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Canadian Terrorists

another Suspect arrested in Toronto Terror Plot

By Douglas J. Hagmann & Judi Mcleod

Saturday, august 5, 2006

Ibrahim alkhalel Mohammed aBOUD, 19, a resident of Falconer Drive in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada was arrested late Thursday in connection with his alleged involvement in a terror plot to attack multiple targets in Canada. aBOUD was arrested by the RCMP's Toronto-based Integrated National Security Enforcement Team, and is the 18th suspect to be arrested since the June 2 arrests that put 17 alleged co-conspirators in custody. He is charged with participating in terrorist activities and attending a terrorist training camp located in the Washago, Ontario area. The charges fall under Section 83.01 of the Criminal Code that outlines terrorism-related offenses.

according to aBOUD'S neighbors, police walked the suspect out of his townhouse in handcuffs about 6:00 p.m. ET Thursday, and placed him into the back seat of an unmarked police car. Following his arrest, police then conducted an extensive search of his residence, leaving with numerous plastic cases filled with various items labeled as evidence.

according to information obtained by the Northeast Intelligence Network and, aBOUD and two younger brothers live with their parents who have resided at this location for the last 12-18 months. News reports are quoting friends of aBOUD and his family, describing them as friendly but quiet. according to 17 year-old ali Javed, who resides in the same housing complex and attended the same high school, aBOUD led the traditional Muslim call to prayer on Fridays at the Streetsville Secondary School in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga, Ontario. aBOUD and one of his brothers frequently attended the al-Rahman Islamic Centre for Islamic Education, and were often seen "hanging out" in front of the Mississauga mosque following prayers.

as initially reported by investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network and following the arrests of 17 men by police and CSIS officials on June 2, 2006, numerous others from Canada, the United States and at least four other countries are suspected to be involved in this extensive terrorist plot. Based on information obtained from Canadian and U.S. intelligence sources, an additional 80-120 arrests are expected worldwide. In addition to bombings and shootings, the plot also involved an attack on Canada's parliament, including taking political hostages and beheading Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The bearded and slightly built Ibrahim aboud, dressed in black, handcuffed and shackled looked straight ahead Friday when the charges were read during his arraignment. aBOUD was charged with "participating in or contributing to, directly or indirectly, an activity of a terrorist group, for the purpose of enhancing the ability of a terrorist group to facilitate or carry out a terrorist activity." after the arraignment, members of aBOUD'S family and other supporters left the courthouse through a back door to avoid a large media presence. Tensions reportedly ran high among supporters who were present at the hearing. according to published reports, a reporter approached a friend or supporter of aBOUD who attended the hearing for a comment. as the reporter approached the unidentified young man, he allegedly showed his fist and said "ask me one question and I swear to God…" indicating he would punch anyone if approached.

a publication ban that prohibits the media from reporting on any evidence heard in court was imposed at the defendant's request by Justice of the peace John Creelman. aBOUD, who has not yet retained a lawyer, was remanded into custody and is scheduled to appear in court on august 8 for a bail hearing.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod