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International Solidarity Movement, Palestine

an ISM member's father speaks out:
The ISM is a cult and not to be tolerated

By Lee Kaplan

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

In 2003 I began writing exposes on the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). The ISM was originally set up by leadership of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the primarily Christian arab and communist wing of the PLO, with Yasser arafat's blessing in 2002. It was designed to ally with foreign anarchist and anti-capitalist groups in the West in a common goal of making worldwide revolution that would include the dismantling of the Jewish state of Israel as a top priority. George Rishmawi, one of the ISM founders, felt that exposing foreign nationals to Israeli counter terrorism forces along with any injuries that might occur would make the world " sit up and take notice" of the Palestinian cause of destroying Israel and replacing it with an arab dominated state.

The ISM began a campaign of trying to aid PLO terrorist groups and eliciting support abroad by claiming they are a "peace group." Privately, their message was always different: support revolution and act as human shields for terrorist groups opposed to the existence of Israel. In the US, the ISM developed a presence in almost every major city usually working in conjunction with campus Palestinian groups supported by the Muslim Students association. The ISM has no centralized leadership or location, following past revolutionary movements by having multiple cells and entities so that if one is closed down the others can continue to operate. In so doing, the ISM has become a cult, where the word "peace" in the Middle East is merely a code word for promoting worldwide anarchy and revolution, the end of Israel and the goals of terrorist groups.

I started an organization called Stop the ISM after I attended undercover some ISM national conferences. In doing so, I and many volunteers all began exposing the ISM for what it really is: a terrorist protection movement bent on first the destruction of Israel and then the United States and a propaganda arm of terrorist groups on US college campuses. To date our activities have managed to get over 200 ISM troublemakers deported from the West Bank, and just recently the main money laundering arm of the ISM came under scrutiny of the IRS so they had to stop collecting donations tax free that were costing the US government a fortune in lost tax revenue and ultimately went to organizations associated with Hamas.

If anyone doubts the definition of the ISM as a cult, they have only to read a letter that follows from a parent of an ISM activist, Brian Malovany. Brian is high up on the ISM food chain. He was discussed extensively in my article about how the ISM trains human shields to aid terrorists in the West Bank. a year ago, Brian Malovany's father contacted me through the Stop the ISM website and asked if there was any way I could keep his son from the West Bank. Being concerned parents they were worried he might be killed to become a propaganda tool like Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndall. The parents of Rachel Corrie and of Tom Hurndall instead of warning other parents to discourage their children from acting as human shields for arab terrorist groups but instead became mouthpieces for them. Had they been decent parents they would not have allowed their children, anarchists by their own definitions, to go and act as human shields in combat zones for the likes of Yasser arafat and Saddam Hussein. But Brian Malovany's parents are good and loving parents, they recognize that the ISM is a cult now, a cult that promotes terrorism and unending war against Israel and the United States.

I was asked last year by Brian Malovany's father if there was any way I could help keep their son out of the West Bank. I replied back then that it was a daunting task for anyone to stop a 36 year-old man from doing anything, but I was moved by Brian's father's distress over his son and what he was doing with his life. I sent a photograph to the Israeli police authorities with a copy of my article in which I exposed him as an ISM trainer. I told how he directed ISM volunteers to not stop Palestinian children from throwing stones even thought we were allegedly "peace activists" and how if we encountered armed terrorist groups we would have nothing to fear because the ISM worked with such groups and the word would be put out in advance not to harm us.. I was advised by the Israeli authorities that his picture was in a computer used at border entries along with his name to prevent him from getting into the West Bank. I also made an agreement with Brian Malovany's father: I would keep our correspondence confidential. I understood the anguish of a father who wanted to keep his son out of harm's way but did not want to seem to be against him.

Now, a year later, much to my surprise, I received another letter from Brian Malovany's father. It seems Brian had managed to get into Israel yet again and had been running around with the ISM on the West Bank for the last six months. How could that be? Was Israeli security so lax? His father explained that Brian has an Irish passport, besides his american one, with which he might have fooled the Israeli border control.

Brian Malovany is currently living with Paul LaRudee, the Northern California head of the ISM about whom I've also written extensively, another player and trainer high up on the ISM food chain. LaRudee once boasted about sleeping in the bed of a suicide bomber in the West Bank.

Brian Malovany at ISM training session.

