say Mother and Father. It's now "Progenitor a" and "Progenitor B".

Progenitors a & B don't come from space ship Progen, they are the new way for Spanish government to identify Ma and Pop in the era of same-sex marriage.

The Spanish government last year joined countries like Canada in making same-sex marriages legal.

With the dispensation of the terms Mother and Father, government officials say that the concept of the traditional family has changed with the times. Homosexuals who adopt children, need to be identified in more fitting terms.

So new births registered at the State Civil Registries in the Family Book now fall under the headings of Parent (progenitor) a, and Parent (progenitor) B.

The new changes replacing Mother and Father come courtesy of a ministerial order.

"Juan Fernando López aguilar, Spanish Minister of Justice, excused the ministerial order by claiming since the government modified "the status of civil marriages, to allow the union of same-sex couples, it was necessary for a new format for the Family Book (Libro de Familia) and one that uses terms such as "Parent a" and "Parent B" instead of "Father" and "Mother".

"That's right. To match up its same-sex marriage legislation to the Civil Registry, the government deemed that Spaniards could no longer qualify themselves as either "Fathers" or "Mothers" of their children." (, March 10, 2006).

Since throwing Mama off the Family Book, the socialist government has had to soften its stance.

"Now the Socialists claim that the traditional Family Book model will co-exist beside a new model that incorporates the Parent a, Parent B ministerial order. The government says that these two models are a mirror of modern society" (

among the first dissidents fighting the Spanish government are the Lesbian groups, who strongly object to the term `progenitor' (parent).

Many words in Spanish (and in other languages) have gender. Some words are masculine, and others are feminine.

The government's proposed, progenitor is masculine, and according to dissident Lesbian groups, doesn't recognize their feminine side. The new terms, they say, make them feel discriminated against.

Meanwhile, in their steadfast quest to be politically correct, governments the world over are taking on the impossible.

But in Spain where babes in the nursery have cried out "Mama" for centuries, will now by government decree be crying out for "Proge".

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