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Word `blessed' offensive to Ontario Ministry of Transportation

By Judi McLeod
Friday, July 14, 2006

The ultra, politically correct, Kingston-based License Renewals Unit of the Ontario Ministry of Transportation finds the word 'blessed' offensive.

Christian Cornelia J, Magcalas wanted the word BLESSED4' on her license plate.

The Ministry of Transportation deemed the word unpalatable for the constituency it serves.

'Since the introduction of this program in 1983, the Ministry has taken the position that we would not knowingly issue any plates with words or slogans which other citizens might consider offensive or inappropriate,' supervisor Sandi Wood wrote in response to Magcalas. 'This is often a difficult task since what may be seen as offensive or inappropriate by one individual may not be seen as such by another. However, a decision has to be made one way or the other, Therefore, we can only hope for the understanding and co-operation (sic) of either the requester or the public at large, depending on the decision made.

'The Ministry's concern, in your particular case, is that the plate would be considered by some members of the public to have a religious connotation. '

God only knows who but the Ontario Ministry of Transportation could find the word `blessed' offensive on behalf of the rest of us,

Having turned the recipient down on her request, the ministry is also forcing the applicant to wait for a refund…'a refund of your application is being processed and you should receive your refund cheque in the next six to eight weeks,' wrote Wood.

The Ontario plate request is the opposite to the outcome of a recent one in Connecticut.

'I am very grateful that the `Constitution State' has reinstated our organization's plate,' commented Dr. Elizabeth Rex, President of the Children First Foundation (CFF), who was greatly relieved to hear that the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles had officially and fully reinstated the organization's pro-adoption 'Choose Life' specialty plate. (Christian Newswire, July 8, 2006).

'Back on May 24, attorney General Richard Blumenthal and Democratic State Representative Roberta Willis jointly signed a letter urging the DMV to 'reconsider' and 'rescind' the issuance of CFF's specialty plate.

'On May 25, without any notification whatsoever from the DMV, a reporter called Dr. Rex with the news the DMV had initiated an investigation, suspended the issuance of CFF's specialty plate and removed the 'Choose Life' logo from the DMV website.

CFF's attorneys threatened to sue the DMV in federal court under the 14th amendment that guarantees due process and equal protection under the law. In addition, Chapter 54 of Connecticut General Statutes clearly states: 'No revocation, suspension, annulment or withdrawal of any license is lawful unless, prior to the institution of agency proceedings, the agency gave notice by mail to the licensee of facts or conduct which warrant the intended action, and the licensee was given an opportunity to show compliance with all lawful requirements for the retention of the license,

The DMV conducted a thorough investigation and signed a formal and legally binding agreement with The Children First Foundation confirming that the regional organization is now–and has always been–in full compliance with all DMV regulations and officially reinstating CFF's 'Choose Life' plates for purchase by its Connecticut members.

'No elected official is ever above the law,' commented Raymond W. Belair, Esq, who represented CFF. 'The resolution of this matter on terms acceptable to the Children First Foundation by the Dept. of Motor Vehicles represents an acknowledgement of that fact.'

'This unfortunate event has a happy end,' said Dr. Rex. 'actually that's what adoptions and safe havens are all about…more happy endings, more ‘smiling faces' of children like those on our 'Choose Life' plates.'

Meanwhile, there will be no blessings from the Ontario Ministry of Transportation for those not in politically correct mode.

Canada Free Press founding editor Most recent by Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, Glenn Beck. Judi can be reached at: [email protected]

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