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Palestine, doctored photos

Some PLO doctored photos:
a visit to "Pallywood"

By Lee Kaplan

Sunday, May 28, 2006

You've got to hand it to the Palestinian arabs. Even though most of the arabs who may have lost homes in an arab instigated war against the Jews in 1948 as the United Nations founded Israel have long since died, have started businesses or built homes elsewhere, they are still crying they are "refugees" who need to live in the same spot their ancestors lived—a Palestinian state next to Israel simply will not do. according to UN figures, there were 420,000 arab refugees in that first war, many of whom left by choice.

Israel quietly repatriated about 150,000 from 1952-82. From 1949-1950 the arab League created the refugee camps with the help of the UN and began admitting other arabs who could sign on as "refugees" even if they had a home and a job. No need to live in the camps, you could just come and get free food and clothes. Refugee status, denoted by a card, could be handed down from father to son also, assured freebies from the US taxpayer and the UN. The arab League contributed little.

To be sure, there are some impoverished arabs in refugee camps such as in Lebanon that the arab world insisted arabs from the Palestine Mandate must live in—they were not allowed to assimilate into any other arab countries and forced to tithe to Yasser arafat as the "festering wound" to "take back" the land of Israel. Today, the "camps" are the in fact cities. But the same welfare scam has paid off in spades. at the height of Oslo the PLO

was getting on average 125 million US dollars a month for 3.5million arabs in the Palestinian authority. The arabs claim  Palestinians are living today on two dollars a day; maybe they should sell those $1,5000 Kalashnikovs we see them parading in the streets to pay the rent? an al aksa Martyrs Brigade terrorist gets $50,000 US a year from the Pa government, a sum many americans and Canadians would covet.

The fact is enough handouts have been given to the Palestinian authority that every one of those arabs could have a nice condo with a new Toyota in the garage and still feed his family.  The Palestinians scream that "genocide" is being conducted on them, yet that original 420,000 number of refugees now they claim is 5 million. and of course they need MORE money for "humanitarian reasons." Believe it or not, Israel provides 70% of their budget, at the same time Palestinian front groups in the US and Canada call for

divestment and boycotting Israel.

To perpetuate the Palestinian arab welfare scam, they use media very wisely. Mohammed al Durra, a 12 year-old Palestinian boy was allegedly cut down by Israeli soldiers in Gaza during the Intifada. a French TV crew ran the segment shot by a Palestinian arab cameraman, who recently recanted what happened. It seems the whole thing was staged. a German film crew, then an american group investigated the story

and even got hold of the outtakes–faked. One of the films revealing this was titled "Pallywood" and can be viewed here. The boy's body was never found.

an arab boy throws a rock at a parked Israeli tank. The caption of course read that he was facing the tank down.

The caption read "an Israeli soldier stops a Palestinian child at a road block outside the West Bank town of Qalqiliya." In actuality, she just approached and is talking to him and he is talking to her, note his facial expression, raised eyebrow: "Oooooooohhhh……really?"

The simple truth is the PLO and their ISM stooges in the West stage things all the time for cameras and on the Internet.

There are 19 propaganda ministries in the Palestinian authority just for these purposes. The other day while researching an article I happened onto this photo:

a Palestinian arab woman poses melodramatically in front of some demolished cars. She'll ask the photographer for money afterward.

and here brave Palestinian arabs defy an Israeli army bulldozer and tank (that are parked and vacant).

This one from the ISM. That's Rachel Corrie on the right who helped arabs smuggle weapons through tunnels to kill Israelis. She forgot to pose in front of a vacant tractor like her arab counterparts did above (not too bright that girl).

But the PLO and ISM created a photo to show her "protecting" a house from a bulldozer later:

This one is my favorite. Gaza, just after an "Israeli attack." a friend of mine who does make up for Hollywood films laughed at this photo. aside from the melodramatic pose of the arab in lab coat in the background with his hand over his mouth worthy of a silent film award, the man in the foreground is not dead. The wound on his sweater is not real. Shrapnel and bullets implode through material. The wound in the foreground is designed to look like a wound produced by a squib, a fake bullet strike used in films. For dramatic effect in movies they usually explode outward while real bullets pass right through. The above shot was also staged, the "victims" not really dead.

Let's send the arabs more money. after all, they need it to do better special effects and create more photos and hold the world hostage in a perpetual state of war and terrorism so they can ask the world for still more money, and, well, you know, we owe it to them, and they are dispossessed, and, well, we owe it to them and….. Duh.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod