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International Solidarity Movement, Electronic Intifada, Boycotting Israel

How I upset the arab propaganda machine: Nigel Parry

By Lee Kaplan

Monday, July 3, 2006

Since I started my column here at Canada Free Press it seems the Palestinian propaganda movement, which also likes to call itself the International Solidarity Movement, is upset with me. after all, a movement that likes to tell the world it is a "peace and human rights" movement out for "social justice," but then works to steal foreign aid money and to aid terrorists to murder women and children can get very upset when it is exposed to the light of day. They are so upset with me that no less than five websites have sprung up attacking me as less than human, an "unethical journalist," and a "liar" who "fabricates everything he writes."

The International Solidarity Movement relies on wannabe anarchists and communist revolutionaries in Canada and the US who live within the framework of our capitalist societies to propagandize for the "Palestinian cause" (destroy Israel and drive out the Jews), but, thanks to arab money, they can make comfortable livings within the decadent societies they so abhor and seek to destroy from within.

They can even find some people of Jewish ancestry, whores, who for a price will join them and say they are not anti-Semitic. Their new mantra is that anti-Semitism is now to be considered socially just, you see, because we now just call it anti-Zionism; real Jews want a Jewish state destroyed and an arab one run under Sharia Law in its place; it's the only socially just thing to do. History can be rewritten to even say Jews never lived in Israel, the Holocaust was a myth and the only pluralistic democracy in the Middle East is a pariah to be boycotted in favor of irredentist arabs from the surrounding dictatorships and theocracies. Terrorists and murderers then become "freedom fighters," who fight not for democratic freedom but to drive out the only western style democracy in the region (colonialists even if they were born there) and set up arab Muslim domination in its place. The International Solidarity Movement is led by the PLO and is their main source of propaganda and terrorist fundraising in the West. They are what the Comintern and Cominform were to Soviet expansionism in the 1950s, only better funded with arab money.

Most colleges are open to the free exchange of ideas, and no matter how fabricated and ludicrous those ideas are, if they are repeated enough, many young people will begin to believe them. That's how you get kids to strap bombs on and blow themselves up for allah and the 72 virgins over in the Middle East. That is why the International Solidarity Movement uses the american and Canadian college network extensively in its plans. Likewise, a few well-placed wannabe revolutionaries in the leadership of trade unions like CUPE can through repetition and ideas inculcate misinformation in people to get resolutions passed to boycott the Jews. Even the Churches are not immune. Jesus's charity toward all people (though even he himself was a Jew who practiced his faith) can be corrupted to mounting a campaign to starve out the Jews and their children from the Middle East. Just continue the propaganda campaign day and night everywhere, all the time until victory.

But back to Nigel Parry. Parry wrote a letter to the editors here at Canada Free Press complaining about the "distortions" in an article I wrote about a conference being given at San Francisco State University, a publicly funded institution, by al awda, a.k.a. The Palestine Right to Return Coalition. It seems Parry got his panties in a bunch because I said that "al-awda operates another website known as the Electronic Intifada." He then went on to say "The fact of the matter is that al-awda has absolutely no role in The Electronic Intifada, nor has it ever." [Italics are mine]

To Nigel: Careful there, Pinnochio, your nose is growing. as mentioned, the International Solidarity Movement operates like the Comintern in the 1950s:The Palestinians create a myriad of groups under various names, such as al awda, SUSTaIN (Stop US Taxpayer aid to Israel Now), Students for Justice in Palestine; Women in Black, even Electronic Intifada, etc. They do so in case one gets closed down by the government or says something untoward so the others can keep operating and disclaim the statement as being from them. By this means, an ISM leader like Charlotte Kates of New Jersey Solidarity can claim that Israeli children are "fair game" for terrorists, while her friends in al awda who agree with her can tell the press she does not speak for them.

I guess Nigel Parry knows the technique well too. He goes on is his rant against me in bold letters on the Electronic Intifada website that "Kaplan makes up half of what he writes." Of course, he cites no examples of anything I have ever written in my undercover work on the ISM that he could prove as false, because lying and smearing is just too easy on the Internet these days by his ilk. You can smear Israel and america the same way, so why not this writer, because few people really do research the facts like I do.

al awda, the group that I stated Electronic Intifada is a part of, advocates not for a two state solution in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinian arabs, but the entire annihilation of Israel. Thanks to websites like Electronic Intifada they can reach worldwide and even get american college campuses to host their noxious jihad against the Jews. and Canadian Nigel Parry's skills in English afford him a sinecure for life among the arabs who murder Jewish children.

Boycotting Israel, al awda's program, is illegal in america, but slovenly american bureaucrats look the other way. and just like Claude Rains in Casablanca, al awda's leadership can claim it is "shocked, shocked" to learn that plain old arab Jew hatred is the impetus behind the group. al awda's leadership maintains it is nonviolent, non-racist and seeking social justice; how dare anyone imply al awda hates Jews. Why, they can even parade a few out at the Conference who will confirm that.

Of course, the fact that al awda also links up with the american Nazi Party's website is beside the point. See for yourself by going to and on the left side find the al awda "Boycott Israel" logo banner. Note, this is a banner logo, not an independently placed hyperlink without the knowledge of al awda. Below the banner is written BOYCOTT Israel in capital letters. Click on it.

Lo and behold, it will take you to the al awda Boycott Israel website with other ISM groups listed at the top. However, the website is clearly under the operation of al awda, because the site is registered to the name of the founder of al awda, Mazin Qumsiyeh. Even american Nazi and Jew-hater Wendy Campbell is featured on both websites.

Go a little further into the website and you'll find the name of al awda's current leader, ali abunimah. abunimah, based in Ramallah in the Palestinian authority and Chicago, is a frequent speaking guest at ISM national conclaves. abunimah is a wonderful Palestinian arab leader and "peace activist." Nigel Parry himself will tell you so.

You can read on the Boycott Israeli goods website and elsewhere an article by abunimah himself about nonviolence being overstated, that violence must accompany the arabs' goal of driving out the Jews (besides, it's more, well, jihad-like to do so). To quote abunimah: "calls for nonviolence are just another bankrupt exercise in shifting the blame from the occupier to the occupied, while still posing as advocates for peace." ali calls it truthfully at least, because he admits the title of "peace activists" is just a ruse by his movement that considers all of Israel where Jews live as "occupied," and must be taken by force.

Want more? Now go back to the Electronic Intifada Team web page and see who founded and leads that website with Scotsman Nigel Parry standing in a photo with co-founder and fellow EI leader–you guessed it–ali abunimah!

Sur-prise! Sur-prise! Sur-prise! Gomer Pyle used to yell that when he found out his sergeant was out to cheat or fool him. The problem was Gomer never realized it was intentional so the sergeant did something new to him each week as long as Gomer never caught on. There are too many Gomers in Canada and the US, at our colleges, trade unions and churches who aren't even half as smart as Gomer Pyle. We're conducting the War on Terror like a television sitcom here at home.

Nigel Parry concluded his letter against me by saying "agenda-driven demagoguery, undermining itself by the opposite of research and presented as credible journalism, we are less enthusiastic about. We would appreciate a correction."

Nigel, methinks the apology and correction is owed to me and to those people being murdered by the movement your website works to spin for. But I am not going to hold my breath. I am not all that enthusiastic about your research or journalistic credibility either, especially in support of terrorists and murderers.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod