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Maurice Strong, China, Soros

Chairman Mo, George Soros flunk on Chery

By Judi McLeod

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

2007's getting off to a gloomy start for partners Maurice Strong and George Soros.

The deadly duo, who had big plans to flood the american market with as many as 250,000 cheap Chinese-made Chery cars in 2007 are instead facing Chery worldwide recall.

You'd never know it from the mainstream media, but Strong and Soros, who formed the `Partnership from Hell', are already on thin ice in the auto industry.

"Chery automobile Co. Ltd., one of China's largest own-brand car makers, announced its first recall of products worldwide days ago." (, Dec. 22, 2006). "It's the first time for a Chinese own-brand automaker to recall its vehicles globally as the products to be recalled involving (sic) those sold to overseas markets."

Strong and Soros had big plans for the Chery in North america starting in 2007. They were going to flood the market and decimate Ford, Chrysler and General Motors.

Both bitter septuagenarians are proponents for the One World Order-promoting United Nations.

The Canadian born Strong, who all but disappeared from the world stage after his alleged links to the UN Oil-for-Food scandal became public knowledge in 2005, has since been carping against the United States from the safety of Chinese soil.

Soros is still railing against the presence of George W. Bush in the White House. after blowing $23 million to keep Bush from returning to the Oval Office, Soros told reporters in 2004, if Bush were to be re-elected, he planned to go away to "some kind of monastery to reflect on what is wrong with us."

But now these anti-US blowhards will be ringing in the New Year with embarrassing business headaches.

Wuhu-based Chery has submitted its recall report to the General administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China (aQSIQ).

Chery said in the report that it would recall 1,875 Triggos with auto transmission, produced during the period from March 27 to October 25 this year, as of December 20, 2006 until March 31, 2007, due to a faulty wire in the front cover.

and that's not Chery's first recall.

The Chinese carmaker's Oriental son models, produced between July 14, 2003 and May 6, 2005 are on recall--making it the first such action by a Chinese sedan brand in China.

"Qin Lihong, vice general manager of Chery's marketing company, said in an interview on Nov. 20 that Chery has made full preparation and guarantees sufficient supply of components and parts for this move which will begin as of Nov. 26." (People's Daily Online, Nov. 21, 2005). "The national quality watchdog issued its annual report on the implementation of regulations on recall of defected automobiles recently. Since t he regulations were promulgated in March last year, 29 such actions have been initiated by 21 Chinese and foreign auto makers by September this year, involving 33 models and 339,696 units recalled. Chery's recall this time, although prompted by a minor defect on the vanity mirror of the sun visor, is the first of such moves by an indigenous brand."

In 2006, Chery exported over 25,000 units t o cover 30 countries and regions including Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Russian and Iran.

a kind of "Poor Man's Wheels", the Chery can be bought in China for $3,600. In the United States, the Chery list price is expected to be around $20,000.

But a lot of folk, cashing in on the "Poor man's wheels" are getting a lemon with their Chery.

Pictures, with Cherys folded like the proverbial accordion, tell the story. Hard to imagine how some of the drivers walked away from the wrecks.

Strong and Soros, who only months ago hoped to take over the U.S. market, are now back at the drawing board.

The origination of the Chery was less than auspicious.

"The Chery is a knockoff of the South Korean Spark, sold in the U.S. in partnership with General Motors. (WorldNetDaily, June 12, 2006). "GM filed a lawsuit against Chery automobile Co. for piracy of the car developed by its South Korean Daewoo."

"The lawsuit launched in the name of GM Daewoo auto & Technology Ltd., contends Chery's QaQ copied the design of Daewoo's Matiz, while Chery claims it developed the aQaQ on its own. GM's investigation results showed the two vehicles "shared remarkably identical body structure, exterior design and key components."

The Chery lacks an attribute coined by Maurice Strong: "sustainable".

Meanwhile, perhaps Strong and Soros should stick to activism.

Canada Free Press founding editor Most recent by Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years experience in the print media. Her work has appeared on, Drudge Report,, Glenn Beck. Judi can be reached at: [email protected]

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