The letter below from Robert Malovany, Brian Malovany's father, illustrates how the ISM is not just a political movement, but a nihilistic cult that destroys families and seeks to also destroy civilized society while telling everyone it's a "peace group." Brian Malovany is a prize cow in the ISM also because he's of Jewish descent but works to aid the ISM in its work to aid those who murder Jews in the Middle East. Read on:


[email protected]

Subject: Brian Malovany

Date: Tue, 23 May 2006 02:00:12 +0000   

Lee Kaplan,

I thought I would give you an update on our situation with our son

Brian. as you might have expected, our relationship has gone from bad to worse. We had hoped that we would have some warning when he was going to go back to the West Bank with the ISM. It didn't work out that way. Before he left, he quit his job and went on a 6 month trip with his girlfriend. He was following her around helping her to write a book about red state america. They were trying to figure out why the rest of america felt so differently about things than people in the Bay area. To make a long story short, as soon as he got back to SF, he took off for Israel and stayed there for 4 or 5 months doing the kind of mischief the ISM is famous for.

While there, our communications got steadily worse. He kept sending us political B.S. He knew we didn't want this stuff but he sent it anyway. Interestingly, we stayed in contact with his girlfriend. She tried to be understanding, but clearly she felt abandoned when he took off for the West Bank. Israel/Palestine is not her cause. Gradually she realized that he had become absorbed in a cult (ISM). Their relationship foundered and he continues to blame us for this. This is particularly sad as she is a nice person. But he really did abandon her choosing anti-Israel activism over their relationship. The ISM cult really has a hold on him. She decided wisely to leave him and get on with her life.

While in Israel, he pulled another typical ISM maneuver. He visited a cousin of ours on her Kibbutz. He stayed with her and her family for a few days, took advantage of her hospitality, and then went back to his friends on the West Bank. Clearly he used his family relationship to extend his visa in Israel. So there he was being all charming and friendly with our cousin and using her hospitality in order to extend his stay in Israel while working with an organization which is committed to the annihilation of her country. Nice!

Now he is back in the Bay area and apparently staying with Paul LaRudee, not one of your favorite people. He bypassed us on his way back and we have had very little contact with him since. He knows we aren't pleased with his current activities and life choices. He probably thinks we are evil fascist racist Zionists. What else is new?

It appears less and less likely that we will ever again have a civil relationship with our son. He really needs help. Deprogramming might not even be enough. He has cut himself off from anyone who ever really cared about him, his family, his girlfriend, and he has made his obsession with ISM politics the centerpiece of his life. He has no real job or any prospects. My guess is that as soon has he can, he will go back to the West Bank. all that he needs is someone to bankroll him and people are continuing to give these useful idiots money. Be that as it may, he is putting his life in danger. He may not realize it, but to his Palestinian handlers, he is worth more dead than alive. He is valuable to the ISM in that with his Jewish background he can pretend to be Jewish so they can pretend not to be anti-Semites. But over there, a nice dead white american martyr would be great P.R.

So yes, we think he is eager to go back there. In his crazy obsessed state, his activities on behalf of the 'poor oppressed Palestinians' give meaning for all he has sacrificed. We are trying to think of some way we can stop him from going back. The problem is we don't know anyone. Clearly he has done enough mischief over there to get on a do not admit list. I get the feeling that Israel doesn't much care to keep these so called peace activists out. Do you have anyone we could speak to in order to keep him from getting a visa? Is there a security apparatus in existence which is collecting names of undesirables to keep out of Israel? If so, wouldn't active ISM members be logical candidates to keep out?

To make a long story short, is there any way you can help us? We know that trying to keep him from going back to the West Bank will not help our relationship with our son, but it might save his life.

as with our previous communications, I would hope that you keep this totally confidential. I know you are eager for us to go public with our problem, but my wife and I are not ready for that. as unrealistic as it might seem, we still have some hope of someday again having a relationship with our son. It may be hard to believe, but he was once a really nice guy.

Can you help us?

anything you can do will be appreciated.


Robert Malovany

My cell phone is 201 906 9314

Robert Malovany asked me last time to keep his correspondence concerning his son confidential and I did. But I explained to him this time that what the ISM really does is help keep the war against the Jews and Israel roiling endlessly in the Middle East with no end in sight. Brian Malovany has no job to speak of but travels internationally for the ISM and works with these subversive groups. His activities hurt people and do not help them and the Malovanys are in fact good parents because they recognize their son is part of a cult, a movement that will never bring peace to the Middle East, only suffering and more endless war.

Maybe now Israel will make an earnest effort to keep him out of the West Bank and the public-at-large here in america will understand the ISM is just another dangerous cult led by Palestinian terrorists and their leaders.

If you would like to volunteer to help Stop the ISM email us at [email protected]

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod