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Shielding Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah

ISM sending "human shields" to Lebanon to aid Hezbollah

By Lee Kaplan

Wednesday, august 9, 2006

adam Shapiro, one of the founders of the International Solidarity Movement, has resurfaced after a long hiatus and has teamed up with Northern California ISM's Leader, Paul LaRudee, to create a program for ISM "activists" to act as human shields for Hezbollah in Lebanon. The ISM has acted as human shields for Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PFLP in the West Bank and Gaza for the last four years, according to Shapiro's wife and ISM co-founder, Huwaida arraf.

LaRudee was recently caught by Israeli intelligence due to articles here on Front Page Magazine and deported when he tried to enter Israel under the name Paul Wilder. after going through the Israeli court system in trying to avoid deportation, La Rudee made his way back to San Francsco where one of his first acts was to lie down and block traffic in the financial district of San Francisco in front of the Israeli embassy. LaRudee was arrested, but nobody seems to want to keep him jail for long. Now, he will pose a real danger to Israeli soldiers in Lebanon because he and his ISM acolytes intend to act as human shields to enable Katyusha and other missile attacks against civilians in Northern Israel by interfering with the IDF.

This Saturday LaRudee and Shapiro, who will have turned up in Beirut, are planning to bring internationals from the ISM who will form a convoy to South Lebanon. The usual ISM doublespeak will apply as ISM leaders will claim their purpose is to show "solidarity" with "suffering residents." Of course, there are no ISM international activists volunteering to act as human shields at Israeli hospitals, kindergartens or in civilian population centers hit by Hezbollah's missiles. "Solidarity" for the ISM refers to the unequivocal goal of destroying Israel.

If anything reveals that the ISM and its affiliates in the United States are terrorist supporters and enablers, this is it. according to the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz, Shapiro intends to bring large numbers of people, rather than just a few activists, specifically to the Hezbollah strongholds in south Lebanon or southern Beirut to try to protect Hezbollah positions.

Hezbollah has been proven to use civilian population centers to launch missile attacks on Israel because Israel hesitates to injure civilians, particularly foreign nationals. Shapiro has said, "I'm not sure we can be as ambitious as to end the war but certainly we can change the dynamic." Shapiro, LaRudee and the ISM will use Israel's hesitancy to harm foreign nationals that they found useful in the West Bank and Gaza to expand their tactics for Hezbollah with some new twists:

1) The threat that Israeli pilots who take out missile sites might injure or kill internationals from Europe and the United States could precipitate international incidents between the US, Europe and Israel. as mentioned, that tactic was used to undermine Israeli sovereignty in the West Bank and Gaza as ISM activists incited with the help of PLO handlers weekly riots of the local arabs against the Security Fence, against security checkpoints and against any activity that protects the lives of Israeli citizens. The idea is to make bombardments by Israeli pilots a lose-lose proposition: either accept civilian casualties and create an international incident or bypass missile launchers and enemy troop concentrations.

2) Whereas Israel controls all borders into Israel and the Palestinian authority, the ISM will have free access in Lebanon. ISM trains its volunteers in how to deceive Israeli border police to enter Israel. Now all they have to do is bring warm bodies into Lebanon. In addition, many ISM "activists" have experience outside of the Palestinian authority having been human shields for Saddam Hussein.

Shaprio has been quoted as saying, "In the media this has so far been portrayed as a war between Israel and Hezbollah. Maybe we can change the dynamic so it is seen as what it is, Israel versus all of Lebanon." Clearly, Shapiro is seeking to expand the war to all of Lebanon to aid Hezbollah.

another new tactic Shaprio hopes to use is to fill his ISM ranks in Lebanon with arab "activists." For logical reasons, The Israelis do not admit arabs into the West Bank and Gaza who could interfere with anti-terrorist operations of the Israeli army who come from the surrounding hostile arab countries. Shapiro has stated he wants arabs from Lebanon's neighbors to be "ISM volunteers" to shield Lebanon. This opens up the scam that arabs who are potential Hezbollah troops can always claim they are "peace activists" in the ISM, and claim after firing on Israeli troops or population centers that they are "civilians" to be avoided or else become "civilian casualties."

"In the United States people were already contacting us, Lebanese and internationals interested in coming to Lebanon to see how we could help," Shapiro told one newspaper. However, while it is highly doubtful the usual pampered college kids from US campus anarchist and communist movements will want to be placed in real danger from Israeli air force bombardments, Shaprio's making such claims will no doubt be a cover for aiding Hezbollah to bring in other arab reinforcements.

It is against US law to aid terrorist groups but Homeland Security does nothing to stop the ISM within this country. The ISM is on most major campuses in america training more adam Shapiros and Paul LaRudees ever year. The US State Department needs to add the ISM to its list of illegal terrorist organizations. If these two "activists" go and aid Hezbollah, they should be subject to arrest and prosecution immediately on trying to reenter the Unites States.

Canada Free Press, CFP Editor Judi McLeod