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Hamas, Palestine, Israel

More about those "oppressed" Palestinians and C.U.P.E.:
Making war by other means-photos and disinformation

By Lee Kaplan

Friday, June 2, 2006

During the Vietnam War the PLO could not figure out why their world image was so bad. after all, the North Vietnamese had managed to develop a following on US college campuses where students rioted against american military efforts to stem a communist takeover. Of course, the Palestinians were also proxy agents and revolutionaries for hire aiding the Soviet Union and other terrorist groups including the IRa and Basque Separatists. Even the North Vietnamese did not hijack planes worldwide and murder high school children as in Ma'alot, Israel.

What was to be done?

In the 1970's Yasser arafat sent his lieutenants to study with North Vietnamese intelligence. During the Vietnam War , North Vietnamese intelligence sent colonels to US campuses to bolster the US anti-war effort. The North Vietnamese taught their PLO trainees well: If the arabs could portray themselves to americans as a liberation movement under siege by american imperialism rather than a revolutionary movement, they too could appeal to american sensibilities and hinder the american will to fight.

Today, this practice, with the help of arab oil money, has been elevated to Grand Guignol Theatre by the Palestinian arabs and even their Ba'ath Party and al-Qaeda allies in Iraq. Coupled with endless accounts of atrocities by democratic Israel and the United States, the PLO has continued an unrelenting revolutionary war against the Jewish state and in support of america's enemies while still portraying itself as a victim of dispossession and human rights violations. This insanity even continues today as not only the United States but Israel also gives the Palestinian authority funds for "humanitarian" needs despite guarantees from Saudi arabia and Iran to do so.

Today, on american and Canadian campuses and elsewhere, the Palestinian arab plan is to convince the West that Israel, the only democratic state in the Middle East that is does not practice apartheid, or racial exclusivity, is like South africa was before apartheid was ended there. The arab world relies on the same propaganda techniques they use in their own totalitarian dictatorships and theocracies in the Middle East. They simply exported it to our schools, our textbooks, our trade unions and now even into our Christian churches. Israel has fifteen recognized religions and freedom of worship for all; the Baha'i Faith has its international headquarters in Israel because freedom of religion is respected there. Israel is a secular democracy that just happens to be a giant refugee camp with guns for self-protection for Jews.

It is a myth that arab-Israelis are not treated as equals in Israel. arab-Israeli citizens have the same rights as Jewish Israelis by law, including voting rights.

In fact, Israel even has affirmative action programs for arab-Israelis as well. 98% of the Palestinian arabs in the West Bank and Gaza live under Palestinian authority rule. When the Palestinians arabs claim they are "occupied," they mean aLL of Israel from the Jordan River to the Sea, even though most of the land owned by Jews back in 1948 was legally purchased by the Jewish population. The remaining land set up by the UN mandate was not private property either and included the Negev desert. Yes, there were arab refugees who fled in 1948, but not the 700,000 repeatedly claimed. The UN figures at the time were 420,000 of which nearly 170,000 were repatriated between 1952-82. 840,000 Jews from the arab world that tried to drive the Jews into the sea in 1948 also had to flee for their lives–650,000 of them to Israel.

Today, the arab League claims that 5,000,000 arab refugees have the nonnegotiable right to move into Israel's 1948 frontiers in addition to having a state in Gaza and the West Bank. That's more arabs than Israel's Jewish population. The arab goal is not peace, or land or settlement of refugees, it's about dismantling a Jewish state and making it into an arab one called Palestine.

Even though they were given 50% of the territory under Israel's control at Oslo to make peace and start a state, the Palestinian arabs and their radical allies have never stopped making war on Israel, and the subterfuge knows no bounds. Few americans and Canadians know the Palestinian Constitution, paid for by USaID state department funds, mandates Islamic Sharia Law as the law of the land in the Palestinian authority and is copied after those of Saudi arabia and Iran, both real apartheid states that practice ethnic persecution of minorities. The Pa has on the books a death sentence for anyone who sells land to a Jew and insists Jews must be deported from their homes in any Palestinian state in Gaza or the West Bank. It's a no-brainer who the real practitioners of ethnic cleansing and apartheid are in the Middle East, and it isn't the Israelis.

The recent support given the divestment movement by the Canadian C.U.P.E., union that represents thousands of Canadian teachers among others is just one example about how effective the disinformation has become. Seemingly educated people--schoolteachers-- vote to attack a democratic country that preserves human rights, Israel, to aid a revanchist terrorist movement that wants the Jewish state destroyed. an example of why this happens is the unending nonsense like what follows:

The above photo ran with the caption "The surreal viciousness of Israel's occupation" on a pro-Palestinian website where the lead story was that Israeli soldiers had destroyed toilets set up for Palestinian arabs in Hebron and allegedly attacked a bunch of school girls. The real reason why the toilets were demolished is they were built on property that did not belong to arabs. The Palestinian arabs maintain anytime they build something on Israel's land it is arab thenceforth. While the arabs run daily television promotions exhorting their children to become suicide bombers and die for Palestine back home, in the West accusations of Israeli atrocities against arab children know no end. In face to face encounters on college campuses in the West where the media isn't scrutinized as closely as on television or radio, Palestinian advocates routinely claim Israeli soldiers rape pregnant arab women.

What is of interest though in the photo above is the "Israeli soldier" terrifying some innocent arab school girls is holding a toy M-16 rifle and wearing a toy plastic non-regulation helmet. His "uniform" is made up of army fatigues bought in any army surplus store and contains no webbing or equipment as worn on duty. In short, this picture is yet another fake of an Israeli soldier committing an atrocity on schoolgirls.

The next two faked photographs from the site are meant to equate the Israelis with Nazis and make the Palestinian arabs, Nazi allies in World War Two, out to be the Holocaust victims:

The photos above are credited to the Christian Peacemakers Teams, Quakers, who are now allied with anarchist and communist groups working with the PLO. CPT also aided the enemy during the siege on Fallujah by american forces and has yet to meet an anti-Jewish or anti-american terrorist group it doesn't like.

The graffiti could be written by anyone, but it was definitely not written by Jewish settlers in the Hebron region. arab-Israelis in the Galillee live peacefully and can go to market or into Jewish communities without fear of being attacked. Jews in Hebron who are said to be living in settlements that are really modern Jewish communities available to any Israeli citizens–even arabs--are constantly under fear of attack. One thing is certain: no Jew would write graffiti about sending anyone to gas chambers–the graffiti is a concoction of the propagandists on the website to conceal the real apartheidists–the Palestinian arabs who want to smear the Jews into being deported. This theme of accusing Jews of being Nazis is a frequent International Solidarity Movement's theme; George Rishmawi, one of the ISM founders who operates now out of Pasadena, California and Ramallah gave a Southern California lecture off camera where he told the audience that Israelis have a special gas that only works on Palestinians so and makes them run slower so the IDF can catch them and beat them. The media never points out this nonsense, but if you wonder why the Leftists in the C.U.P.E. support a terrorist cult thinking they are fighting oppression, maybe now you can understand.

Perhaps the C.U.P.E. in supporting the arab divestment movement has not considered all of the unintended consequences of their action.  With 30% of Israel's children and elderly going to bed hungry each night, divestment can only further hurt Israel's economy, already damaged from the terrorist attacks. C.U.P.E teachers and other union members in Canada have been played the fool. Supporting divestment is no way to support social justice.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod